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Campbell, Mrs. C. D., 275 Cathe-
dral street
Carmichael, Colin, 177 Cathedral st
Douglas, Wm., 89 Finnieston st
Forbes, John, 654 Gallowgate
Fraser, Mrs., 499 Victoria rd
Gallacher, Robt., 331 Langside rd
Jackson, Mrs. C, 431 Parlia-
mentary road
Malcolm, John, 157 Henderson st
Maxwell, Jas., jr., 522 Victoria rd
Sommerville, Mrs. 112 S. Wood-
side rd
Taylor, Mrs., 70 William street,
And erst on
Turner, Mrs. 12 Petershill road
Walker, T. R., 68 Carrick st
White, Mrs. 14^ Garriochmill rd
Wilson, Mrs. 36 Garriochmill rd
Green, E. & Son, Ltd. 144 St.
Vincent st ; National telephone
No. 1743 Argyle; P.O. 4830
Central ; teleg. " Economiser,"
Crailsheim & Herman, Ltd., 2 W.
Regent st
Anderson, Whan & Co. 21 Muslin
street, Bridgeton
Carlaw, David, & Sons, 11 Finnies-
ton st ; telephone Nos. National
363 Argyle, P.O. 1262
Dron & Lawson, Ltd., 59 Elliot st
Hatrick, W. & R. & Co. (drug and
spice), 158 Renfield st
Landale, Alfred, & Co., all
kinds of machine knives, cutters,
and dies made and sharpened,
also plain and circular grinding,
147 Milton st
Lindsay, Chas. Rumford Works, 33
Gt. Hamilton st
Macguire & Jago, 13 Union st
Morton, Francis, & Co., 36 Weaver
Norris, James, & Brash, 83 Hamil-
ton street, Govan
Smith, Robt. & Co. 90 Com-
merce street, s.s.
Watt & Wilsm, 211 Dalmarnock
Cunningham & Turnbull (grinding
machines and wheels in cor-
borundum, coiundum or emery,
buffing and polishing machines
and requisites), 19 Pitt st
Donald, James T., & Co., Ltd.,
35 M' Alpine st
Fairbanks Co., 66 Bothwell st
Landale, Alfred, & Co. (disc
grinders, twist drill and milling
cutter grinders, and machines
for special requirements), 147
Milton street
Macdonald, Swinburne & Co.,
patentees and manufacturers of
the British rapid universal grind-
ing machine without overhead
gearing and with gap bed 256
Argyle street ; works, Record
Machine Tool Works, Barrhead
MaoLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
Sterne, L., & Co., Ltd. (grinding
machines fitted with crown brand
" consolidated " emery wheels
or Sterne's " silicate " grinding
wheels, polishing machines
fitted with all kinds of buffing
and polishing wheels), The
Crown Iron Works, North
Woodside rd
Barclay & Mathieson, 159
Centre street, s.s.
Cruickshanks & Cook, Ltd., 74
Galbraith st
Cunningham & Turnbull,
grindstones for all purposes,
wholesale and export (stock
kept), 19 Pitt street
Dalziel & Co., sole proprietors of
the Griffin (registered) grind-
stones for all edge tools and
shear blades, 116 Hope st
Dempster, Moore & Co., Ltd., 49
Robertson st
Denovan, Wm., Clyde Saw Works,
Dalmarnock road ; office, 611
Argyle st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 35
M 'Alpine street
Donald, John, Ltd., 42 Cadogan st
Donald & M'Pherson (all sizes
mounted and unmounted), 107
Cambridge street
Elliot, Joseph, Newcastle-on-Tyne;
Wm. Muir, agent, 16 Regent
Park terrace, Strathbungo
Elsworth, John, & Sons, Ltd., 39
Robertson street
Forsyth Bros., 101 St. Vincent
st, makers of the famous New-
castle grindstones, extensively
used by engineers, iron founders,
shipbuilders and others on the
Clyde, in the Falkirk district,
and throughout Scotland gener-
Glasgow Grindstone Depot, 329
Scotland street (large stock of
hollystones and grindstones
always on hand) ; Donald &
M'Pherson (successors to Wm.
Martin), 107 Cambridge street;
Nat. telephone, 919 Douglas
Henderson, W. B., 46 Portugal st
M'Ewan, William A. exporter of
pulp stones, 156 James street,
Bridgeton cross
M'Farlane, J. & A., Ltd., Albert
works, 40 Springbank st. New
City rd
Macguire & Jago, 13 Union st
M'Lellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
M'Pherson Bros., 78, 80 Argyle st
Murchie, James, 39 Mains street
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28-32 Oswald street
Tudhope Bros., 87 Maxwell st
Bell, G. & J , 204 Main st, s.s.
Boyd, Clark & Co., 77, 79 Ramie
Brown, J. & T. & Co. 77 James
Watt st
Brown, Lawrie & Sloan, 26 Glass-
ford st
Campbell & Henry, 19 and 21
Low Green st
Campbell, Robert, 57 St. George's
rd., Charing cross
Chisholm, S. & Co., 10 York st
Cochrane, Andrew, 33 Tobago
Cooper & Co., 8 to 38 Howard t,t.
and branches
Cutting, Robert, & Co., 78
M 'Alpine st
Davidson, J. & T. 72 Robertson
Douglas, Thos. W. & Co. 12 and
16 Carlton court
Duthie, Sbaw, & Co., 50, 52
York st
Eadie, R. B., & Co., 14£ and 16
Douglas st
Fletcher & Sons, 119 Douglas st
and 52 Castlebank st, Partick
Glasgow (The) Numerical Ticket
and Check Book Printing Co.,
31 Finnieston st (for counter
check books) ; telephone Nos.,
P.O. 5350 ; Nat 350 Argyle
Grant, S., & Co., Elmbank lane,
Charing cross
Hamilton, Wm., 763 Argyle st
Heugh, Adam, & Co. 31 South
Shamrock street
M'Culloch, S. & W. 357 Argyle st
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. alimen-
tary pastes, beeswax, straw
envelopes, capsules, foils, corks,
bottles, stoppers, bottle boxes
and wrappers ; machinery every
description ; every requisite for
bottlers, 222 St. Vincent st
Marshall & Steven 35, 37, 39
College st
Mowat, John, & Sons, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 52 Howard st
I Munro, Jas. 134 Howard st

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