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M'Gregor, D. & Co. Ltd. 37
Clyde pi
Mackenzie & Co. 17 Douglas st
M'Pherson Bros. 78-80 Argyle st
Mabon, Alex., & Sons, 95 West
Campbell street
Marshalls, 176 and 277 Argyle st
Martin, Geo. 420 Victoria road
Martin, Wm.,& Son, 340 Sauchie-
hall street
Miller, David, 29 Gairbraid st
Morrison, Robert, 19 Canning st
Muir & Sons, 182 Argyle st. and
1 Union st
Murray, D. L., 619-621 Duke st
Noble, Wm., 19 Bridge st
Panton, Geo. & Son, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 24 Miller street
Paton, James, 529 Duke st
Peden, Alex. W., 270 Dumbarton
road and 388 Byres road
Pollock & Stewart, 41 Renfield
Prescott, G., Ltd., 52 Queen st
Pringle, John Q. 90 Saltmarket
Rae,Ltd., 134a St. Vincent St., 77
Rentield st. and 18 Charing
Cross mansions
Reis, Chas. L, & Co., 50 Argyle
st. and 209-215 Argyle st
Roberton, Wm., 225-227 Sauchie-
hall st
Scott & Co., 144 Argyle st
Scott & Madill (wholesale), 40
Union st
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall st.; tel. Nos , P.O.
4680 ; Nat. 58»» DongUs
Semple, Walter, jun., 420
Argyle st. and 1 and 3 New
City rd
Siddons, Thos. 74 Argyle st
Smith, James, 99 Hope st
Smith, W. A. C, 236 Argyle it.
and 53 Dundas st., city
Standard Optical Co. (Geneva,
U.S.A.), 90 Mitchell street,
Glasgow, and Gamage build-
ings, 118-122 Holborn, London,
E.G., manufacturers of spectacle
and eyeglass frames and lenses,
also optical machinery; speci-
alty, high-class prescription
Strutters, Hector H., 32 Cow-
The Standard Optical Co.
(Manufacturing), Geneva,
US.A.; W. Reid Williams, 90
Mitchell street, Glasgow ; and
Gamage buildings, 118-122
Holborn, London, E C, manu-
facturers of optical machinery,
lenses, and frames sf every de-
scription in solid gold, gold-
hlled, nickel, and steel ; speci-
alty, prescription work that's
ground right, put together right,
adjusted right
Tatlock, Robt. K., & Co., 89
Union street
Taylor, Andw., & Son, 139 Sauchie-
hall street
Thomson, Wm., M.P.S., D.B.O.A.,
153 Byres road and 8 Partick
Cross mansions
Tocher, Robt., Ph.C, F.S.M.C.,
D.B.O.A., &C..491 Victoria rd
Trotter, John, 40 Gordon st
Vogt, Wm„ & Sons, 22 Queen
Whyte, Thomson, & Co. 144
Abbott, Jas., M.P.S. 659 New
City rd
Baiid, John, wholesale and manu-
facturing optician, oculists' pre
script ion work a speciality, all
kinds of sight-te.-ting instru-
ments, test cards, &c, Herald
Optical Works, 68 Mitchell st
Baird, T. S., F.R.M.S., FLO.,
F.S. VI.C, D.B.O.A., 54 St.
Enoch square
Baird, T., & Sons, 34 Queen street
and 54 St. Enoch square
BalUntine, Arthur, 10 1 Buchanan
Ballantine, Hew, 101 Buchanan
Barrie, Thos. S„ Ph.C, F.C.S.,
F.S.M.C., 4 Newton street
Chalmers, Jas. 507 Springburn
Crombie, Jas., 323 Paisley road,
Doleman, H. B., 172 and 174 W.
Regent st
Ferguson, T. W., M.P.S. 335
Catbcart rd
Frame, Robert, D.B.O.A., 19
Queen's crescent, Cathcarc
Gardner & Co., 36-40 West Nile
Gilmour, J. P., M.P.S., 312
Cathcart rd
Jeffrey, A. Hilt, M.P.S., D.B.O.A.,
887 Go van road, Govan
Lamont, John, 519-521 Victoria rd
Lizars, J. 101 and 107 Buchanan
Lyle, James, 37 So. Portland st
Prescott, G., Ltd. 52 Queen st
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall street
Thomson, Wm., M.P.S., 153
Byres rd., Partick, and 8 Partick
Cross mansions
Tocher, Robt., Pb.C, F.S.M.C.,
D.B.O.A., 481 Victoria rd
Bacares Iron Ore Mines, Ltd , 127
St. Vincent st
Beedle, Ridge & Co., 116 Hope
Connell, Campbell, & Co. 125
Buchauan st
Craig, A. Blackburn, 41 St. Vincent
Cruickshank, Wm., & Co., 121
West George st
Cowan, W. B., & Co., 14 St. Vin-
cent place
Eglinton (The) Silica Brick
Co., Ltd., mannfacturers of
silica, chrome, bauxite, and
magnesite bricks and cements
for acid and basic furnace lin-
ings, &c, 60 Firhill road
Forbes, John Gilbert, 12 York st
Greenshields, James, & Co. 42
Bath st
Haxton, Macfarlane & Wilson,
105 West George st
Hogg, Charles, & Co., 44 West
George street
Jenkins, Jas., & Son, 124 St. Vin-
cent strc et
Kinghorn, John P., 90 Mitchell
MacArthur, J. S., & Co.. 74 York st
M'Crone & Anderson, 82 Mitchell
Macdermott, J. B. (bog ore for gas
purification), 11 Both well st
Macdonald, Hood & Co., 54 Gordon
M'Morland, J. & A., 98 West
George street
Munro, Robert A., & Co., Ltd.,
28 Royal Exchange square
Nelson, D. M., & Co. (oxide of
iron, bog ore for gas purification),
63 Waterloo st
Pitt, Samuel, & Co. (agents),
95 Bath street
Westwood, Macneill & Co.,
Wolfram, Tungsten, and copper
ores, &c, 72 Waterloo st
Willis, W. C, & Co., 90 Mitchell st
Bergtheil & Young, Ltd., electric
organ blowing equipments;
agents, Loudon & Clark, 68
Gordon st
Blackett & Howden (and tuners),
187 West George st. and at
Ne wcast le- on- Tj ne
Brindley & Foster, 147 Bath st
Brook, Joseph, & Co. 45 Rottenrow
Gibb, J. C, 112 Cambridge st
Harrison & Harrison (of Durham),
50 Wellington st
Hay, Samuel, 94 Sauchiehall st
Henn, R. Pelvus, 62 Renfield st
Lewis & Co., Ltd., 916 Sauchiehall
street; house, 90 Minard road,
Melvin's Patent Hydraulic Organ
Engines, Thos. Melvin & Sons,
Ltd , St. Rollox Iron Works, 28
Charles street

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