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Bunten, James & Co., direct im-
porters, Caledonian chambers,
87 Union st
Orient Co. Ld. London and Ceylon;
agent, J. Renwick, 47 Oswald st
Vavasseur, J. H. & Co., Ltd., Ceylon
and London ; agents, M'Aulay
Bros., 73 Dunlop street
Appleton, Machin & Smiles, Ltd.,
41 Ann st
Baird, Gilbert T. (chicory), 34
West George st
Boyd, Clark & Co. 77 Panrie st
Brown, J. & T. & Co., 77 James
Watt street
Cameron, Herriot & Co. Ltd. 139
Brook st., Mile-end
Chart eris, John, 61 Jamaica street
Cooper & Co. 8 to 38 Howard st.
and Branches
Cranston's Tea-rooms, Ltd.,
(Stuart Cranston, founder and
managing director) —
28 Buchanan street
13 Renfield street
76 Argyll street
Disney, Bramall, & Co., London;
agent, J. S. Dick, 5 Oswald st
Drysdale & Co. (wholesale), 23
Elmbank st
Ewing, Robt. 534 Dumbarton rd.
Fair lie, M. & Co., Ltd., 13
York st
Foote, Robt. 61 Parnie st
Fulton, Peter (Columbian coffee
importers), 19 Glencairn dr
"Kit" Coffee, Ltd., 195 Broom-
loan road, Govan
Marshall & Stevens (wholesale),
35, 37, 39 College st
Parker, D. & J. (wholesale), 7
Montrose st
Payne, George, & Co. Ltd. 117
Howard st
Peek Bros. & Winch, Ltd.20 Dixon
st., St. Enoch sq
Poison, A. L., Deacon & Webb, 87
M'Alpine st
Robertson, John, Curie & Co., 61
Clyde st. , Anderston
Shaw & Co. (wholesale), 180
Crown st
Sinclair Bros , 114 New City id
Sinclair, Neil & Co., 19 Douglas st
Stevenson & Co., 146 Ingram st
Thomson, David, 35 Renfield st. ;
P.O. telephone, 1167
Whyte, A. C, & Sons, 115a St.
Vincent street
Wood, Smith & Co. 72 Robertson
Cameron, Herriot & Co , Ltd., 139
Brook st. Mile-end
" Camp " Coffee, 77 Charlotte
Easton & Co., Clydesdale Pickle
and Sauce Works, 24 and 26
Clyde pi
Hannah, Samuel, & Co. 189 Ruther-
glen road
Johnston, Baird & Co , 156 to 168
" Kit " Coffee, Limited, 195
Broomloan road, Govan
Rowat & Co. Craigton road, Govan
Smith, T. & H. Ltd , 37 Washing-
ton street
Walker, George, & Son, Ltd., 245-
255 Reid st. Bridgeton
Robertson & Co., wholesale
makers of Napierian coffee
machines, 95 Bath st
Elkington & Co., Ltd., late Thos.
Smith & Son, makers and
patentees, steam, gas, or oil, 98
Commerce street, late Queen st
Thomson, David, maker of the
"Napier" coffee apparatus, 35
Renfield st. ; tele., P.O. 1167
Cameron, Herriot & Co. Ltd. 139
Brook st.. Mile- end
Paterson, R., & Sons, 77 Char-
lotte street
M'Call Bros. 40 Grteme st
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.,
(Stuart Cranston, founder and
managing director) —
23 Buchanan street
43 Argyll arcade
5 Morrison's oonrt (108 Argyll
13 Renfield street
145 Sauchiehall street
2 Queen street
Alloa (The) Coal Co., Ltd., 124
St. Vincent street
Anderson, A. & G., 53 Waterloo st
Birkenshaw Coal Co. agents for the
celebrated Pelton (Durham)
Coke; special facilities from
private siding,General Terminus,
for executing shipping orders
promptly, and supplying works
with foundry malting and weld-
ing coke, smithy char, smithy
coal, &c; 116 St. Vincent st
Bothwell and Udoingston Gas Co.
Ltd., malting and welding coke'
smithy, char, &c, gas works'
Brown, A. G., & Co., 7 Bath st
Coats Bros. 40 St. Enoch square
Crosbie Coal Company, 78 Berkeley
Darngavil Coal Co., Ltd., 124 St.
Vincent st
Dixon, Wm,, Ltd, office, 1 Dixon
Knox, John, & Co., supply best
qualities of Scotch and English
smithy coal and smithy char,
delivered in trucks to any rail-
way ttation. We have special
facilities for shipping foundry
coke and smithy coal in any
quantity (either loose or in bags)
for the foreign markets. Head
office, 41 Midwharf, Port-
Dundas, Glasgow; telegrams,
"Knox, Midwharf, Glasgow"
Tel. Nos., P.O. 608; Nat. 3515
Lemmon, John, 61 Grant street
Lindsay, Crookston & Co. 163
Hope st
Lyle, Robert, & Co. (also smithy
and gas char), Mineral station,
Martin, Robt., jud., Pinkston depot,
Mitchell, W. M., & Co., 57 Hope st
Nimmo, Jas. & Co. Ltd. 21 Both-
well st
Plean Colliery Co., Ltd., 65
Renfield street
The Shettleston Oil & Chemical Co. ,
United Collieries, Ltd. (The) 109
Hope street
Waldie, Jas. & Sons, 118 Queen st
Young, Wm. & Sons, 107 St. Vin-
cent st
Carty, J. L., & Co., agent3 for
Tees Slag Wool Co., Limited,
improved slag wool or silicate
cotton, &c, 219 St. Vincent st
Eastmans, Ltd. 124-130 Cheap-
side st
Guthrie, Walter, & Co. (insulators),
10 Vernon St., Mary hill
M'Lacblan,Wm. & Co. Logan st s.s.
Milne, Wm. 40 Old Wynd
Sawers, Limited, Rutherford
lane, off Renfield street, cold
storage for meat, produce, &c. ;
telep. Nos. Nat. 731 Douglas;
P.O. 624; telegrams, " Puritas "
The Union Cold Storage, Ltd., 223
George street
Wilson, John L. manufr. of granu-
lated cork for insulation of cold
stores, 74 York street
Wotherspoon, John, 58 Market st

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