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Dewrance & Co. (London), 79 W.
Regent st ; P.O. and Nat.
Hughes, John & Joseph,
Birmingham, Capstan brands
of phosphor tin, copper & bronze;
agents, Barclay, Mackay & Co.,
13 Dixon street
Mackinlay, B. W. & Son, Kinning
Park Smelting Works, 121 Gt.
Wellington st
Maclean Bros., bronze powders in
stock of all kinds, 42 York st
M'Nab, Robert, manufacturers'
agent and importer of bronze
powders in all colours, 202 Hope
Phail, Wm. (castings), 8 Wemyos
Sheriff, Charles G., 357 St.
Vincent st
Steven & Struthers, Eistvale place,
Stoer Bros. & Coles, Ltd. (powder),
23 Mitchell st.; factory, Nurn-
berg, Germany
Stone's Propeller Bronze; C. R.
Stewart, sole agt. 46 Gordon st
Storey, Isaac & Sans, Ltd.
(Manchester); agent, Philip
Chisholm, 50 Wellingtoa st
The Manganese Bronze &
Brass Co., Ltd.; agents, Cbas.
Henderson & Co., 73 Robertson
Weidner, J. L. & P., NurnVrg;
manager for Scotland, Wm.
Shannon, bronze powders and
metal leaf, 50 Wellington st
Arrol, John, 51 Brown street
B ichan, Alex. B , 97 W. Campbell
Clark, A. W., & Co., 8, 8-J
Douglas street
Darge, R. T., 102, 116 Oxford st
Elkington, & Co., Ltd. (late Tbos.
Smith & Son), 98 Commerce st.
(late Qneen street).
Hutcheson, James (polishing and
lacquering), 211 W. Campbell st
Jardine, Tbomas, 120 Cowcaddens
Johnston, Park & Co., 15 Oswald
Paterson, M. T., 52 Nelson street
Tennant, R., & Co., Ltd., 419J
Argyle st
Sundt, Leif, 34 Robertson street
Acme rope and twine warehouse
(stable brushes), 9 Howard st.
and 25 Adam's court lace
Aim, W. L. & Co. 57 and 59 Corn-
wall st., Kinning pirk
Anderson, G., 205 Albert road,
Arrol, B. & M., 15, 16 Argyle
Barker & Rennie, 22 King St., city
Birnett, W., 35 Dundas st
Black, Alex. 127 Stockwell st
Bow's Emporium, L'd.61 to 7 lHigh
st 2 to 22 Bell st and 2 to 10
Walls st. city
British M. M. Brush Co.,
Brown, Jas. M., & Co., agents, 27
Oswald street
Cameron & Sons, 119 Bain street
Cousland, Alexander, & Son, wire
boiler tube and moulders' brushes,
3 Mitchell street
Cunningham & Turnbull, circular
in fibre, bristle and wire, 19 Pitt
Dempster, Moore, & Co. Ltd. (for
boiler tubes), 49 Robertson st
Dougans, Andrew (wholesale only),
29 Hutcheson st
Dove, John, wholesale and export
household, painting, and mill
brushes, 31, 33 St. Andrew's st.
and 1 St. Andrew's sq
Easson Bros , heather and birch
broom manufacturers, 48 King
st. Mile- end
Empire Brush Manufactur-
ing Co. (wbolesale and export)
painting, household, saddlery,
and fancy brushes, jewellers,
watchmakers, electroplaters, gil-
ders, and electricians, &c, 3L
Argyle street
Falconer & Stewart, 181 Trongate
Ferguson, John, & Sons (wholesale
and export), household, paint-
ing, toilet, saddlery, and fancy
brushes, also machine, foundry
and mill brushes in great variety,
54 York st
Ferguson, J. A. & P., 23 Douglas
Fraser, John, & Sons, Lmtd. brush
drafts, 247 Govan st. s.s.
Gavin & Buchan, 73 Hutcheson
Gentles & Morison, Ltd. (dealers
in), 336 Sauchiehall st
George & Scrivener, 182 Trongate
Glen, John, 159 Ingram street
Green, N. & Co., 32 Stockwell st
Hepburn & Marshall, 54, 56, 58
St George's road
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co., Limited, 20
Buchanan street
King, Wm., 44 Dundas st, city
Kleiter & Marshall (manfrs. agents
and importers), 66 George sq
Leng, E H, & Sons, Birmingham;
agent, Robt. Browning, 27
Oswald st
Lindsiy& Campbell, 166 Buchanan
Lorimer & Moyes, Ltd., 191 Argvle
M'Donald, Robert & Son (for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes), 45
Union st. ; works, 10 Falfield st
M'Laren, Wm. & Co. (dealers in),
332 Argyle street
M"Nab, Robert, manufacturers'
agent andimporter,202 Hope st
M'Qua'-rie & Whiteside, 409
Mathieson st
Matthew, D. & Son, London ;
agent, D. Kirk Hyslop, 58 Ren-
field st
Melrose, Wm. & Co. 3 South Port-
land st
Morier, W. Copeland rd. Govan
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. (for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes), 32
Portman st. Kinning Park
Murchie, Jas., 39 Mains st
Murray, M'Vinnie& Co., Ltd. (for
boiler tubes), Mavisbank quay.
— See Advt.
Panton, George, & Son, Ltd. watch
and clock, 24 Miller st
Rattray, Chas. & Co., wholesale
dealers in brushes, 14-16 Candle-
Riddell, W., & Co., 636 Spring-
field road
Rigby, Battcock Ltd., London
(painting, household and toilet
brushes), agent, R. L. Macfarlane,
191 St. Vincent st
Rowat, Alex. & Co. (for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes), 18
Watson st, late 25 Oandleriggs.
— See Ad. in App
Royal Glasgow Asylum for the
Blind, 100 Castle street
Russell, James, 77 Montrose st
Sans & Co., St. Omer, France ;
agents, J. M. Brown & Co., 27
Oswald st
Small & Hurry, 9 Carlton place
Stewart Bi'os., 12 Stockwell st
Stewart, Brown, & Co., 8 Bruns-
wick lane
Stewart, Daniel (wire brushes,
birch and heather brooms), b
Canning st., Calton
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. (dealers), 28, 30, 32 Os-
wald st
Taylor, And. (paint and steel wire),
47 Oswald st
Taylor & Miller, for boiler tubes
and foundry purposes, 57-61
Oswald st
The Galway Brush Manufacturing
Co. (agents, Dawson & Co.), 66
West Regent street
Thomson, R. B. & Co., 38
Stockwell street ; teles., Nat.
508; P.O. 4037; telegrams,
" Pistdns."

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