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Forrest & Son, 11 to 25 Bishop
street, Anderson cross
Hamilton, Archd., manufacturers
for drapers, jewellers, &c, 68-72
Glassford st
Harris & Sheldon, Ltd., 71 Queen
Hutcheon, James, 211 West Camp-
bell st
Johnston, Park & Co. 15 Oswald
Allan & Ferguson, 126 Renfield
Boardman, Jas. 55 Charlotte lane
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Reufield
si reet
Fleming, David, 39 Renfield st
Hamilton, Archibald, shop front
builder, 68-72 Glassford street
Metallic (The) Art Co., Ltd.,
53 Waterloo street
Sign Supply Co., 112 W. Nile st
Baird, Archd. & Son, Ltd., manu-
facturers, Peacock cross, Hamil-
Barton, James, & Co., 62 Main st,
Crawford, John R. 43 Robertson st
Dewar, A. B ., 145 Queen st
Gartly, John B. & Co. ; office, 13
Dixon St.; works, Carmichael st.
Macbean, Edward, & Co., Ltd.
123 Howard street
MacLellan, P. & W. (Ltd.), 129
''Maxhed" Brat'ice Co., 123
Howard st
Murchie, Jas., 39 Mains street
Neilson & Cleland, 116 to 126
Main st. Coatbridge
Nimmo & Co. 13 Pitt at
Somerville & Morrison, Clyde
Factory, Eastfield, Rutherglen
Stewart, A. M'P. & Co., 48 Oswald
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28, 30, 32 Oswald street
Aitchison, John, & Co., Ltd.,
Edinburgh; office, 152 West
George street
Aitken, Jas., & Co. (Falkirk), Ltd.,
211 Hope st
Allsopp, Samuel, & Sons, Ltd.,
89 Bath street
Arrol, Archd. & Sons, Ltd. Alloa
Brewery, Alloa ; office, 16 Dixon
Baird, Hugh, & Co. Great Canal
Brewery, Possil road
Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton (Lim-
ited), Burton-on-Trent ; offices,
13 Royal Exchange square
Bernard, Thomas & James, Ltd ,
88 Bath tt
Blair & Co. (Alloa), Ltd. ; agents,
Sykes & Co., 68 Bath st
Campbell, Arch., Hope, & King,
Ltd. (Argyle Brewery, Edin),
65 Bath street
Campbell, royal oatmeal stout
brewer, Edinburgh ; agent, R.
H. Arnott, 79 West Regent st
Charrington & Co., Ltd., Burton-
on-Trent ; offices, 23 Clyde st,
Port- Dun das
Cooper & M'Leod, 79 W. Regent
Dawson, M. D., 90 Mitchell st
Dawson, William, Anderston Brew-
ery, 60-66 Bishop st, Anderston
Deuchar, Robt, Ld., 118 Queen st
Drjbrough & Co. Ltd. 98 Bath st
Dunn, Joseph, brewer of bitter beer
(non-intoxicating), Bankier st
Eadie, Robert, & Sons, Black-
ford, Perthshire ; office, 58 W.
Regent street
Edinburgh United Breweries, Ltd.,
46 Pleasanee.Edinburgh; agents,
M. Robin &Son,196, 204 Howard
Fischer, Richard, Danzig, spruce
beer; Robertson & Baxter, Ltd.
agents, 106 West Nile st
Fowler, John, & Co. Ltd. Pres-
tonpans ; agents, C. Morrison &
Sons, 139a St. Vincent st
Fowler, John, & Co., Ltd.,
Prestonpans ; agents, Smith
Bros. 16 1 St. ViDcent st.
Fulton, John, & Co. Pleasance
Brewery, Edinburgh ; agents,
Lang Bros. Ltd. 10 20 Oswald st
Gamle Carl.sberg Lager Beer Im-
port Co , Leitb; Jas. M'Gibbon,
agent, 9 Kelvingrove st
Gamle Carlsberg Lager Beer Im-
port Co., Leith; agents, S. R.
Bejerre & Co., 109 Hope st
Gibson, Wm. & Co. cork manufae'rs
and importers, 57 College st
Gillespie, Sons, & Co. Ltd. 58
Slatefield street
Gledhill & Dyson (botanical), Mil-
lerfield road
Gordon & Blair, Ltd., 7 Burn
road, Parkhead
Gordon & Blair, Ltd., 167 St.
Vincent street
Gray & Compy., Anchor Brewery
Davidson st
Great Canal Brewery, off Possil rd.
Port-Dundas, H. Baird & Co.
Greenhead Brewery, 80 Canning st
Guinness, Arthur, Son, & Co. Ltd.
St James's Gate Brewery, Dublin;
Scottish branch, 23 Royal Ex-
change sq; stores, 70 Hydepark
Haake, C. H., Ltd., Bremen, Ger-
many ; agents, Bischoff & Co.,
Ltd., 112 Bath st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.
(see name alphabetical section),
artesian well engineers, General
Terminus, Paisley Road Toll
Hill, Thos. & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66- 68 Robertson st
Hoare & Co. Ld. Red Lion Brewery,
London ; agents, Arch. Campbell,
Hope & King, Ltd. 65 Bath st
Ind, Coope, & Co., Ld., 118 Queen
Jacobs' Pilsener Lager Beer ;
agents, J. E. Thomson & Co ,
Ltd., 110 Wellington st
Jeffrey, John, & Co. Edinburgh ;
agents, M. Risk & Sons, Ld.,
58 Dundas street
Jeffrey, John, & Co. Edinburgh ;
agents, Macleay, Duff & Co. 41
Renfrew street
Jeffrey, John & Co., 205 West
George st
Knox, Robert, Cambus ; John H.
Dennistoun manager, 207 West
George st
Lorimer & Clark, Edinburgh ; agt.
Hugh Macrae, 143 West Regent
M'Ewan, William, & Co. (Ltd.),
121 Bath st
M'Glashan, John, & Co. bottling,
corking, automatic beer raising,
and soda water machinery, Albany
Mackay, Geo. & Co., Pale Ale
brewers, St. Leonard's Brewery,
Edinburgh ; agents, James
Murray & Sons, Ltd. 34 Great
Clyde st
Maclachlan, G. & J., Ltd., Castle
Brewery, Maryhill; town office,
57 W. Regent st
Maclachlan, G. & J.. Ltd., Castle
Brewery, Duddingston, Edin-
burgh ; office, 57 West Regent
stteet, Glasgow
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. (straw
envelopes, capsules, foils, corks,
bottles, machinery every descrip-
tion, stoppers, &c, every
requisite for bottlers, bottles,
capsuling machines, &c.) 222 St.
Vincent st
Meux's Brewery Co. Ltd., Horse
Shoe Brewery, London; agents,
M. Robin & Son, 196-204
Howard street
Morison, J. & J. Commercial
Brewery, Edinburgh ; agents,
Stewart, Pott & Co. 45 Miller st

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