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Forman, J. H. (of Formans &
& M'Call), 160 Hope street
Formans & M'Call), 160 Hope st
Frew, Alex., 216 West George st
Frew, G. T., 216 West George st
Gale, Wm. M., 45 John St., city
Galloway, T. Lindsay. M.Inst.M.E.
Assoc. M.Inst. C.E. 175 West
George street
General (The) Drawing & Tracing
Co. (photo prints by electric
light), 149 St. Vincent st
Gibson, George H., Assoc. M.Inst.
C.E., A.M.I.E.E.. 130 Bath st
Gourley, Arch., Caledonian Rail-
way, Buchanan st. station
Hamilton, Arch., 16 Robertson st
Hamilton R. J., St. Enoch station
Hamilton, Wm. D., & Co., 59 Bath
Harrison, J. E. (of Formans &
M'Call) 160 Hope st
Harrison, J. Fred, M.Inst.C.E.,
34 Bowallan gardens, Partick
Hart, P. Campbell, 134 St. Vincent
Henry, Alfred F., 79 W. Regent st
Holmes, F. G. Town Hall, Govan
Hunt & Co., Edmund (chartered
patent agents), 121 W. George st
Hutchison, Geo. L., 67 W. Nile st
Jamieson, Prof. Andrew, M.Inst.
C.E., F.R.S.E., special instruc-
tion for C.E. exams, and B.Sc.
engineering, 16 Rosslyn terrace,
Johnsons (Messrs.) patent office,
37 West Nile st. (St. Vincent
st. corner); handbook, " Hints
to Inventors," gratis
Johnstone, Ronald & Son, 190 W.
George st
Keeling, Thomas, St. Enoch station
Ker, Hugh T., 179 W. George st
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.I.C.E., 124
St. Vincent st
Kyle, Dennison & Laing, 175 Hope
Kyle & Frew, 216 W. George st
Laing, William A. Baird (of Kyle,
Dencison & Laing), 175 Hope st
Laird, Andw. 95 Bath st
Leitch, Archd., M. I. Mech. E.,
Argyll arcade, 30 Buchanan st.
Leitch, Arch., 140 W. George st
Lewin, Harry W., 154 West
Regent st
Lindsay, C. C, M. Inst. C.E., 180
Hope street
M'Creath, George W. 208 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Creaths & Stevenson, 208 St.
Vincent st
M'Creath, Wm., 208 St Vincent
Macfarlane, Nigel, 213 St. Vincent
M'Lellan, Dugald, Caledonian Rail-
way, Buchanan street Station
Mabon, Alex., & Sons (surveying
instrument makers), 95 West
Campbell street
Makins, W. A., & Son, 79 West
Regent street
Mather, John B., 74 York street
Matheson, Donald A. Cal. Raily.
Buchanan street station
Melville, Wm., St. Enoch station
Midgley, John, 58 Bath street
Moore, R. T. 142 St. Vincent st
Morton, David Home, M. Inst.
C.E., M.Inst. Mech. E. 130 Bath
Morton, H. J. 224 St. Vincent
Nicolls, Thos. J., B.A., M.I.E.E.,
14b Bridge street
Niven & Haddin, 131 W. Regent
Niven, Thos. Ogilvie, 131 West
Regent st
Parker, John D. 146 W. Regent st
Paterson, Thos., 104 W. Campbell
Pettigrew, W. M. Caledonian rail-
way, 3 Germiston street
Price, Frank G., & Co., factory
chimney construction, 53 Water-
loo street
Rankine, David, jr., 238 West
George street
Rankine, D. & G. R., 238 W. George
Rankine, David, 238 W. George st
RaDkine, G. Ronald, 238 W. George
Robertson & Dobbie, 170 Hope
Robertson, R. Inglis, 121 St.
Vincent street
Robertson, Wm., & Sons, 121 St.
Vincent street
Roderick, H. H. (N. B. Railway),
4 West George street
Sayers, Wm. Brooks, M.I.E E.,189
St. Vincent st. ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 166 Argyle, P O, 3 Red ;
telegrams, " Winding," Glasgow
Scotland, T. M., 67 Hope street
Shaw, W. B., 224 St. Vincent st
Sime, John, of W. R M. Thomson
& Co., 96 Buchanan st
Simpson & Cameron, 175 Hope st
Storrar, Adam Y., 16 Killermont
Strain & Robertson, 154 West
George st
Sturrock & Wilson, 140 Hope st
Sutherland, J. R., 45 John st
Syson & Midgley, 58 Bath street
Thomson, Gilbert, 164 Bath st
Wardlaw, Chas. E. 112 Bath st
Warren & Stuart, 94 Hope st
Wharrie & Colledge, 109 Bath st
Wilson, W. S., & Son, 67 W. Nile
Wyllie & Blake, 219 St. Vincent
ENGINEERS (Constructional)
Arrol's Bridge & Roof Co., Ltd.
(See A. & T. Main & Co., Ltd.)
Braby, Fred, & Co., Ltd., Eclipse
works, Petershill road
Brownlie & Murray, Ltd., Den-
mark st. , Possilpark
Fleming Bros., 65 Bath street
Macfie, A. B., & Co., Ltd., 46
Charles street, St. Rollox
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
M'Millan, Jas., & Co., Vulcan Iron
Works, Port-Dundas
Malcolm & Findlay, 20 W. Camp-
bell street
Price, Frank G., & Co., factory
chimneys arid buildings in re-
inforced concrete and wood, 53
Waterloo street
Ralston, Goodwin & Co., Craighall
Iron Works, Saracen st
Somervail & Co., Dalmuir Bridge
and Roof Works, Dalmuir
Speirs & Co. (iron and wood
buildings a speciality) ; city
office, 125 W. Regent street;
telephone,Natioral, 1511 Argyle
The Glasgow Steel Roofing Co.,
Ltd , North Western Works,
ENGINEERS (Consulting).
Adam, J. M., factory ventilation
and dust control, Fairley street,
Adam, J. W., & Co , 160 Bothwell
Aitken, H. W. (sugar, &c), 147
Bath st
Aitken, J. Cross, 45 Hope st
Anderson, Donald, 206 North st
Anderson, W. M., 102 Union st
Andrews & Cameron, Kelvin
Engineering Wks., Kirkintilloch
Arnot, Wm., M.I.C.E., 163 Hope
Arthur, N. S., & Co., 93 Hope st
Ballantyne, J. H., & Co., 80
Hyndland road
Barr, Arch., D.Sc, Caxton street,
Barr & Stroud, Caxton st, Annies-
Black, Wm., 11 West Regent st
Bottomley, J. T., M.A., L.L.D.,
D.Sc, F.R.S., F.C.S., M.I.E.E.
(electrical) ; office and labora-
tory, 205 Byres road
Boyd, James, & Sons, Macdowall
street, Paisley
Brand & Lithgow (erection of public
works), 131 W. Regent street
Brown, Matthew Taylor, B.Sc,
A.M.I.C.E. 233 St. Vincent st
Brown, Robert, 15 Wellington st
Brown, Robert, & Co., 26 Renfield

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