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M'Donald. Thomas, 10 Parliamen-
tary road
M 'Donald, Mrs. A. 359 Cathcart
M'Donald, Mrs., 66 Stirling rd
Macdongall, Alex. 70 Mitchell 8t
M'Dougall, Flora D., 396 Duke st
M'Dougall, John, 66 Bedford st
M'Dowali& Duncan, Misses, 1373
Argyle st
M'Gown, J. & E. 3 Bothwell st
M'Gregor & Co., 14 Harmony row,
M'Gregor, John, Queen's buildings,
M'llwraith, M., 415 Victoria road
M'Indoe, Miss E P. 492 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
M'Intyre, Duncan W. 23 Smith st,
Mackay, M., 39 Dumbarton road,
M'Kellar, C. 83 Gt, Western rd
Mackie, Agnes, 485 Springburn rd
Mackenzie, A. L., 58 W. Regent st
M'Kenzie, Louis, 142 Nelson st. s.s.
M'Kenzie, Mrs. A., 262 Allison
M'Key, Hugh, 83 Castle street
Mackill & Co., 70 Union st
M'Kinnon, M. & M., 557 Gallow-
MacKintosh, John, 10 Earlston av
M'Lachlan, Mrs., 207 Kilmarnock
road, Shawlands
M'Laggan, Alex. 336 Nuneaton st
M'Laren, Alex , & Son, 360
and 362 Argyle st. and 122
Renfjeld st
Maclaren & Co., 713 Govao road,
M'Lean, William, 229 Duke st
M'Lean, Miss Mary, 1 Possil road
a MacLehose, Jas. & Sons, 61 St.
Vincent st
M'Lellan, Wm., 240 Hope street
M'Millan & Marshall (wholesale),
32 Albion street, city
Macnab, Jas., 23 Bath st
M'Nair, Wm., 39 Cowcaddens st.
M'Naughtan & Gowanlock, 48
Bothwell st
M'Naughtan & Sinclair,29 Cadogan
M'Neilage, John, 65 Gt. Western rd
oM'Nicol, 443 Shields road
Macniven & Cameron, Ltd.,
wholesale and export stationers,
paper merchants, envelope
makers, and account book
makers; and manufacturers of
the Waverley, Owl, Pickwick,
Nile, Hindoo, and of Gold
and Fountain pens, Waverley
Works, Edinburgh, & Birming-
ham ; tele, address, " Pens,"
Edinburgh; tele. No. 622;
branch, J 44 West Nile street ;
tele., P.O., 1142
M'Phee, Angus, & Son, 11 Hynd-
land street
M'Queen, F. G. 61 Paisley rd. W.
M'Raith, J., 525 Great Western
M'Rorie, Wm. 381 Cathcart road,
M'Whinnie, Thos. 201 New Dal-
marnock rd
Malcolm, Geo., 33 Renfield street
Mann, Summers & Co. 1-3 South
Hanover st
Mansell, Hunt, Catty & Co., Ltd.
(manufacturing, &c), A. J.
Payne, 50 Wellington st
Marr, Downie, & Co. Ltd. (whole-
sale & export), 57 Ingram street
Marr, Kenneth, & Co. 431 Great
Western road
Marshall, Miss, 396 Paisley road,
Martin, Cleland, & Taylor (whole-
sale and mercantile), 12 Both-
well street
Martin, Agnes A., 335 Langside rd
Martin, Lizzie M.,44 Woodlandsrd
Mason, Wm. M., 196 Cathedral st
Matchett, John & Co. (wholesale),
33 M'Neil st
Maule, Clement R., 11 Bothwell
Meiklejohn, Wm., 14 Finnieston st
Melvin, Mrs. J., 605 Cathcart rd
Menzies, John, & Co. Ld.90 W. Nile
St., 610a Gallowgate, 3 Kennedy
St., 164 London st.& Bridgeton
cross, 4 Renfrew lane, 843
Argyle St., 242 New City rd.,
249 Dumbarton rd., Partick
Merry, Margaret, 342a Duke st
Millen, Mrs. E., 89 Main street,
Millar, Jaraes, Stationer, Ltd., 47
to 57 Oxford street
Millar, M., 185 Cathedral st
Miller, George, 346 New City rd
Miller, John, Ltd. (wholesale export
and manufacture g), 116 Ren-
field street
Millar & Lang, Ltd. (wholesale
fancy), 46-50 Darnley street,
Miller, R. & A. 21 Main st.
aMiller, Robt., 186 Trongate
Millar, Wm., 266 Thistle st., ss.
Miller, Mrs. 216 Great Western rd
Milne, Wm. B., 329 Springburn rd
Minnoch, Elizabeth, 145 Garscube
Mitchell, J. 471 Albert rd. Lang-
Modern (The) Office Equipment
Co., 27 Bothwell street
Modern (The) Printing, 196 St.
Vincent street
Moffat, Laidlaw & Co. Ltd. 54
Union street
Moir, Mrs., 756 New City road
Mollison, W. M. & Co. Ltd.
Monteath, Jno., & Co., 218J St.
Vincent st
Montgomery, John, 444 Cathcart
aMore, Robert, 506 Sauchiehall st.
and branches
Morgan, Charles, & Co. (wholesale),
22 King st, city
Morgan, Mrs. 139 Kent rd
M orison, Brothers, Ltd., 52 Ren-
field st
Morrison & Milligan, 103 Dundas
street, city
Muir, J. R. M. 90$ Main street,
Muir, John, 14 King St., & 109
Trongate (see under Printers,&c.)
Munro, Agnes, 57 Caledonia rd
Murdoch, James, 182 Battlefield
Murdoch, J. & J. 87 to 91
M'Alpine st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 54 Union
Murray, Geo. D., & Co. (law and
mercantile), 17 Royal Exchange
Murray & Donnelly, 74 Argyle st.
Murray, Robert, 167 Ingram st
Neal, Chas. 440 St. George's road
Neilson, Alex. A. 454 Springburn
Nelson, Robert, & Son, 63 Fred-
erick street
Nicol, H., 86 York st
Nicol, Miss M. 707 Pollokshaws rd
Nicolson, John, 2 Love loan
Nisbet, Elizabeth, 680 Cathcait rd
Niven, Wm. 17 Bridge street
Niven, Wm. G. 53 W. Campbell st
Noakes, Mrs. Ellen, 471 Eglinton st
aO liver, Mrs. Rachael,1016 Dum-
barton rd. Whiteinch
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Renfield
Parata, Ltd., 116 West Campbell st
Park, Jeannie, 73 1 Springburn rd
Parker & Hastie, 106 Brunswick
Parsons, J. C, 773 Pollokshaws rd
Paterson, A. 7 Henderson st, W
Paterson & Clubb, 73 Virginia st
Paterson, J. C. 18 West Nile st
Paterson, J. S., 126 Calder st
Paterson, Robt. 25 Elderslie st
Paterson, Mrs. Margaret, 6 Cor-
diner st., Mount Florida
Paton, David B. 307 Catheart rd
Paton, David, 72 Gt. Clyde st
Paton, John (wholesale), 263 High
Paton, M. J. 308 Cathcart rd
Paul, John, 26 Queen Margaret dr
Phoenix, Miss M. 356 Allison st
Pinkerton, Mrs., 115 Caledonia rd
Pollock Bros., 147 Main St., s.s.
Pollock, John, 51 Appin road

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