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all or any part by return. Con-
ductors examined and tested.
Office, 365 Scotland street ;
telegraphic address, "Skyward,"
Glasgow; telephones, Nat. 1604
South Side; P.O. X550
Tosh, David,& Son, 77 Queen st
Arden Hydraulic Lime Works (A.
M'Ara), office, 65 Morrison
street, s.s.
Arden Lime, Scotch and English
lime (Ollendorff & Clarkson,
Ltd.), 5 63 Hopest
Arden Lime Stores (Gardner &
GreensLields), 318 Paisley road;
office, 8 Dixon street
Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, near
Glasgow; Allan Kirkwood, Ltd.,
Glasgow office, 67 Gt. Clyde st. ;
store, 101 Pollokshaws road;
telephone No3. Nat. 3458, P.O.
2455; telegraph address, "Kirk-
wood," Nitshill
Campsie Coal and Lime Co.,
Bodysburn Mine, Lennoxtown ;
office, 50 Wellington st.; tele-
phones, Nat. 12 Lennoxtown
and 1802 Argyle
Campsie Lime Works; agents,
Gardner & Greenshields, 8
Dixon st
Caotlecary Fire-clay Co., Ltd.,
Castlecary, near Glasgow ; and
at 2 Royal Exchange pi. Middles
Clippens Lime Co., Ltd., Loan-
head, near Edinburgh
Cobbinshaw Coal & Lime Works,
Alexander M'Ara, office, 65
Morrison st. s.s. telephone Nos.
Nat. 1775 South-sidp,P.O.xl22
Currie & Co., Ltd., Arden lime,
Scotch, Engli-h, and Irish lime
shells ; office, 18 Bothwell st. ;
stores, 278-292 Wallace street,
Kingston, s.s. ; telephones, P.O.
542 & 544 ; Nat. 547 and 548
Firhill (The) Lime and Whit-
ing Co. Ltd., Irish lime shells
for plasterers and builders, &e.,
small lime and ground lime;
limekilns and stores, 56-70 Fir-
hill road. Tel. Nos., Nat. 6So
Charing cross, P.O. '2688
Gardner & Greenthields (late with
John Morrison & Son) ; office,
8 Dixon st. ; stores, 318
Paisley roaa ; Scotch, Irish, and
Arden limes
Kirkwood, Allan, Ltd., Arden Lime
Works, Nitshill, near Glasgow ;
Glasgow office, 67 Gt. Clyde st ;
store, 101 Pollokshaws rd. ;
telephone Nos. Nat. 3458, P.O.
2455; telegrams, "Kirkwood,"
M'Ara, Alex Irish lime for tenners,
bleachers, &c , temper lime for
export; works, 49-69 Kinning st;
office, 65 Morrison street, s.s.
Macintyre Bros., Nettlehirst Lime
Works, Giffen, by Beith, Ayr-
Magheramorne Irish Lime Works,
Magheramorne, Ireland; Martin,
Barrowman & Co., 53 Waterloo st
Martin, Barrowman & Co., 53
Waterloo st. ; kilns, 26 Chal-
mers street, off Gallowgate
Paton, John D., Kelhead Lime
Works, Annan ; office, 5 Green
st, Ayr
Murdoch, Alex. 11 W. Regent st
Thornton Coal and Lime Co. ;
works, Thorntonhall ; 113 West
Regent st
Young, Jas., & Sons, 170 Hope st
Arden Hydraulic Lime Works
(A. M'Ara); office, 65 Mor-
rison street, s.s.
Arden Lime Stores (Gardner &
Greenshields), 318 Paisley road ;
office, 8 Dixon st
Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, near
Glasgow (Allan Kirkwood, Ltd),
Glasgow office, 67 Gt. Clyde st.;
store, 101 Pollokshaws rd. ;
tele. Nos. Nat. 3458, P.O.
2455 ; telegrams "Kirkwood,"
Currie & Co. Ld. ; Arden lime,
Scotch, Irish, and English lime
shells ; hair fibre, stucco, &c. ;
office, 18 Bothwell st. ; stores,
278-292 Wallace st. Kingston,
s.s. ; depot, General Terminus,
308 Paisley road; telephone
Nos. Nat. 547 and 548 Argyle;
P.O. 542 and 544 Central
Easson Bros. (English and Irish
lime stone), 48 King street,
Eglinton (The) Limestone Co. Ltd.
Glenarm (Irish) Limestone Quar-
ries and Lime Works ; registered
office, 212 West George street
Fulton, C, & Co., 45 Hope st
Gardner & Greenshields (late with
John Morrison & Son), Arden,
Irish, and Scotch limes, hair,
and Manila fibre; stores, 318
Paisley road ; office. 8 Dixon st
Highland (The) Slate Co., 5
Oswald st
Johnstons Ltd., 74 York street;
warehouse, York lane, 28 York st
Kirkwood, Allan, Ld , Arden Lime
Works, Nitshill, near Glasgow;
stores, 101 Pollokshaws rd.; Glas-
gow office, 67 Great Clyde st. ;
telephone Nos. Nat. 3458; P.O.
2455; telegrams "Kirkwood,"
M'Ara, Alex. Arden, Hydraulic
Lime, Cobsha Plaster, Lime,
Scotch and Irish Limes and
Limestone, 65 Morrison st. s.s.
M'Ara, J. A. & Co., 17 Oswald
Macara & Co., 1C0 1 Sauchiehall st
MacBrayne, D. R., 95 Bishop st.,
Martin, Barrowman & Co. 53
Waterloo st. ; stores, 82 to 92
Clarence st. s.s. ; kilns, 26
Chalmers street, off Gallowgate
Murdoch, Alexander, 11 West
Regent street
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce st.
Tele. Nos. National 1791 s.s.;
P.O. x98
Rankin, James, & Co. 19 and 21
Commerce street
Robb, Geo., N.B. Mineral StatioD,
Whiteinch ; Nat. telephone 1258
Robertson, W., Gresham chambers,
45 West Nile st
Ross, Walter C. 53 Waterloo st. ;
Nat. tele. 1530 Argyle; P.O.
5913 ; stores, 68 Hydepark st
Ross & Wilson, Caledonian Cham.,
87 Union tt. Scotch, Irish,
and Arden limes ; sole agents
for best English plaster lime ;
tel. Nos. P.O. 4182; Nat. 3275
Royal ; stores, 63 Brown st
Russel, Wm. F., & Sons, 48 W.
Regent street.
Scott & Rae, 91 Bothwell st.; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 1380 Argyle,
P.O. 1380
The Firhill Lime and Whit-
ing Co., Ltd., limekilns in
Glasgow ; Irish lime shells j 60
Firhill road
Wright, W. & Co. 35 Robertson st
Yooll, W. Graham & Co. 47
Oswald st and Edin. and Leith
Young, James, 289 Castle st
Young, Wm., & Sons, 107 St.
Viccent st
Alexander, Jas. & Son, 164 How-
ard street
Barnett, Hu. & Co. 4 Springfield
court, 69 Queen st
Boase (The) Spinning Co. Ltd. 12
Waterloo lane
Brand, Adam, & Co. Ltd. 8 Wel-
lington street
Christian, David, 32 Ingram street
Fleming, J. W. & Co. 109 Ingram
Mitchell, Andrew & Co. Ltd. 12
Prince's sq
Paterson, Baxter, & Co. 170
Ingram street
Richards, Ltd., Baltic Chambers,
50 Wellington st

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