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Glasgow Casting Supply Co , 250
Abercromby street, Calton
Glerdiniiing. JohD, & Sons (whole-
sale merchants), 90 West Camp-
bell st
Glover, John, & Sons, 14, 16 Mus-
lin street
Goudie & Whittet, 62 Howard st
Gowanbank Foundry Co. Oakbank
Gray, Mat. & Co. 114 Trongate
Hafter, A. maker of oil and grease
lubricators, 462 Dobbie's loan
and at London
H*ll, Sam., & Sons, Ltd., 24
Queen street
Hardie & Gordon, Dalreoch station,
Harvie, D. & Co., 6 Eglinton lane
Henderson, David & Wm. & Co.,
Ltd. 190 Elliot street
Hendry, Jas & Co. 9 Shuttle st
Hill, Thos. & Co. (auctioneers and
valuators), 66, 68 Robertson st
Holland House Electric Co. Ltd.
9 Holland pi. ; showrooms, 121a
St. Vincent st
Horn, Jas., 104- 10S North st
Hoskins & Sewell, Ltd. (John
M'Candless, representative),
naval and general brassfounders,
19 Waterloo ttreet
Hume, Wm., & Co. Clyde Works,
Port -Glasgow
Hurst, Nelson & Co., Ltd.,
reg. office and chief works, The
Glasgow Rolling Stock and Plant
Works, Motherwell ; Glasgow
office, 40 West Nile st; Man-
chester office, Northern Assur-
ance buildings, Albert square;
London office, 14 Leadenhall
St., E.C. ; branch works, Chats-
worth Wagon Works, near
Chesterfield ; and Bridgend
Wagon Works, Bridgend, Gla-
Hutcheson, James, 211 W. Camp-
bell st
Ingall, Parsons, Clive & Co. Ltd.,
11 Maxwell st
Jack, Thomas, & Co. Ltd. 112
and 114 Dundas st, s s.
Jamieson, Crawford (pattern maker)
377 Dalmarnock id
Johnsons, Messrs. office for obtain-
ing patents for inventions, 37
West Nile st. (St. Vincent street
corner) ; hand book gratis
Johnston, Park, & Co. 15 Oswald
Law, J. & A., 170 Keppochhill rd
Liggot, Alex., & Co., Ltd., Cale-
donian Brass Works, Barrhead
Lindsay, Donaldson & Co., 20
West Scotland st
Livingston, A., & Co., 28 Hydepark
Low, Arch. 78 Merkland st. Partick
M'Donald, Peter, & Co. (to the
wine and spirit trades), 4 Carl-
ton place
M'Geoch, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 28
West Campbell street
M'Glashan, John, & Co., Albany
M'Phail, Wm. 8 Wemyss pi
M'Robie, John, & Sons, 62 Elliot
Metallic (The) Art Co., Ltd.,
name plates of every description,
53 Waterloo st
Millar, Dennis, & Co., Bradford;
agents, Wood & Clark, 34
Robertson street
Miller, John, & Co., 86 Dale
street. s.s
Milne, Jas. & Son, Ltd. Ill St.
Vincent street
Mitchell, Jas 144 Oxford st.
Moorhoose, Sidney & Co., Ltd.,
Staleybridge ; representatives,
Jas. M. Cowan & Co., 74 Yo.k st
Morton, Francis, & Co., specialities,
light and cored castings, 36
Weaver street
Mnrchie, Jas. 39 Mains street
Murray & Paterson, Ltd.,
Coatbank Engine Works, Coat-
Newman, Hender & Co. Ltd.,
brassfounders and finishers,
Woodcbester; Forbes&M'Barnet,
29 Waterloo st
Paterson, M. T. 52 Nelson st. s.s.
Pegler Bros. & Co., 54-56
Brown st , Anderston ; works,
Belmont Works, Doncaster
Pemberton, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd.,
75 Robertson street
Philips, John, & Co. 17 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark street
Pott, Cassels & Williamson, works
Pyle, Jas. & Co. 38 Elliot street
Reid, J. Miller, & Son, 110
Lancefield street
Richards, T. R., agent, 41 Ann st,
Richmond, David, & Co. Ltd. City
Tube works and brass foundry,
35 Rose st. Hutchesontown
Robertson, Duncan, & Co., 185
Rutherglen road
Ross, William, & Sons (engineers
and general), 27 Thistle st. s.s.
Sehaffer & Budenberg, Ltd. 6
Wellington street
Scott, John, 50 Charles st, St.
Shearer, John, 131 Surrey st
Showeil, E. & Sons, Ltd. 17
Cadogan street
Sinclair, Jas., 18 Muse lane, Cow-
Smillie & Robertson, 71 Lance-
field st
Smith, A. & R. 58 Anderston quay
Smith, Brothers & Co. (Hyson),
Ltd., Nottingham, every descrip-
tion of steam fittings; agent,
Wm. L. M'Clanachan, 74 York
Spence, John, & Sons, Bellsdyke
Works, Airdrie
Steven & Struthers, Eastvale pL
Stewart, Allan, 8 Earl's Court
avenue, Newlands
Stewart, A. M'P., & Co. (safety
boiler gauge glass), 48 Oswald
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow),
Ltd. 28, 30, and 32 Oswald st
Storey, Isaac, & Sons, Ltd.;
agents, Philip & Chisholm, 60
Wellington street
Taylor, James, 96 London st
Tradeston Tube Co., 62 to 72
Wallace street, s.s.
Tudhope Bros. 87 Maxwell st
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. Ltd. St.
Mungo Works, Bishopbriggs
Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch sq
and branches
Watson, Archd. & Co. 36 George st
Watson, Laidlaw & Co. Ltd., 98
Dundas street, s.s.
Wilson & Dalzie], 100 Clarence
St., s.s.
Wilson, Jas. & Sons, Coatbridge
Works, Coatbridge
Wilson, John C. & Co. Ltd. 99
Portugal st
Wilson, John, & Sod, Ltd., 43
Oxford street
Winthrope, Wm. 106-108 Elm-
bank st
Woodward & Co., 147 and 149
Reufield street
Young & Co., 31-33-35 Stanley
st., Kinning park
Young, J. & W, (sole partner,
John R. Broadfoot), 30 Galbraitb.
street, Siobctoss
Yuille, Wm. C, & Co., 60 Brown st
SchafTer & Budenberg, Ltd., 5
Wellington street
Stewart, C. & A., 36 Falfield st
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Renfield
Clark, A. W., & Co., 8 and 8^
Douglas street
Gardner, A., & Son, 36 Jamaica
Hutcbeson, James, 199 Bath st
JohLston, Park, & Co. 15 Oswald st

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