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Highland (The) Slate Co.,
5 Oswald street; cement t tores,
73-77 Clyde st, Anderston
Hilton, Andersons, London Port-
land cement ; agents, Scott
6 Rae, 91 Bothwell street
Johnstons Ltd., Portland cement,
lime, plaster, crushed granite,
slates, &c. ; telephones — Nat.
1498 and 1499 Argyle, P.O.
2820 ; 74 York street ; ware-
house, York lane, 28 York st
Johnston, J. O, & Co., Ltd.
(Portland), London and Gates-
head, 125 Buchanan st ; stores,
5 Tunnel St., Finnieston; Hugh
Morton, agent
Kirkwood, Allan, Arden Lime Wks,
Nitshill, near Glasgow ; store,
101 Pollokshaws rd., Glasgow;
office, 67 Great Clyde st.; tele-
phone Nos. P.O 2455, Nat.
3458; telegrams, "Kirkwood,"
Macara & Co , 1001 Sauchiehall st
M'Ara, Alex., Arden, hydraulic
lime, Cobsha plaster, lime
selenitic and Rraian cement,
Portland cement guaranteed to
Briiish standard specification
tests, plaster of Paris, Keen's
and parian cement, mastic vulcan
cement, &c. Works, Barrhead
and Glasgow ; office, 65 Morri-
son st. s.s.
M'Ara, J. A. & Co., 17 Oswald st
MacBrayne, D. R., 95 Bishop st,
M'Creatb, Taylor & Co., 170 Hope
M' Donald, Jas., & Son, 41 Mollins-
burn street
M'Ewen, Alex. & Son, 31 Bridge
st. Partick
Macintyre, Tho3. & Co. marine
cements. 300-316 Dobbie's loan
Mackay, Robert L., 147 W. Regent
Mactaggart, J. A. & Co. concrete
step makers, fireproof floors ;
works, 481 Pinkston road ;
office, 65 Bath st
Magheramorne Irish Lime and
Cement Stores, 82 to 92
Clarence street, s.s.
Martin, Barrowman & Co. 53
Waterloo st
Martin, Earle & Co., Ld., London;
sole agent for Scotland, C. F.
Dimmack, 75 Buchanan st
Miller, Brown & Co. 29 Washing-
ton street
Mitchell, David C, & Co., 118
Queen street
Mitohell & Clarke, 67 Hope st
Moenich, Oscar, & Co.,
London ; representative, A.
M'Dougall, Davaar, North
avenue, Yoker
Morison, John & Son (successors
Johnstons Ltd.), 74 York st. ;
warehouse, York lane, 28 York
Morton, Hugh, agent for J. C.
Johnson & Co., Ltd. (Portland),
London and Gateshead ; store?,
5 Tunnel street, Finnieston
Murray, M'Vincie & Co. Ld., elastic
cement for boilers, Mavisbank
quay, s.s. — See Advt.
Murray & Stewart, Portland cement,
Scotch, English and Irish lime,
Arden lime, plaster of Paris,
plaster hair, 3tucco ; office 98
Commerce st.; stores, 35 Paisley
rd. ; tel. Nos. Nat. 1791 South
Side; P.O. X98
Neilson & Co. 116 Bishop street,
Ollendorff & Clarkson, Ltd.,
163 Hope street
Paton, John D., 5 Green street,
Peters Bros. & Trechmann, Weekes
6 Co.'s, Ltd., Goliath brand, best
quality, London Portland
cement ; sole agents, Currie
& Co. Lid., 18 Bothwell st
Rankine, Jas., & Co., 19 & 21
Commerce s-treet
Reid, A. W. & Co., 12 Waterloo
Reid, M'Farlane & Co. Ltd. 58 and
60 Hydepaik street
Reliance Commercial Co. Ltd. 39
Cadogan st
Robson'3 Cement Co., Ltd. (of
Hull), 116 St. Vincent st
Ross, Walter C, 53 Waterloo st. ;
Nat. telephone 1530 Argyle;
P.O. 5193; stores, 68 Hydepark
Ross & Wilson, Caledonian cham-
bers, 87 Union street; stores, 63
Brown street; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 3275 Royal, P.O. 4182
Rough, Walter G., & Co., 24
George square
Scott & Co., 39 Centre st., s.s.
Scott & Rae, stores, 348 West st.
(West st. station) and Eglin-
ton toll; office, 91 Bothwell
st. Tel. Nos. Nat. 1380 Argyle,
P.O. 1380
Smefd, Dean & Co., Ltd., " S.D."
brand best London Portland
cement, sole agents, W. Graham-
Yooll & Co., 47 Oswald st,, and
at Edinburgh and Leith
Steven, Charles, & Co. (late with
Scott & Rae), 34 St. Enoch eq.;
yard and store, 616 Eglinton st
Stevenson, Robt. & Sons, 25 Risk
st. Calton.
Stevenson, W. & Co. 28 Robertson
The Sussex Portland Cement Co.,
Ltd., 170 Hope st
Turean, Wm. H., sole rep. in
Scotland for "Alsen's" Portland
Cement Works; head offices, 52
St. Enoch square, Glasgow ;
branch, Mary Ann lane, Dun-
dee ; ho. Strathcairo, Bridge of
Union Cement Co., Ltd., New-
cattle-on-Tyne; H. Rankin, re-
presentative, 19 Commerce st
Wailes, Dove & Co., 1996,
Ltd., patent "Bitumastic"
cements,etc, 23 Royal Exchange
Walker, George, Sons & Co., 45
Renfield st.
Walker, James, 11 Bishop
court, Bishop street, Anderston,
manufacturer of all classes of
non-conducting cements for
covering of land and marine
boilers and pipes; telephone No.
914 Argyle
White, John, Bazley & Bros.
Dixon house, 72 Fenchureh st.,
London, E.C.; agents, Johnstons
Ltd., 74 York st.; warehouse,
York lane, 28 York st
Wylie, Matthew, machinery for
making cement blocks, bricks,
sills and lintel?, also concrete
mixers, 55 Robertson street
Yooll, W., Graham & Co., Port-
land cement, plaster, lime, Ar-
broath steps, crushed granite,
fire-clay goods, 47 Oswald st;
stores, 71 Canal st, Port-Eglin-
ton, and at Edinburgh and Leith
Lynn, R. Rankine, 144 St
Vincent street
Cathcart Cemetery Co. Ltd. 69 St.
Vincent st
Craigton Cemetery Co. Ltd. Paisley
rd.; company's offices, 24 George
sq.; A. M. Gourlay, manager
Riddrie (The) Park Cemetery Co.,
Ltd., 121 West Regent street;
Cemetery, Riddrie park, Cum-
bernauld rd and Provanmill rd
Sandymount Cemetery Co. Ltd.
69 St. Vincent st
Western Cemetery Co. Ltd. Western
Necropolis, Maryhill; office, 147
Bath st; W. G. and J. W.
Lindsay, secretaries
Those marked a are anchor makers
Angus, J. & Co. 64 West Howard
Armour, Robert, & Sons, 308
Stobcross st
Bagshawe & Co., Ltd., 2 York st
Barclay & Mathieson. 159 Centre

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