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Adams, D., 14-16 Drummond st
Argyle Chemical Co., 1103 Argyle
Barbour, 0. R. & Co., 6 Soho st
Barony Chemical Co. 35 Stanhope
Bayer (The) Co. Ltd. 42 Bothwell
Black, Walter, & Co., 1a East Nile
Blythe, Wm. & Co. Ltd. 95 Bath st
Bratby & Binchliffe, Limited, 48
York street
Brown & Co, 29 Forth street,
Brown, Gray & Co. 20-28 York st
Carnbroe Chemical Co. (The), Ltd.
14 Sr. Vincent place
Carruthers, Son & Co., 70 to 78
King street, Tradeston
Cartvale Chemical Co. Ltd Paisley
Clntba Chemical Co. Kelvindoek,
Clyde Chemical Co. 87 Hamilton
street, Govan
Clydesdale Chemical Co., Ltd.,
Burnbank Chemical Works,
Cockburn & Co. Ltd. 130 to 140
Howard st
Cowan, Watson & Co., 66 Com-
mercial road
Crosfield, Jas., & Sons, Ltd., agents
A. M. Wardrope & Co., 13 Bath
Cross, Alex., & Sons, Ltd., 19
Hope street
Dixon, Wm. Ltd. 1 Dixon st
Dun, R. T. 5 Oswald st.
Dunn's, J. W., 66 Commercial rd
Eadie, Archibald, & Co., Ltd.
Tradeston Paint, Oil, and Grease
Works, 54 Cook street
Easton & Co., Clydesdale Pickle
and Sauce Works, 24 and 26
Cljde place
Foster, J., & Son, 320 Nuneaton
street, Bridgeton
Frazer & Green, Ltd. 127
Buchanan street
Furnace Gases Co. Ltd. (The),
14 St. Vincent place
Garroway, R. & J., 58 Buchanan
Gartly, John B. & Co.; offioe, 13
Dixon st.; works, Oarmichael st.
Gas (The) Residual Products Co.,
Ltd. 166 Buchanan street
Gibson. Wm. & Co. cork manufac-
turers and importers, 57 College
Glasgow Apothecaries Co. Ltd., 32
Virginia st
Glengarnock Chemical Co. Ltd.,
Glengarnock, R.S.O., Ayrshire
Hampshire, F. W., & Co. (Derby),
5 Dorset st
Hannah, Samuel, & Co. 189
Rutherglen road
Hatrick, W. & R. & Co. 158
Renfield street
Hay, Steven, & Co., Kelvindoek
Chemical Works, Maryhill
Hav, Wm. & Co. 53 Caodleriggs
Hird, Hastie, & Co. 73 Park st.
Kinning Park
Hogg, Charles, & Co., 44 W. George
Holliday, Read & Sons, Ltd., 142
West Nile st
Hope, Alex. jun. & Co., Ltd., 1005
Garngad road
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co., 115
Wellington st
Jarvie, Wm. Eclipse Chemical
Works, Coatbridge; special pure
hydrochloric, sulphuric, nitric,
and hydrofluoric acids for
analysis, &c. , &c.
Johnsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing trade- marks, and obtaining
patents for inventions, 37 W.
Nile street (St. Vincent street
corner) ; handbook gratis
Jones, Ellis & Co. Stockport ;
agents, A. W. Wardrop & Co.
13 Bath street
Katz, Robert, & Co. London,
white and brown sugar of lead,
acetic acid, &c. ; agents, Thos.
Lawrie & Stewart, 166 Buch-
anan street
Kennedy & Reid, 18 to 26 Helen-
vale St., Parkhead
Kennedy, Wm., 1 Paul st
Kerr, John, 268 Mathieson st, s.s.
Laidlaw, M'Kill & Co. Ltd. 53
Bothwell st
Lauder, R., & Co., 79 W. Regent
Lawes Manure Co. Ltd. (manures
and sheep dips), 118 Queen st
The London Essence Co., London;
head (ffice and laboratories,
George st., Camberwell ; repre-
sentative, J. J. Buckley, 11
Coplaw st
M'Farlane A. A. 14 Derby cres.,
MacGregor, P. D., 33 Norfolk court
Mackay, John, & Co., Ltd., Ver-
mont St., s.s.
MacLachlan, G. & J. Ltd , Castle
brewery, MaryhUl ; office, 57 W.
Regent street
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. (machin-
ery), every description chemists'
bottles, capsules, foils, corks
stoppers, straw envelopes, &c.
222 St. Vincent st
M'Lellan, D. G. & Sons, 174 Glen-
park street
Manchester (The) Chemical Cc,
175 to 181 George st
Meadowcroft, W. & Son, Ltd. 50
Robertson st
Miller, George, & Co., 188 St.
Vincent st
Miller, Robert, & Co., 50 Victoria
Naismith, W. P. & Co. 145
Crownpoint road
"Oro" (The) Chemical Co., 12
York street
Paterson's Chemical and Drug Co.,
Panmure street, Firhill
Pater son, John, & Co., 492 Argyle
st., Anderston
Pattison, J. & Co. 53 Bothwell
Perry & Hope, Ltd., Nitshill
Phillips & Co., steiiline chlorinal
bleach, &c, 38 Montrose street
Poynter, John, Son, & Macdonalds,
72 Gt. Clyde street
Riley, John, & Sons, Hapton,
Lanes.; agents, A. W. Wardrop
& Co., 13 Bath street
Robinson & Hunter, 401 West st.
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co.,
oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen com-
pressed, coal gas, carbonic acid,
nitrous oxide, anhydrous am-
monia and sulphurous acid,
liquid chlorine, Glauber's
salt, &c. (see Oxygen Mfrs.),
Rosehill Works, 493 Aikenhead
road, Polmadie
Scottish Antiseptic (The) Co.,
Porter street, Camlacbie
Scott's Amoroma, 8 Buchanan st.
Shand Bros., Renfrew Chambers,
20 Retifrew street
Smith's, Richard, Executors, Ltd.,
182 West st., s.s.
Smiih, T. & H., Ltd., 37 Washing-
ton street
Sparks, Wi ite & Co., Ltd., 49
Jamaica St.; London address, 62
St. John st., London, E.C.
Stevenson & Howell, Ltd., 128
Hope st
Stirling, John, & Co., 148 St.
Vincent lane
Summerlee (The) Iron Co., Ltd.,
172 West George street
Taylor, James, 132 Trongate
Taylor, W. E., & Co., 58 Cadogan
The Top Not Co., 9 Little street,
The Walgray Manufacturing Co.,
59 Cambridge street
The Walley Chemical Co., special-
ists for tartacitric liquid acid,
also cream powders (tarta-
cream) for bakers, 4 York st. ;
works, Eccleshill, Bradford
Thomson, Skinner & Hamilton, 38
Sauchiehall st
Thomson, Smith & Co, 197 Stob-
cross street

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