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The Eastern Cycle Co., 88 Canning
The Glasgow Cycle Co., 98-102
Commerce street
The North British Machine Co.,
58-60 Gt. Clyde st
The St. Vincent Motor and Cycle
Co., Ltd., 161-169 North st
Thomson, A., 179 Dalmarnock st.,
Todd, James, 53 Elder st., Govan
Triumph Cycle Coy., Ltd., 101
Mitchell st.
Victoria Motor & Cycle Co. Ltd.,
Victoria Works, Denniatoun
View Vale Cycle Co. 176 Mathie-
son st
Vogt, Louis P. 399 Gt. Western
Walker, Johnston, 50 Queen
Margaret dr
White, A. 273 Argyle st
Wilson, David, 136 Pollok st
Wright, R. E., & Son, 3 Trongate
Gibbon, Jai.,& Son. 98 W. Nile st
Jennings, V. & Co., 86 Mitchell
st., off Gordon st
Marshall, J. & M., 22 Bath st
Ahlborn, Ed., Hildesheim (utensil
maker); agent, A. M. Craig, 11
and 19 Queen st
Burmuster & Wain, Ltd. (repre-
sentative. W. M. Anderson, 102
Union fat.) ; " one-piece milk
cans" a specialty
Telford, Grier & Mackay, Ltd.,
general dairy engineering,
patentees of sterilizing plant
for milk depots, contractors to
the Glasgow Corporation, 220-
222 Broomielaw
Tudhope Bros., speciality, steriliz-
ing, pasteurizing, separating and
refrigerating plant, steam boilers
engines, &c , 87 Maxwell st
Aird, Mrs. 159 Comelypark street
Aitken, A. 31 Cleland st
Aitken, James, Bellahouston farm,
Aitken, Mr?. Jas., 287 Maxwell
rd., Pollokshields
Alexander, Andrew, 8 Hopehill rd
Alexander, Mrs. M., 765 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Anderson, John, 94 Sandyfaulds st
Anderson, Robt. 1161 Pollokshaws
Anderson, Robt., 18 Garscadden st
Anderson, Mrs. Jane, 43 Possil rd
Armour, Jas., 54 Battlefield road
Armour, John, 272 Thistle st, s.s.
Arthur, J. & D. 526 St. Vincent
August, A. 17 Portugal st
Auld's Dairy (R. C. Laing), 2
Avenue rd. Springburn
Baillie, John, 584a Gallowgate
Bain, J. & R., 163 Great Western
Ballantyne, David, jr., 159 Kent rd
Ballantyne, D. & J. 19£ Mains
Ballantyne, M., 6 Mains st
Ballantyne, Peter, 11 Macfarlane st
Ballantyne, Thos. 1025 Cathcart
Band, Elizabeth, 602 Eglinton st
Barclay, Robert, 234 Battlefield rd
Barclay, Wm., 1317 Pollokshaws
Barr, Margt. 339 Parliamentary rd
Beattie, Jas. 122 Battlefield rd
Bell, Andw. 66 M'Culloch street
Bell, John, 227 Garscube rd
Bell, Mrs. E., 120 Caledonia rd
Bennie, James, 33 Whitevale st
Bicket, John, 377 St. Vincent st
Black, Thomas, 239, 241 Max-
well road
Blackwood, J. 283 Argyle st
Blair, Mrs. Martha, 147 Holmlea
Bogie, Mrs. 153 Henderson st
Boyd, David, 14 Raglan st
Boylan, Owen, 226 Main st., s.s.
Brand, Robt. 30 to 36 Devon st.
branches, 305 Maxwell road
Pollokshields, 11 Kensington ter
Ibrox, 37 Bute ter. Strath bungo
3 Garnet ter. Mount Florida
259 Kenmure st. Pollokshields
104 Minard rd., Crossmyloof, 55
Sinclair dr. Langside, 25 Prince
Edward st. Crossbill ; P. O.
tele. X197, Nat. 253 Y7 Gorbals,
teleg. address, ''Milky Way"
Brass, G., 1046 Pollokshaws rd
Brisbane, Catherine, 63 Kelvinside
Biock, George, 139 Waddell st
Brown, Alex., 965 Argyle st
Brown, G., 553 Govan rd
Brown, Hugh, 1185 Argyle st
Brown, John, Mossvale, Halfway
Brown, Mrs. J., 46 Kirkland st
Brown, Miss, 174 London rd
Brown, Marion, 261 Allison st
Bryce, C. M. 6 Smith st., Govan-
Bryce, Jas. 68 Old Dumbarton rd
Bryce, Mrs. Jane, 18 Cleveland
Bryson, Mrs. Hugh, 118 Rottenrow
and 85 Green St., Calton
Buchanan, M. J., 93 M'Aslin st
Buchanan, William, 231 Watt st-
Paisley road
Burns, Wm., 17 Crossburn st
Cairns, Robert, 155, 157 Stobcross
Calderwood, Andw. 77 Avenue
road, Springburn
Calderwood, Robert, 316 Main st.,
Caldwell, Wm. 54 Smith street,
Cameron, David, 30 Dowanhill st.
Cameron, Jamea, 86 Govan st
Cameron, Thos., 248 Crow rd
Campbell Miss C. 7 Aikenhead rd
Campbell, Mrs. 81 Nelson st. s.s.
Carmichael, John, 14 Crossburn
Caulfield, John, 157 So. Welling-
ton st
Clark, Thos. 109£ Springburn rd
Clement, J., 77 Dnndrennan rd
Climie, Samuel, 25 Plantation st
Coats, Marion, 148 Ark lane
Collins, Henry, 875 New City rd
Cooke, Henry. 532 Keppochbill rd
Corporal ion Infants' Milk Depot,
68 Osborne st., city
Cossar, Thos. 469 St. George's rd
and branches
Cowlairs Co-operative Society Ltd.;
registered office, 19 Angus st
Craig, Jno., 9 Springbank st
Craig, Wm. 152 Woodlands road
Crawford, Jas. 8 Boyd st. Crosshill
Crawford, Jas. 125 Govan st. s.s.
Crawford, J., 9 Dowanhill st
Crawford, John, 97 Stobcross st
Crawford, Joseph, 129 Springburn
Cricbton, John, 184 Butterbiggins
Cullen, David, 54 Hopehill rd
Cumming, Thos., 281 S. Welling-
ton street
Cunningham, Finlay, 4 Fairlie park
drive, Partick
Cunningham, John, 37 Regent
Moray st
Cunningham, Thos. 376 So. York
Currie, Chas. H, 218 Lraglands dr
Cuthbertson, Mrs. 43 St Marnock
Cuthbertson, Robt., 131 Thistle
street, s.s.
Cutler, Mrs., 20 Braid st
Dalglish, John, 87 M'Lean st
Dalglish, Miss, 37 Rumford st
Davie, J. 323 N. Woodside rd
Dawson, Thos. 136 Albert st
Deans, A., 310 Possil rd
Dick, And. 334 Langside road
Dickie, Thos. 14 Mordaunt street
Dickson, James, 463a St. Vincent
Docherty, Maggie T. 39 Dorset
Doig, J. 174 Ratherglen road

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