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Orr, Arch. & Co. (mantle, costume,
and wholesale clothing), 12
Miller St. and 42 Argyle st
Orr, Francis, & Sons, leather goods,
13 L Ken field st
Paisley, Peter, & Son (motoring
and yachting outfits), 82- 96
Jamaica st. and 2-12 Broomielaw
Paterson, John, & Co., 57 Cochrane
Paton, James, slops, shirts, oil-
skins, &c, 56 Jamaica st
Paton, Walter, & Co. 33 Virginia
Paton, Win,, Ltd. (of linen threads,
cotton and leather boot laces,
cotton twines, &c), Johnstone
Mills, Johnstone
Patrick, Geo., 15a College st
Peck, W. Edwin (linen, cotton, and
jute), 38 -tO N. Frederick street
Philp & Smith, 103 Hutcheson
Prince, Wm,, & Co., Leek (silk);
agents, A. J. Laree & Co., 74
Miller st
Provio & Squires, Manchester
(children's blouses and ladies'
golf knickers); agents, A. J.
Larke & Co., 74 Miller st
Pullar, R. & Son, 76 Wilson st
Raeside & Co., 334-340 Aber-
cromby street, Calton
Ralston & MKell, 60 Wilson st
Reid, M'Farlane, & Co. (composi-
tion), 58, 60 Hydepark street.
— See Adv.
Richard, Ltd. (linen), 50 Welling-
ton street
Ritchie, James, & Co. (skirtings,
handkerchiefs, skirts, blouses,
&c.),77 Queen st
Rivet, Bolt, and Nut Co., Ltd. 74
York street
Roger, John,&Co, 48 Albion st, city
Ross, D. & Co. 83 No. Frederick
Rule & Greenlees, 22 Montrose st
Russell, Macfarlane & Co., Ltd., 42
Virginia street
Sadler, M. & L. wholesale, 74
Jamaica st
Selcraig & Co. (cottons, &c), 11
West Regent street
Shanks, Wm. & Co. (aprons,
blouses, and servants' caps),
98 Dunlop st
Sharp, Andrew, & Sons (bedsteads,
bedding, &c), 57 Campbellfield
Shaw A., & Co., 53 Candleriggs
Shaw & Kennedy (cloth), 59 Bell
st., city
Sloan, James, & Co., 13 Ewing st,
Smith, Peter, & Co. 91 Mitchell
Smith's, Richard, Executors, Ltd.
(chemical), 182 West st. s.s.
Somervail & Co., steel, iron bridges,
roofs, tanks, &c.,Dalmuir Bridge
and Roof Works, Dal amir
Spalding & Blackwood, 49 Jamaica
Speyer, Schwerdt, &Co. 11 and 19
Queen st
Sprenger, Chas., & Sons, 35-37
Buccleuch street
Springfield Chair Co. Millerfield
Standring, John & Co., Ltd., Man-
chester (braids, stay-bindings,
i lace cor is, &c.) ; A. J. Larke
& Co., 74 Miller st
Stewart, J. & M. (power loom
weaver.^), Levern Mills, Barrhead
Stewart, Pollock & Co. (furniture),
Govan Cabinet Works, Govan
Stillwell, Edward, & Son, 30
Gordon street
Storer, Jas. & Co. Ltd. (paints
and oils) 20 1 Reid st. Bridgeton
Storey, Bros. & Co. Ltd. (table
baizes), 24 Queen street
Sturrock, J. & W , & Co., 2 Spring-
field court, Queen st
Tarbet, Robt. B. & Co. (bracas), 11
Miller st
The Impervious Rubber Co., Ltd.
(waterproof garments), 38 Fal-
tield st., s.s.
Thompson, R., & Sons, 54 Gor-
don street
Thomson, W. S. 49 Virginia st
Tillie & Henderson, Ltd. (shirt,
collar, ladies' underclothing, and
shirting), 39 Miller st
Tullis, John, & Son, Ltd , leather,
John street, Bridgeton
Turnbull, Duncan, & Co. 98, 102
Brunswick street
Turner, Samuel, & Co , Ltd., 207
Ingram st
Walker, Wm. 10 Garthland st
Walker, Wm. & T., 43 Cumber-
land street, E
Warokess & Hirst, 11 Dunlop st
Warwick & Co. (horse and cattle
condiment and poultry food
makers), 27-29 Rutherglen road
Williams, Jas., & Co. (shop window
fittings), 5 Salkeld st
Wilson & Co. (curtain), 48 Albion
Wilson, D. & Co., 14, 22 King
Wilson, Guthrie & Co., 335 St.
Vincent street
Wilson, J. & P., 67 Marquis st
Wilson, John, & Son (Belfast),
Ltd. (linen and damask), 129
Buchanan st
Wilson, T. & D. & Co. (muslin,
tapestry, and chenille) 72 George
st. Mile- end; tel. No Nat. 2516
Winning, Jas. & Co. (muslin), 48
Buchanan street
Young, Alex. & Co., 176 Ingram st
Y"oung & Co (textile), 56 Mitchell
Young, J. H. & Co. (muslin) ware-
house, 62 Bothwell cir; factory,
53 Mill street, Greenhead
Barnsley, James L. & Co. chemical;
office,70 Henrietta street; works,
Millarfield road, Dalmarnock
Bryce, A. S. 258 Glenpark road, E
Cockburn's (The) Manures Co., 97
Port man street
Cooper, Henry G. & Co., 31 St.
Vincent place
Couper, Hugh, Burnbank Oil
Works, Coventry dr. Dennistoun
Cross, Alex. & Sons, Ltd, 19 Hope
st reet
Duche, T. M. & Sons, phosphates
and bone manures, 8 Wellington
St.; works, Vilvorde, Giimberg-
hen, and Pont Brule' (Belgium)
and Baenos Ay res
Ewing & Co., Broad st., Cam-
Garroway, R. & J. 58 Buchanan st
Giffen, W. R. 3 Cadogan street
Kerr & Co. (merchants), 63 Queen
Lawes Chemical Manure Co. Ltd.
118 Queen st
Liston, Robert, & Co., 51 Crawford
street, s.s.
M'Ara, Alex, (lime, ground and in
shells), 65 Morrison st , s.s. ;
tel Nos., Nat. 1775 s.s.; P.O.
Main & Co. 43 Hope st
Meggitt, Samuel, & Sons, Ltd., 87
Union street
Miller, James, Son & Co. 79 West
Nile street
Munro, Robert A , & Co. Ltd., 28
Royal Exchange sq.
Oakbank Oil Co. Ltd. 39 St. Vin-
cent place
Permanent Nitrate Committee, 191
West George street
Pitt, Samuel, & Co., 95 Bath st
Poyiiter, John, Son, & Macdonalds,
72 Gt. Clyde st
Pringle & Alexander, 17 Waterloo
Pumpherston (The) Oil Co. Ltd.,
135 Buchanan street
Riddell, John, & Sons, 10 Ander-
son st. Gallowgate
Robinson & Campbell (chemical),
Shuna St., Maryhill
Rough, Walter G. & Co., 24r
George square
The Natural Fertilizer Co., 53
Waterloo street
Wallace, J. & W., 498 Gallowgate
Walker, George, Sons & Co. 45-
Renfield street

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