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Bennie, John. Star Engine Works,
149-155 Moncur st
Bow, M'Lachlan & Co., Ltd.,
Thistle Works, Paisley
Bowden, G, Harland & Co.,
Baltic chambers, 50 Wellington
Brash & Russell, Springfield
Electrical Works, 9 Springfield
road ; sole agents in Scotland
for Ei nest Scott & Mountain,
Ltd., Gateshead-on-Tyne
Bryce, John, & Son, 82 Oswald st
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Ren-
field st
Bryden, William, & Son, 206
Bath st. ; National telephone,
627 Douglas
Carr, J. Martin M., A.M.I.E.E.,
16 Elmbank st
Chalmers, W. 142 Bath street
Charters, J., complete installations
for all kinds of ship and laDd
electric lighting, and electric
power, 26 L West George street
Clarke, Chapman & Co., Ltd.,
Gateshead ; Thomas Millar, 81
St. Vincent st
Oompton & Co. Ltd. 50 Wel-
lington street
Cuthbertson, Jas., 423 Shields rd.;
branch, 136 Nithsdalerd.,PolIok-
Dempster, Moore & Co. Ltd. 49
Robertson street
Drake & Gorham, Ltd Baltic cham-
bers, 50 Wellington street
Espie, Jas., 192 Hyndland road
Fairlie, Thos. & Co. (complete
lightiug and power installa-
tions), 38 Stockwell street
Finlay, John, & Co. Ltd. 18 Ren-
field st
Fraser & Borthwick, 91-93
Waterloo st ; works, 49 Pitt st
Gordon, J., 473 Cathedral st. and
18 Dalblair rd. Ayr
Graham, Wm. 3 Wilson St., Hill-
Green, A. Henderson, & Co., 34
Ann street
Greenwood & Batley, Ltd., Leeds ;
agent, Alex. Craig, 124 St.
Vincent st
Grindlay, Ross & Co., 278 St.
Vincent st
Haddow & Co. 107 Douglas st.
and 192 W. George lane.
Hamilton, Claud, Limited,
247 St. Vincent street, aud at
Hamilton & Co. 230 Berkeley st
Harvie, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 24
M 'Alpine street
Hunter & Jack, 101 St. Vincent
Hutcheson, Andrew, 97 Waterloo
St.; telephone Nos. Nat. 113
Argyle, P.O. 1368
Hutcheson, Jas., 211 West Camp-
bell street ; telephone Nos.,
Nat, 475 Douglas; P.O., 1904
Johnston, Park & Co., 15
Oswald street
Kemp, Wm & Co. 157 and 159
Buchanan tt
Kennedy, John (insulator
maker), Cleland Pottery, Cle-
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.I.C.E. (con-
sulting), 124 St. Vincent st
Killen & Co. (arc lamps), 213
Buchanan st
Lindsay, Ales., AM I.E.E., 8 Both-
well street
Livingston, R. W., & Co., 3 and 5
Buchanan court
Logan & Ferrie, 156 Albert road,
Pollokshields, and 195 Crow rd,
Lowdon Bros. & Co., 152 Holm st
Lyle, Charles, 718 Argvle st
MCall, Thos. & Co. 11 6a Mains
st. city
M' Gibbon, David, 180 Byres rd.,
telephone No. P.O., W102 ; Nat.
273X5 Hillh.ad
Mackay, T. M., & Co., 35 Bath st
MacLellan, A., & Co., contrac-
tors for electric light and trans-
mission of power, 63 Waterloo st
M'Whirter, Wrn., & Son, 212,
214 Holm st
Main, Thos., 408 Sauchiehall st
Martin, W. C. & Co. 10 West
Campbell st
Mather & Piatt, Ltd., 124 St.
Vincent street
Mavor & Coulson, Ltd. manu-
facturers, 47 Broad street, Mile-
Meighan, James, & Son, 328-332
Abercromby st. Calton
Meiklejohn, J. B., 115, 115a
Bath street
Murchie, James, 39 Mains st
Nicoll, R. I., & Co., 95 Bath st
Osborne & Hunter (town and
country house lighting, lighting
of offices, warehouses, hotels,
shops, &c. &c), 108a W. Regent
Paterson, Wm., & Son, 1 Bothwell
Pauling & Co. 91 Cambridge st. ;
telephones, P.O. 2796; Nat.
211 Y 9 Douglas
Pollock, John, 34 Bridge street
Robertson, John C. & Co. 10
Wetnyss place
Scott, W. W., & Co., Ltd., 180
Sauchiehall street
Siemens Bros Dynamo Works, Ld.,
163 Hope sireet
Somerville, James, 27 and 29
Helen street, Govan
Spence, John, & Sons, Bellsdyke
Works, Airdrie
SpeDce, John H., & Son, 93 Elcho
Stark, A. Kennedy, & Co., 163
West Nile street
Steel & Wilson, 4 Washington st..
and 30 Queen Margaret drive,
Kelvineide, N
Still, W. A, & Co., 105 Bothwell
Sykes, Robert, & Co., 12 Dixon
Tayler Smith Co. (The),
lighting and heating of town
and country houses a speciality;
contractors for steam, gas, oil,
and water power 233 St. Vin-
cent st. ; telegr'ms, " Deserving,"
Glasgow; telephone, 483 Argyle
Telford, Grier, & Mackay, Lid.,
(for power and lighting), 222
The India Rubber, Gutta-
percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd. ( the Silver-
town Co.), 2 Royal Exchange sq
The National Gas Engine Co. Ltd.
195 St. Vincent street
The Scottish Electrical and In-
candescent Light Co., 60 Stock-
well st
Trotier, John, 40 Gordon st.
Underbill, W. R.. & Co., 79 Bath
Watson, Arch. & Co. 36 George
Winchester, J. Brown, 110a West
George st
Winthorpe, Wm. 106 and 108
Elmbank st
Woodward & Co., 147 and 149'
Reufield street
Wyhe & Lochhead, Ltd. 45
Buchanan st
Young, Thomas, M.I. Mech. E.,
M.I.E.E. (consulting), 203 W.
George st
Ballantyne, J. H.,& Co., 80 Hynd-
land rd
Barrett, H. G., & Co. (electro-
liers, tabe lamps and figure
fittings); showrooms, 182 West
George st
Buchan, Alex. B., 97 West Camp-
bell st
Campbell, Miss (electrical and
lamp shade maker), 17 Newton
Chalmers, W., 142 Bath street
Clark, A. W., & Co., 8, 8£
Douglas street
Crawford, Jas. S., & Son, 41
Robertson street
Dorman & Smith, 198a St.
Vincent st
Drake & Gorham, Ltd., Baltic
Chambers, 50 Wellington st

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