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M'Farlane,Mrs. A. 123 Plantation
M'Kenzie, G. 445 Victoria rd.
Mackintisb, JohD, 10 Earlston av
M'Murray's Stores, 2 1 Eglinton st
M'Nair, Wm., & Co. (wholesale
only), 205 Buchanan st
M'Nicol's Stores, 781-787 New
City road
M'Queen, E. K. 223 Garscube rd
Martin, R. & D., 87 Union street
Maxwell, Wm. S., 293 New City
Murphy, M. & L., 1106 Dumbar-
ton road
Naismith. King & Co., Ltd.,
antique and oriental, 180 Ingram
Pennington Dav., 1057 Dumbarton
Port-Dundas Pottery Co., Ltd., 66
Bishop street, Port-Dundas
Rankin, J. & J. 10-12 Gieat Clyde
Rattray, Charles, & Co., 14 & 16
Rattray, Jaen, 208 St. James' road
Rigg, Isaac, & Son, 95 Buchanan
Rosenberg, Adolf, office and show-
rooms, Canal bank, Rockvilla
Ross, John, 212 Allison st
Scott, Mrs. E. 332 Cathcart rd
Shaw, Walker & Co., 14 to 20
Union st
Shearer, H. (importer of Japanese
and Chinese china), 42 Howard
Sneddon, A, & Sons, 123 to 127
Stockwell st. and 88 Union st
Sneddon, James, & Co. 25 to 31
Queen st
Stevenson, H., 203 Kilmarnock rd
Stevenson's Stores, Ltd., 108
Moncur st
Tait, James, 10 Earlston avenue
Taylor, Charles, 37 Monkland st
Thompson, Bros. & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd., importers of glassware,
29 to 39 Surrey st, s.s.
Todd, George, & Sons, 71 to 85
Williams, S , 622 and 540 Cathcart
Wilson, T & E., 599 Cathcart
Wright, P., 354 Springburn st
Yule, Miss, 145 Cathedral street
Abbott, Wm., surgical, 12 Renfield
st. first door above Gordon st.
first floor
Bale, Mrs, HeDry, 24 Newton st
Galbraith, W. R. 448 Argyle st
Gebelmann, Carl F. W., 119 New
City road
Gregson, J. S.,Ltd. , 396 Sauchie-
hall st , and 290 Byres road
Milligan, K. M., 138 Buchanan st
Nonie, J. B., & Co., 202 Hope st
Rogerson, Mrs. E. 529 Sauchiehall
Assafrey, A. T., 19 Grant st
Boissilier, H. C. : Watford, Herts.;
representative, Adam T. Armit,
52 Woodville gdns., Langside
Buchanan, John, & Bros. Ltd. 51
Stewart st. Cowcaddens
Caley, A. J., & Son, Ltd. , Norwich;
representative, H. Hay, 7 Ann
Carsons, Ltd., Barrowfield Works,
49 Solway street
Driessen, A, Cocoa and Chocolate
Co. Rotterdam ; agent, T. B.
Mercer, 101 St. Vincent street
Filshill, John,-420 Gallowgate
Fry, J. S. & Sons, Ltd. Bristol ;
agent, J. C. Smeal, 142 West
Nile street
Gray, John, & Co., Ltd., 103
Adeiphi st, Commercial rd. S.S.
Helvetia Co., Basel, Switzerland;
agent for Britain, P. W. Hunter,
49 Jamaica st
Kennedy & Company (Stirling),
Limited ; works, Old Bridge,
Stirling ; office, 82 Gordon st
Klaus, J., 90 Sauchiehall street
Nestles and Anglo Swiss, 56 Both-
well circus
Pettigrew, R. Stewart,109 Sauchie-
hall st
Rowntree & Co. Ltd., The Cocoa
Works, York; agents, J. Martin
Orr, John Allan, David Johnston
and Duncan Hendry, 28 St.
Enoch square
Anderson, Whan, & Co. (cutters,
plain and deckled-edges), 21
Muslin st, Bridgeton
Art (The) Publishing Co., 48
King street, city
Baird, Alexander, & Son, Kelvin-
bridge Works, Herbert st, North
Woodside rd, and 72 Aldersgate
st, London, E.C.
Boots, Cash Chemists, 101-105
Sauchiehall st; tel. P.O. 4437 ;
Nat. 768 Douglas
Collins, Wm., Sons & Co., Ltd.,
Herriot Hill Wks, 144 Cathedral
Glendinning, Douglas & Co.,
58 Cadogan st
Lyon, Wm. 389 Sauchiehall street
and branches; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall st.
Miller, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Murray, E., & Co., 52-56 Darnley
street, Pollokshields
Ritchie, Wm., & Sons, Ltd. (of
Elder st. Edinburgh), Grosvenor
buildings, 68 Gordon st.
Todd, Samuel A. C. 26 Bothwell
Young Bros., 170-174 St. George's
Christie, Andrew, 34 Robertson st
Dobbie, M'Inncs. Ltd., 45-57
Bothwell street
Edward & Sons (to the Admir-
alty), 92 Buchanan street
Hunters (dealers in chronometers
and sextants), 305, 307, 309
Argyle st
Kelvin & Jas. White, Ltd., 16-20
Cambridge st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. Ltd. (to the
Admiralty, Greenwich Observa-
tory, and foreign governments),
37 Clyde place
Sorley, Robt. & Wm. (to the
Admiralty), 93 St. Vincent st,
and 24b Rmfield tt
Tytler, John, 18a Renfield st
Weir, Jas. (to the Admiralty), 66
Buchanan st., and 25 and 27
Argyle st.
Whyte, Thomson, & Co. 144
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Renfield
Bryden, William, & Son, 206
Bath st. National telephone No.
627 Douglas
Hutcheson, Jame3,211 West Camp-
bell st
Steven & Strut hers, Eastvale pi,
Bennett & Rutherford, 217 St.
Vincent st. (electric light instal-
lations). — See Advt. in front of
Trades Directory
Bennet (The) Furnishing
Co., Ltd. (school, church, and
hall furniture), 36 Tentent st
Brown & Co. (oak collection
plates), 73 and 85 M'Alpine st
Chalmers, W., 142 Bath street
E Iking ton & Co., Ltd. (late
Thos. Smith & Sons), baptismal
fonts, &c, 98 Commerce street
(late Queen st)
Falk, Stadelmann & Co , Ltd.
(gas and electric fittings), 74,
76, and 78 Great Clyde street
Gardner, A., & Son, 36 Jamaica st
Gray, Robert, sculptor (established
1850), fonts, memorial tablets,
&c, in granite, marble, or stone,
335a St. Vincent street, at junc-
tion of Bothwell and St. Vin-
cent streets (which is my only

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