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Kirkaldy's " Corapactum ; " rep.
Andrew Smith, 12 York st
Landale, Alfred, & Co., 147
Milton st
Smillie & Robertson, 71 Lancefield
The Liverpool Engineering and
Condenser Co. Ltd., Liverpool ;
agent, Neil MacVicar, 342
Argyle st
Weir, G. & J. Ltd., Holm Foundry,
Barr, Robert & Co., 41-43 Vic-
toria rd
Craig, John, & Sons, 94 Paterson
st. s.s
Crockart, Robt., 1070 Argyle st
Laing, James, 325 Bath lane, >tf
Elmbank st
Ross, Chas. & Sons, 9-11 Chatham
place, Cathedral st
White, John, 57 and 59 Anderson
street, Gallowgate
Bain, W. B. & J., agents fpr
Croft & Perkins, Ltd., Bradford,
65 Waterloo st
Bridge, David, & Co. Castleton
Iron Works, near Manchester,
patentees and sole makers of
Heywood & Bridge's patent
friction clutches and accessories;
Geo. A. M'Nab, representative,
1167 Pollokshaws rd
Dempster, Moore & Co. Ltd., 49
Robertson street
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd., 35
M'Alpine street
Durham, Churchill & Co., Shef-
field, proprietors and manufac-
turers of the patent "Champion"
friction clutches for shafting,
motor vehicles and launches
combined launch reversing gear;
sole agents in Scotland, Kerr &
Crawford, 145 Bath st
Landale, Alfred, & Co.
(friction clutciies, claw clutches,
spring clutches), 147 Milton st
Murchie, James, 39 Mains st
The Coil Clutch Co., Ltd., Phceaix
Works, Mary street, Johnstone.
Telegrs., -'Phoenix, Johnstone"
The Unbreakable Pulley and Mill
Gearing Co., Ltd. Agents, Jas.
T. Donald & Co. Ltd., 35
M'AJpine street
Wood, Walter K. (King's patent);
sole agent, 30 Renfield st
Barnet, John, 73 Robertson st
Kenning, Geo. & Son, gold, silver,
and tinsel, 9 Howard st
Noble, Thos. & Co. 2 Springfield ct
Sangster, John, 38 Sauchiehall st
Andrew, Geo. & C. 59 Hutche-
son st
British Basket Co., Ltd., manu-
facturers of Punnets' chip bas-
kets, market crates, wood wool,
&c; works, Crownpoint street;
city office, 180 Ingram street
Dove, John, 31 and 33 St.
Andrew's street and 1 St.
Andrew's square
Allan, Thomas, & Co. 82 to 90
Anderson & M'Gregor, Fruit Bazaar
Boyd, Barrow & Co., Bazaar
Campbell, A., & Co., 77 Bell st
Carruthers, Geo., 109 Albion st
Chalmers, Andrew, 82-88 Albion st
Crossley, D., & Sons, 65 Bell st
Donohoe, M. J., Bazaar
Dougherty, James, Bazaar
Eiders & Fyffes, Ltd., 39 Bell st
Fruit Distribution Co., Ltd., 50
and 52 Candleriggs
Greig, John C, 85 Candleriggs
Hanley, Samuel & Co., 90-94
Albion st
Hyslop & Macdonald, 85, 87
Ker, John, 77-79 Ingram st
Lappin, Robt. 72-76 Candleriggs
Lindsay, Jas. & Son, Ltd., Bazaar,
M'Caig, Gilchrist, & Co. Bazaar
M'Millan, John, 53 and 100
Martin, Wm., & Sons, Bazaar
Muirbead & Maxwell, Corporation
Fruit Market
Newlands, J. N., New Bazaar
Pritchard & M'Laren, Fruit Bazaar
Robertson, R. F. & Co., New
Bazaar and 2"9 Bell st
Russell & Dick, 69 Candleriggs
Russell, Thomas, Bazaar
Simons & Co. 89-91 Candleriggs
Simons, Ernest, 89 and 91 Candle-
Simons.Jacobs & Co. 93 Candleriggs
Simons, Sam H, 89 and 91
Thomson & Mathicson, Bazaar
Williams, L. & H., & Co., Ltd.,
Bazaar, and 82 Bell st
Wylie & Co., London ; agenc,
David J. Brown, 17 Oswald st
Abercromby, J., 222 Saracen st
AdamsoD, James, 52 Bank st.,
Aikman, Robt. 701 Gallowgate
Aitken, Mrs., 350 N. Woodside rd
Aitken, Isabella, 168 North st
Alston, Thos., 364 Victoria rd
Alexander, M., 3 Montgomerie ter
Anderson, Wm. 717 Cathcart rd
Austin, Wm., 2 14 South Welling.
ton street
Ayton, J. Gilmour, 1385 Argyle st
Bain, Thomas, 214 Gallowgate
Bell, Mrs. James, 174 North st
Bell, Grace, 189 Hyndland rd
Binnie, W., 22 Minard rd. Cross-
Black, Jas. 123 Garngad rd
Black, Thos., 5 Haylynn street,
Black, Wm. 480 Duke street
Black, Eliza, 36 Hill st., east
Blackwood, J. 2?5 Kilmarnock rd
Bond, John, 371 So. York st
Bridge & Co. 70 St. George's rd
Brotherston, M., 885 Argyle st
Brown, Robert, 560 Alexandra par
Brown, Mrs. 34 Caledonia rd
Buchanan, Wm. 356 Sauchiehall
Buglajg, Eliza, 377 Eglinton st
Bunis, Caiman, 199 Main st., s.s.
Calder, David, 161 Paisley rd. W.
Callaby, C. & W., 1 Paisley road,
Cameron, H. 10 Aikenhead rd
Cameron, Miss, 354a Sauchiehall
Campbell, David, 52 Alexandra
Campbell, Malcolm, Limited, 18
Gordon st
Campbell, Jane, 158a New City rd
Campbell, Miss C. D., 275
Caihedral st
Campbell, Mrs. 150 Park road
Campbell, Mrs. L., 129 Waddell
Carlyle, Thos , 687 New City rd
Carmichael, C. 177 Cathedral st
Carslaw, Wm., 49 to 57 Salisbury
Chalmers, James, 51 South Port-
land street
Clark, Mary, 44 Kirkland st
Clarkson, John, 190 Stobcross st
Closs, John, 110 Springfield road
Cockburn, P., 428 Dumbarton rd.
Cooper & Co. 8 to 38 Howard st,
and branches
Craig, James, 693 Dumbarton rd.,
Cranston, Wm. 107 Glebe st
Crawford, Jas. 11 Crossburn et
Crawford, J. L., 14 Queen Mar-
garet drive
Crossley, Kate, 438 St. Gen-ge's rd
Cruickshank, John, 105 Caledonia
Currie, Miss, 967 Argyle st
Cunningham, Andrew, 137 Nel-
son st, s.s
Daly, Mrs. E., 66 Maitland st

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