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Moffat, Muirhead & Co. (antique),
134-138 Douglas street, W.
Mullan, Mrs. E., 613 Argyle st
Naismith, King & Co., Ltd.
(antique and oriental furniture,
curios, &c), 180 Ingram st
Neilson, Shaw & Macgregor, 44
Buchanan st
Ogg Bros. Paisley Road Toll
Paterson, Hugh, 186 and 188
Crown street
Paterson, J. W„ 79 Howard st
Paton, Miss Amelia, 626 Eglinton
Pettigrew & Stephens, Ltd., 175
to 193 Sauchiehall st
Rattray, Cnarles, & Co. 14-16
Reid, John, Thistle Cabinet Works,
12 to 42 Douglas st. and 384
Dumbarton road, Partick
Reynolds, M'Culloch & Boyle, 581
Sauchiehall st.
Robertson, D., 9 Windsor st., N.W.
Rockwell Wabash Co., Ltd., 164
Buchanan st. ; telephones, P.O.
15, Nat. 1464 Royal
Simpson, James, & Sons, 309-313
Sauchiehall st
Sinclair, A., & Sons, 20 Gt, Clyde
Sinclair, A. G., 48 Tobago st.
Smith, Albert Joseph, 33 Sussex st
Smith, Francis, 137a St.Vincentst
Smith, Susan, 608 Dobbie's loan
Stewart, Archd. & Co. 48 Union st
Stirling, J., 241 Parliamentary rd
Stolzenberg (The) Patent File Co.,
128 St. Vincent st
Tait, John, 95 Gallowgate
The Modern Office Equipment Co.,
27 Bothwell st
The Scottish Guild of Handicraft,
Ltd., 414 Sauchiehall st
Thomas & Co., 168 Trongate
Thomson, Richard, 375 Parlia-
mentary rd
Union Transit, Co., Ltd.;
Head offices, 381 Argyle
St. ; Telephone Nos., Nat.
2137 and 2138 Argyle, P.O.
5162 and 5163
Wilson, James, 23 Cromwell st
Wylie & Lochhead (Limited), 45
Buchanan street
Allhausen & Co., 51 Buchanan st
Carrutbers, Marion S., 571
Polloksbaws road
Cooper, John, 19 and 21 Albion st
Copland & Lye, 165-1G7 Sauchie-
hall street
Ensors Ltd., 64 Buchanan st
Fraser, Johu, & Sons Ltd. (fur
cutters), Adelphi Fur Factory,
247 Govan st. s.s.
Freeman, J., 8 Renfrew court, off
Renfrew st
Gleitzman & Ring (wholesale), 15
Ren field st
Grieve, W. R., Ltd., 436 to 450
Sauchiehall street
Hannah, R. S., 42 Argyle st
Hendrie, George, 9 Duke st
Hills, Walter John, 6 Charing
Cross mansions
Hossack & Co., 178 Bath st
Howe, L. & A, 220 Woodlands
Hudson Bay Fur House
( ErnestBerstecher), manufactur-
ing farrier and furskin importer,
wholesale and retail, 261
Sauchiehall street ; Nat. tel. No.
52 Douglas, P.O. No. 375
Kemp, David, & Son, Ltd., 37
Buchanan street
Kirk, Chas. 156 Sauchiehall st
Kufner, Chas. J. (manufacturing
furrier, wholesale and retail fur
and skin merch), 49 Buchanan st
M'Culloch & Sons, 166 Sauchiehall
M'Donald, Chas. 92 Argyle st
Macoeill, Hugh P. (manufactur-
ing), 148 Wellington st
Mair, Clark & Maclean, Ltd., 122
Union street
Marshall, W., & Co., Ltd., 53
Bothwell st
Miller & Co. 70 Union street
Nicol, G. S. 186 Bath st
Pettigrew & Stephens, Ltd., 175
to 193 Sauchiehall st
Ramsay & Ramsay, 211-213
Sauchiehall st
Renfrew, John (manufacturing), 13
Dundas st. city
Russ, F. H. & Co. (wholesale and
retail and fur skin merchants),
50 Buchanan street and 70
New Bond street, London, W.
Samuel, Henry, 3 Newton ter.,
Sauchiehall st. ; Nat. and P.O.
Schuh, E., 140 Holland street
Sieber, E. & Co., 241 Sauchiehall
Simpson, Hunter, & Young, 59
Buchanan st
Smith, George, & Sons, Limited,
80 Buchanan street
Wesolousbi, John,& Co., manufac-
turing, 14 Renfrew street
Young, James, & Sons, 49 Queen
Brown, A. J. & Co. (electric and
safety fuses), 8 Cadogan st
Ferrier, James, & Son (safety and
electric), Htrald buildings, 70
Mitchell st
Findlay, M. F. & Co. 19 Cadogan
st , safety electric fuses, all classes,
magnetic shot firing batteries,
cable and all accessories; agents
for Nobel'3 Explosives Co. Ltd.
Findlay, M. F., & Co. 19 Cado.
gan st. ; sole agents for Nobel's
Explosives Co., Ltd,
Fleming & Co. (electric and safety
fuses), 31 Robertson st
Hunter & Warren (electric and
safety fuses), 19 Waterloo st
Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd. (elec-
tric and safety fuse), 195 West
George st
Campbell, Achnach & Co. Thistle
Rubber Mills, 110-112 Com-
merce st s.s.
Glen, John, 159-161 Ingram street
Lawson, J. S. & rV. W., 172
Buchanan st
Leckie, Graham & Co. 89 Renfield
Maitland, George, 26 Oswald st
Arrol's Bridge & Roof Co., Ltd-
(See A. & J. Main & Co., Ltd)-
Austin, A. J. (buckets, baths, &c.)
agents, A. R. Wright & Co. 128
Hope st
Baird, Wm., & Son, Temple Iron
Works, Anniesland
Birmingham Corrugated Iron Co.,
Ltd.; agent, A. & J. M'Culloch,
140 W. George st
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Ltd.), Eclipse
Works, Petershill rd
Britannia Galvanizing Works, 86
Elliot street
Brownlie & Murray, Ltd. (iron and
steel roof builders), Fossil Iron
Works, Denmark st
Bnrnell &Co. Ltd. Liverpool; agent,
Wm. Macgregor, 93 Hope s*.
Clerk, Donald, & Son, Ltd., 92
Wellington st.; works, Parkhfad
Clyde Galvanizing Works, Mavis-
Co wits on ,-' \ : s~l
Cowieson & Co., roof and composite
iron and wood buildings of every
description on the shortest pos-
sible notice; designs and prices
free; 3-25 Charles st., St, Rollox

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