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Baird, John, Ltd., 99 Milton 8t.,
British and Foreign Glass Co., 137
Howaid st
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, 100 Elliot
Couper, Jas. & Sons, 19 Kyle st
FIttcher & Son*, 834 Areyle st
Glasgow (The) Glazing Co.
John Kemp, jun. 51 Hutcheson
st. also at 886 Govan id. Govan
Guthrie & Howarth, 123-131
Brook st
Love, James C, 34 to 36 Henrietta
st., off Gallowgate
M'Phie, Jas. P. 6 Bishop street,
Anderston, and 84 Gt. Western
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Pilkington Bros. Ltd. 44 to 48
Robertson st
Stewart, Robert, 16 Ferguson st
The Scottish National Glass and
Glazing Co., Ltd., 176-178 Rot-
ten row
Tytler, Matthew, & Sons, Cale-
donian Glass Works, 42 to 50
Bridge st
The Scottish Plate Glass
Insurance Co., Ltd. (the
oldest glass insurance company
in Scotland), 132 West Regent
st ; A. J. Pottioger, secretary. —
See Adv. in App.
Adam, Stephen (estab. 1866), 168
Bath st
Aitchison, Archibald, 37 and 53
Bishop st, Anderston
Allan, A. M. & Co. (pressed), Pan-
mure st
Arthur & Sandeman, 41 Robertson
Baird, John, Ltd., 99 Milton st.
Barclay, S. & Co. (domestic
glassware and Government
stamped measures for spirit
trade), 35 Robertson st
Benson, James, 187 Bothwell st
Bischoff & Co., Ltd. (all kinds of
glassware for the wine and spirit
trades), 112 Bath st
Black, Neil (cutters), 14 Morrison
St. s.s.
Bogle, John, Ltd. 634 Govan rd
Bow's Emporium, Ltd , 61 to 71
High St., 2 to 22 Bell st., 2 to 10
Walls st. f city
Bowman & Co., 6-11 S. Portland
Boyd, R. & Sons, 61 King st. city
British and Foreign Glass Co.
(sheet, polished plate, patent
rolled plate, coloured cathedral
and ornamental glass of every
description), 137 Howard street
Brown, Hugh, & Co. 54 Robertson
Browning, Bobert, 27 Oswald st ,
representing Jeumont, Floreffe,
aud Aniche Plate Glass Works
Burnham & Co. (letter and sign
makers), 83 Jamaica st
Caldwell, James, 371 Eglinton st
Caldwell, Jno. & Son, 120 Bainst
Campbell, Paul, & Sons, Ltd.,
23 Silvergrove st
Cannington, Shaw & Co., Ltd.,
14 W. Campbell st
Caulfield & Co. (flint glass), 16
Adams court lane
Chance Brothers & Co., Ltd.,
Birmingham ; agent, Archibald
Aitchison, 37, 53 Bishop street,
Chance, Wm. E. & Co. Oldbury ;
agent, Archd. Aitchison, 37, 53
Bishop st, Anderston
Chapman & Cameron, 47 and 51
Parnie st
Cie G.mmerciale Des Colonies,
Antwerp, Belgium ; James Dick,
agent, 93 Hipe st
City Glass Company, 23 Charing
Cross mansions
Cochran, A. & R. St. Rollox Flint
Glass Works, 51 Tennant st.
St. Rollox ; town showroom, 2
Royal Exchange court
Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, 100 Elliot
st., Anderston
Couper, James, & Sons, 19 Kyle st
Cunningham, Jno. & Co., Kinning
st , Kingston
Currie, A. P., 165 Colder st
Donald Bios., 51 Waterloo street
Drummoad, Wm. C. 83 and 85 St
James' rd
Elvin, A., jun., 104 Cathedral st
Falk, Stadelmann & Co., Ltd., 74,
76, 78 Great Clyde st
Fletcher & Sons, 834 Argyle st
Forrest & Son, 11 to 25 Bishop
st. Anderston cross
Gait, Thomas, 15 Buchan st. s.s.
Gatherar & Co. (glass bottles
of every description, superior
quality at lowest prices, for beer,
wine and spirit trades, aerated
water makers, and manufactur-
ing chemists, also capsules), 79
Robertson st; Post Office tele-
phone 878
Gentles, W. & Co. 3 Scott st
Gibb, John Henry, 49 Renfrew st
Glasgow (The) Glazing Co.
(John Kemp, jun.), 51 Hutche-
son st; also at 886 Govan rd.,
Glasgow Plate Glass Co., Ltd., 99
Murano street
Guthrie, J. & W., & Andrew Wells,
Ltd. (ornamental), 237 West
George st
Hall, John C. & Co. 278 St. Vin-
cent 8t
Hamilton, James Imrie, 30 East
Wellington street
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., Lmtd., 20
Buchanan street
Hood, David (table glass), 17
Oswald st
Johnsen & Jorgensen Ltd. (bottles,
glas3 jars, &c), showrooms,
13 West Campbell st
Johnston, Mary L. 40 Sauchiehall
Junction Glass Works, Ltd., St.
Helen's Junction, Lanes.; agent,
Wm. Maclean, 15 Pitt st
Kier, W. & J. J. 368 St. Vincent
King, William, Firhill Glass Bottle
Works, 8 L Murano st
Kirk, Geo G., 20 Cook street
Knox Brothers, 16 York st
Livingston & Miller, 43 and 99
King st. city
Love, James C, 34 to 36
Henrietta st. off Gallowgate
M'Call & Ferrwirth (late
Peter Pringle), glassware of
every description for the wine
and spirit trade, 41 and 43 St.
Enoch square
M' Donald, Peter, & Co. (bottles of
all kinds, table and counter
glass for hotels and public-
houses), 4 Carlton pi
M'Dougall & Sons, 77 to 79 Bu-
chanan street and 2 to 10 Jail
M'Dougall & Sons, 665 Great
Western rd
M'Kenzie. C. 445 Victoria rd
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co.
(cobalt, pumice stone, for bottle-
making, also straw envelopes,
capsules, foils, corks, bottles of
every description, machinery, and
all requisites), 222 St Vincent st
M'Laughlan, A., & Co., 5 and 9
Bothwell circus
Maclean, Wm., 15 Pitt street
M'Nab,Robt, 202 Hope st
Macnair, Wm. & Co. (glassware
of every description), 205 Bu-
chanan st
M'Neil, C. B. & Sons, Springfield
Bottle Works, 164 Springfield
road, and 151 Millerfield road;
P.O. telephone No. Y 220
M'Phie, Jas, P. 6 Bishop street,
Anderston, and 84 Great Western
M'Vean, John, 28 Crossburn st
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent

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