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M'Nab, James, 494 Duke st
M'Niven, Jas. & Sons, 133 Mains
M'Taggart, D., 549 Govan rd
Mairs, John, 212 Gallowgate
Malcolm, Wm., 464 Dumba> ton rd,
Malcolm, Wm., 7 & 9 Stockwell
Miller, A. 69a West Nile st
Nairn, John, 395 New City rd
Neil, S. L. 120a Duke street
Paterson, John, 7 & 9 Albert rd.,
Paterson Peter, 23 Gt. Western rd
Paterson, Thos. 29 George st
Paterson, Wm,, 1345 Duke street,
Paul, J. & A. 421 Gt. Western rd
Eeid, Alex. 437 Victoria rd
Red, A., 235 Kilmarnock rd
Ryder, John, 160 New City road
Sawers, Ltd., 11 to 17 Howard
street and branches; telephones,
Nat., 1108-1106; Post Office,
1108. Telegrams, " Sawers,
Glasgow "
Sclanders, Thos., 158 Paisley road,
Sclanders, Wm., 333 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Smart, James, 416 Parliamentary
Smith, Wm., 178 Butterbiggins rd
Smith, Miss J. 623 Gallowgate
Stretton, J. B. 235 North street
Sutherland, Daniel, 12 Dunlop st
Taylor, George, 16 Kensington ter,
Walker, John, 245 Byres road
Walker, Jas., 654 Alexandra parade
Wilson, R. & Co., 183 Cathedral st
Aitken, Campbell & Co., Ltd., 99
Glassford st
Barlow, T. C. flag and banner
maker, flags for hotels, missions,
schools, ships, societies, trades ;
also banners and bannerets, 276
St. Vincent st
Bishop, Thomas, 52 Clyde pi
Boardman Bros., Manchester; 99
Waterloo st
Campbell & Hall, 94 Broomielaw;
factory, Robertson lane
Campbell & Hall (flags on loan for
decorations), 94 Broomielaw
Kenning, George, & Son, Jlagi for
ships, trades, schools, and socie-
ties, also banners and bannerets,
9 Howard street
Lamberton, H., & Co., 136 Bath st
M'Gregor, D. & Co., Ltd. for mer-
chant vessels, yachts, and land
purposes, 37 Clyde place
Telephone No. 1505 South
M'Symon & Potter (ship flags),
33 Great Wellington st
Mitchelson, William H., banner
and flag manufacturer, 98 So.
Portland street
Paisley, Peter, & Son (and banner),
82 to 96 Jamaica st. and 2 to
12 Broomielaw
Ship Chandlery & Sailwork Co. 18
Finnieston lane
Stevenson, Jas. 1103 Argyle
Vernal Bros, (and banners for
all societies), 28 Bridget on cross
and 61 Bridge st
Wright, William (flag and banner
maker for wedding cakes), 315
Argyle st
Wylie & Lochhead, Ltd., 45
Buchanan st
Ewart, Wm. & Son, Ltd. 90
Mitchell st
M'Harg, G. M'Kenzie (and jute),
24 St. Enoch sq
Mackay, Donald, 51 Ingram st
Millar, Hamilton, & Co., 73
Hutcheson street
Stewart, John, & Co. 7 Royal
Bank place
Thomson, M. C. & Co. Ltd.
98 Holm street
Webster, Francis, & Sons, 49
Paisley road
Adams, Geo. 779 Gallowgate
Allison, Thomas, 180 Allison st
Anderson Bros., 33 Howard 8t
Anderson, Graham, 476 Duke st
Anderson, James, 123 Springburn
Anderson, R., 356 Victoria road
Anderson, T. 666 Eglinton st
Anderson, Thomas, 101 Rottenrow
Anderson, Wm 107 Norfolk street
Anderson, Wm. 727 Pollokshaws rd
Arbuckle, Jas. 7 Elderslie street
Ay re, Samuel, 621 Govan road,
Ayton, David, 350a Duke st
Baird, W., 91 Raeberry st
Ballantyne, Alex. 338 Saracen st
Barbour, Tnos. 324 Dumbarton rd
Barclay D. 171 Paisley road, W
Bennie, William, & Co. 72 Niths-
dale road.
Blackie, Wm. 85 Paisley rd. W.
Blackwood, Wm. 382 Byres rd
Borland, Robt. 324 Cathcart rd
Borland, Wm. 1028 Pollokshaws rd
Brechin Brothers, Limited, 269
Sauchiehall st, 45 Albion st. and
53 Bell st, 265 Cathedral st.,
75 Elderslie st. and 626 Great
Western rd., 35 Union st, 4
Buckingham buildiDgs, Hillhead
Britton, R., 145 Albert st
Brodie, W., 143 S. Wellington st.
Brodie, Wm., 77 Springfield rd
Brogan, John, 379 Argyle st
Brown, J. 1058 Dumbarton road,
Brown, John, 431 Argyle st
Brown, John, 11 Glebe street
Brown, Thomas, 30 Garngad rd
Brown, Wm. 498 Duke street
Bryce, John, 380 Govan st
Buchanan, John, 204 N. City rd
Burgess, Robt. 475 St. Vincent st
Cameron, R. 399 Garscube rd
Cameron, Thos., 19 Hyndland st
Campbell, James, 107 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Campbell, Mrs. D. 458 Ruther-
glen road
Carmichael, Miss Jane, 198 Sara-
cen street
Carruthers, Jas. S., 61 Coventry ,
Carruthers, Wm., 469 Cathcart rd
Childs, J. H., 241 Main street,
Chugg, George, 357 New City rd
Clark, Jas. 268 Dalmarnock road
Cochrane, John, 162 Crown st
Cockburn, J. C. 93 Stirling rd
Colquhoun, Peter, 20 Elderslie
Cooper & Co., 8 to 38 Howard st
Coulter, John, 82 Eglinton st
Couper, G. 92 Blackburn st
Couper, Jas. 15 Abercorn st
Conper, Jas. 84 Nelson St., s.s.
Couper, Jas., 139 Sinclair drive
Cowlairs Co-operative Soc Ltd
registered office, 19 Angus st
Cox Bros., 214- Kilmarnock rd
Craig, Mrs. Isa. 256 Stobcross st
Cranston, Stirling, 132, 134 Niths-
dale road, Pollokshields
Cranston, W. 1012 Cathcart road,
Mount Florida
Crawford, David, 343 Cathedral st
Crawford, Thos., 379 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Crawfoid, Wm., 172 Battlefield
Crowther, John, 745 New City rd.
Cruickshanks, John, 15 Kennedy
Crum, John, 567 Dalmarnock rd
Cunningham, Robt., 18 Kensington
ter, lbrox
Cuthbertson, John, 53 Canal street,
Port- Dundas
Danks, William, 3 Rokeby terrace,
Denniston, J., 378 Cumberland
street, s.s
Dickie, Gavin, 259 Albert road,
Dickson, T. & J. 241 Saracen st
Dobbie, Jas. M., 60 Gairbraid ave
Docherty, William, 33 Gibson st.
Dow, Thomas, 1113 Polloks'iaws
road, Crossmyloof
Downie, John, 44 Albert road,

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