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Stuart, John, 206 Bath street
Stndio Cecil ( Fairbairn &
Phimister), 152 Sauchiehall at
Taylor, A. & G., 202 Hope st
Temby, JohnH., Crossbill avenue,
The American Midget, 259 Argyle
The Elite Stamp Photo Co., 92
Sauchiehall st
The Rotary Photographic Co., Ltd.,
142 Queen st
Turnbull, Robert, 620 Eglinton st
Turnbull, Robert, 5 Union st
Turnbull & Sons, 10 Jamaica st
and 14 Dundonald road, Kil-
Wane, Chas. Marshall, 518 Great
Weste'n road
Wane, Marshall, 518 Gt Western rd
Warneuke, W. M., 127 Sauchiehall
Watson & Wilson, 83 Jamaica st
Weir, John, 351 Byres road
Whyte & Sons, 20 Union street
Wohlgemuth & Co., 108 Renfieldst
Blackadder, Wm., 13 W. Nile st
Hamilton, J. M., 132 West Nile st
Trotter, John, 40 Gordon st
Rembrandt Studio, 534 Sauchie-
hall street
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall st
Waterston, Walter S., 196 St. Vin-
cent street
Dux Engraving Co. (The), 153 W.
Nile street
Kincaid, Ma'colm, 42 Bath st
Andre' & Sleigh, Ltd.. colour plates
for three workings, photo- en-
gravers, wood engravers, photo-
graphers, electrotypers, &c,
Victoria chambers, 142 W. Nile
•street ; representative, T. S.
Barber ; chief office and works,
Bushey, Herts, also at London,
Liverpool, and Paris
Anglo Engraving Co., Ltd.
(The), 7 Ann st., city
Dux Engraving Co. (The), 153 W.
Nile street
Fraser, Asher & Co., Ltd.,
164 Howard st
Kincaid, Malcolm, 42 Bath st
Glasgow Photo-Engraving
Co. (Nisbet) in line, tone, and
colour; artists, engravers on
wood, photogravurists and
electrotypers; Process Studio9,
30 John st; tel., P.O., 3917;
Hat., 274 X 5
GormaD, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 107
Cljde st, Anderston
Morrison, G. & M., 22 Waterloo st
The Annan Engraving Co., Ltd.
10 Bothwell st
The British Pho'o-Eneraving Co.,
block rcakers in halt-tone and
line, Baltic chambers, 50 Wel-
lington street; Na f . tel., 460
Argyle ; representative, T. J.
Mercer ; works, Coventry
Fash, J. Healy, 11 Buccleuch st
Those marked/ are Fellows of the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
of Glasgow.
Adam, Robert, M. B. Ch.B., 4
Apsley place
/Adams, Fred. Vasey, 10 Queen's
crescent, W
/"Adams, Jas. A., M.D. 5 Wood-
side crescent
Adams, Jn. M.B., CM. 1 Queen's
crescent, W
Adaoison, Robt, M.A., M.D., 15
Groivenor cres.
Aitken, Jas. Alex. M.B., CM. 109
Caledonia road
Aitken, John, M.B., L.F.P.S.G.,
100 Albert rd, Crosshill
Alexander, John, M.D., 5 Gros-
venor terrace, W
Alexander, Samuel, 268 Paisley
road, west
Allan, Geo. A., M.B., 12 Hayburn
crescent, Partickbill
Allan, Jas. W., M.B., 18 India st
Allan, John, 1022 Cathcart rd
Allen, Wm., 4 Newton terrace
Anderson, J. Lindsay, M.B.,C.M.,
Ravenslea, Giffnock
/Anderson, J. Wallace, M.D., 23
Woodside place
Anderson, Jas. W.,M.D. 601 Duke
Anderson, John B. Mackenzie,
M.B. CM , 8 Buckingham ter
Anderson, R. Yuill, M.B. CM.,
98 Paisley road, West ; ho
Redclyffe, 3 Beech avenue,
Ibrox; tel., P.O., X 318;
Nat., 205 X 7 Ibrox
Anderson, Wm., K., 3 Ashton ter
Anderson, Wm. D., L.R.C.P.Ed.
L.D.S., 8 Somerset place
/Andrew, J. Grant, M.B., 12
Woodside terrace
Archibald, Wm., M.D., D.P.H.
(Camb. ), 12 Maitlatid avenue,
Langside; P.O. tel., L290
Baird, John, M.B. CM. 3 Wilton
/Ballantyne, Arthur J., M.D., 11
Sandyford place
Banks, Alexr. G., M.D., 3 Kersland
St., Hillhead
/Barlow, John, 4 Somerset place
Barr, J. Stoddart, M.B., Ch.B.,
13 Woodside place
/Barr, Thos. M.D. 13 Woodside pL
Charing cross
Barras, T. C. M.B. CM. 7a Bell-
grove st
Barras, W. G., M.D., L.S.Sc,
D.P.H, 563 Govan rd, Govan
Battersby, James, F.R.CS. 620
Gt. Eastern road
Beatson, David, M.B., CM., 345
Gairbraid st
/Beatson, Sir G. T. M.D.,
L.R.CS.E, 7 Woodside cres
Black, Malcolm, M.D. 168 Stir-
ling rd
Borland, Hugh Howie, 473 Duke st
Bostock, Gertrude Dorman, M.B.,
Ch.B., B.Sc, 20 North Gardner
St., Partickbill, W.
Boxer, Ernest A., 130 Hyndland
Boyd, James P., M.B., 2 Newton
Brodie, Dr. Thoa., 126 Houston
street, s.s.
Brown, Dr. A., 180 Hyndland rd
Brown, Forbes, M.B., 676 Guvan
road, Govan
/"Brown, John, M.D., 247 Calder
street, Govanhill
Brown, Robt. M.D. 1 Leslie road,
Brown, T. Douglas, M.D., 12
Highburgh terrace, Dowanhill
Brown, Wm. Herbert, M.D., 342
Duke street
Brownlee, John, M. A, M.D , D.Sc.
Belvidere Hospital, London rd
Bruce, Robert Wilson, 65 Waverley
ter. Gt. Western road
Bruce, Robert, M.B. Ch.B., 65
Cromwell st
/"Bryce, Thomas H., M.A., M.D,
2 Granby terrace
Bryce, Wm., M.D., 686 Gallowgate
/"Buchanan, A. M., M.A. M.D.,
Anderson's College, Partick
/"Buchanan, Geo. B. B.A (Cantab.),
M.B. CM. 13 Buckingham ter.
Hillhead .
Buchanan, Leslie, M.D. 17 Sandy-
fO'd place
Buchanan, P. Stedman, M.B. CM.
60 Parliamentary rd
Buchanan, Wm. M.B. CM. 442
Burges, L., L.R.CP.S E., 290
Cathcart rd
Burns, W. Adam, M.B., Ch.B.,
97 Main st., Bridgeton
/Burns, J. 16 John st. Bridgeton
Calder, Marcus, L R C P. and S. Ed. ,
D.P.H., 186 Byres rd
Cameron, Agnes W., M.B., B.Ch.
7 Newton terrace

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