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The Edison & Swan United Electric
Light Co., Ltd. , 153 W. George
The Electrical Co., Ltd., 50 Wel-
lington st
The India - Rubber, Gutta -
Percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd. (The Silver-
town Co ), 2 Royal Exchange sq
The Lancashire Dynamo and
Motor Co., Ltd., 87 Union st
The Macdonald Engineering Co.
Watt street, Maryhill
The Union Electric Co., Ltd., 12
Waterloo street
1 Vandervell, C. A. & Co., 33 Ren-
field ftreet
Veritys Ltd., makers of the "Astrn"
dynamos and motors, 40 Bath st
Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Ld.,
Sheffield, makers of dynamos
and motors ; agents, W. M.
Wilson & Co., 19 Waterloo st
Willan* & Robinson, Ltd., 144
St, Vincent st
Woodward & Co. 147-149 Renfield
Young, Thomas, M.I. Mech. E.
M.I.E.E. (consulting), 203 W.
George st
British Sanitary Co. 341 Bath lane,
North st. at Charing Cross Stn.
Silver medal, highest award at
Sanitary Institute Congress,
Manchester, 1902; Bradford,
1903 ; Glasgow, 1904 ; in com-
petition with the best makers
Glendinning, John, & Sons (whole-
sale merchants), 90 West Camp-
bell street
Speirs & Co. (best and cheapest in
the market), 125 W. Regent st
Dr. Heinr., Traun & Sons (F.
Winter, manager), 8 Redcross
St., London, E C.
St. Helens Cable & Rubber Co.,
Ltd., 191. Ho ward st
The India - Rubber, Gutta-
percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd. (The Silver-
town Co.), 2 Royal Exchange sq
Anderson, Whan, & Co. (cutters for
envelopes, labels, and fancy
edge cards, &c. also leather and
rubber goods), 21 Muslin street,
Bartholomew, Jn. 91 Cadogan st
Burley, Bennet B. 9 Watson st.
Carlaw, D. & Sons, 11 Finnieston
st. Telephone Nos., Nat. 363
Argyle ; P.O. 1262
Carrick Brothers, 237 Argyle st
Carrick & Craig, 348 Argyle st
Chatwin, Thomas, Birmingham ;
agent, Wilson Baird, 74 York
Churchill, Chas. & Co. Ltd. 9-11
Wellington st
Cook, William, & Sons (Glasgow),
Ltd. 24 Elliot street and 93
Houldsworth st., Cranstonhill ;
and at Glasgow Steel Works,
Cross, Andrew, 8 King st. city
Denovan, Wm., Clyde Saw Works,
Dalmarnock rd. ; office, 611
Argyle st
Dobie, John, & Co. 205 Argyle st.
75 Sauchiehall st. 247 N. City
rd. and 18 Gt. Western rd
Drysdale, J., & Co. (masons), 8
Merkland st. Partick
Dymock, John D. 242 Buchanan
Elsworth, John, & Sons, Ltd.
39 Robertson st, and at Australian
Works, Sheffield
Faulds, J. G., & Co. (masons),
48 North Frederick st
Findlay, Andrew R. (wholesale
only), 34 Robertson st
Fleming & Co., 31 Robertson st
Grierson, Wm., 7 Bridge st.
Hannah, A. & Co. 79 John st.,
Henderson, A. R., & Co., Ltd., 78
Landale, Alfred, & Co., cutters
and knives for all classes of
machines, 147 Milton street
Landell, Wm. 106-108 Trongate,
and Silvan Works, 187 Broad st.
Les Fils de Peugeot Freres, Valen-
tig'ey (Doubs), France ; sole
agents for Scotland and Ireland,
J. & A. M'Farlane, Ltd., Albert
Works, 40 Springbank street,
New City road
M'Dermid, Alex. & Son (general
smiths and toolmakers, con-
tractors, causewayers, quarriers,
and stonebreakers' tools), 102
Duke street
M'Farlane, James, 22-24 Gallow-
Macguire & Jago, 13 Union st
M'Innes, Wm., 150 Cumberland st
MLellao, P. & W., Ltd., 129
MacLeod, J. Thomson (wholesale
only), 76 Robertson street
M'Pherson Brothers, 78 and 80
Argyle st
Marshalls', 176 and 277 Argyle
Marshall, A. & Co., 70 to 74
Parnie st
Mathieson, Alex. & Sons, Limited,
9-13 E. Campbell st
Muir, Wm. (late) R. Livingston
&Co., 336 Argyle st
Paton & Dick (mining and
quarry tools). 154 Howard st
Perks, John, & Sons, Monmore
Green Works, Wolverhamp-
ton ; Jas. G. Young, agent, 196
St Vincent st
Rossel', Henry & Co. Ltd.,
Sheffield; chairman, Herbert B.
Law, 10 Hatfield drive, W.
Simpson, Edward, & Co. Harriet
st. Rutherglen
Wright, R. E. & Son, 3 Trongate
Allan, Arch., 100 Brunswick st
Blair,Samuel,jr. 433Parliamentary
Brownlie & Campbell, 7 Stockwell
Brownlie, John, 335 Springburn rd
Campbell, Jas., 100 Stockwell st
Carroll Bros. 96 King st. s.s.
Clark, Alex., 54 King st,, city
Clarke, James, 171 Stobcross st
Connolly, Owen, 134 Bridgegate
Cormacb, D. G., 181 Howard st
Devine, Edward, 70 S. Wellington
Dunlop, John, 901 Argyle st
Flanagan, M'Intyre & Co. 147
Howard st
Gardiner Bros., 120 Bridgegate
Gfcmmell, Alex., 14 Naburn st
Graham, E., & Co., 51 \ College
Hadden, Samuel, 58 Stirling road
Halliday, George, Porter street,
Hamilton & Crawford, 32 East
Wellington st
Hawthorne, J. G., & Co. 23 Parnie
Hayes, Thos. 50 Parnie st
Henry & Campbell, 171 Holm st
Holmes, Laurence, 14 Bridgegate
Horgan & O'Brien, 88, 90 Stock-
well st
Lawrie, Walter, & Co. importers of
Continental and Canadian eggs,
100 Brunswick st.
Leary, Frank, 25 Cromwell st
Lipton Ltd. (wholesale and retail)
91 to 107 Lancefield st
Lockhart & Dunsmore (wholesale),
41 King street, city
Lonsdale & Thompson, Ltd., 175
Howard st
Love, Wm., 14-16 Charlotte st., city
Macfadzean Brothers, 18 King st.
M'Guire, Peter, 364 St. Vincent st
M'Kinlay, William, 8 Parson st
M'Laughlin, E. 39 Parnie st
M'Neill, Alex., 10 Monkland st
M'Neill, J., 118 Castle st
Maguire, John, 47 Henderson st

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