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Ltd., Norwich (nurseries special-
ists) ; Hartley & Barnes, London
(Liuis heel and dress slipper
specialists) ; show rooms, 19
Waterloo st
Scott & Co., 248 Battlefield rd
Scott, S. F. 343 Victoria road
Scott, W. 9 Rnglan st
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, Ltd. 95 Morrison st
Sears, John, 146 Trongate
Shearer, Miss, 255 Maxwell road
Shields, Thos. 499 New Keppoch-
hill rd
Sidwell, Winning & Co., 4L-47
Surrey st
Simpson, C. K. 517 Duke st
Sinclair, James, 150 Buchanan st
Sinclair, Margaret, 13, 14 Argyle
Sloan & Co., 45 Bridge street
Sloan, Win. 20 Chalmers street
Smith, D. & J. (wholesale), 17&
Smith, R >bt, 65 Jamaica street
Somerville, P. & Son, 268 Argyle st
Souttar, G. D., 16 Clarernont st
Span, J., 94 Cowcaddens st
Span, M., 16 Sahmarket
Sproat Bros., 185-187 Eglinton
Stead & Simpson, Ltd., 203 Cow-
caddens street
Steen, Jas., 31 Gordon st
Stenhouse, George, 795 N. City rd
Stevenson, J., 402 Springburn rd
Strauss, J. &. Co., 7 So. Welling-
ton place
Sutherland, John, 148 Houston
Sweet, Thos. 302 Cathcart road
Taylor, John, 427 Gallowgate
The M»ybole Wholesale Leather
Stores, 156 Alexandra parade
The West of Scotland Boot Depot,
169 Argyle street
Thomas, Jas. & Sons, 39 Gallowgate
Thomson, Alex., & Co., 478 Argyle
Thomson, G. N. 266 Allison st
Thomson, Robt., 176 Cambridge
Thomson, Wm., 8 Jamieson st
Timmins, Thos., 136 Castle st
Todd, Wm., 307 London rd
Vernal, Wm., & Son, 629 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Walk Over Shoe Co., 137 and 139
Buchanan street
Walls, John T., 238 Dumbarton
Walls, Randolph, 89 Gallowgate
Wares, Geo. M., 43 Morrison st.,
Govan, and 441 Dumbarton rd.,
Waterson, Marion, 171 George st
Watson, Allan, 264 Woodlands rd
Watson, Arcbd., 171 Kent road
White, Jas., 315 Byres road
Wilson, D. & Co., 125 New City
Wilson's Storps, 45 M-iitland st.
Wolffe, M., 35 Abercorn st
Wood, Arcbd. & Son, 439 Parlia-
mentary road
Wright, H. 331 Spriogbura rd
Wrigbt, Jas., 19 Shamrock st. W.
Yates, W. J , 20 Great Western rd
Youl, Alex. & Sons (factors), 87
Gallowga'e st
Young, H. D. & Sons, Ltd. factors,
47, 49 Main st. s.a
Campbell, J., jun., & Co., 17
Brunswick street
Dove, John, travellers' cases and
wickerwork, 31-33 St. Andrew's
st. and 1 St. Andrew's square
Deans, J. K. & Co. (wholesale),
Leitch's court, 157 Trongate
Glen, John, 159, 161 Ingram st
Greaves, Edward, & Sons, Ltd.,
Sheffield ; agents, A. J. Larke
& Co., 74 Miller st
Henderson, H., & Sons, wholesale
(leather), 48 King st., city
Larke, A. J. & Co (wholesale), 74
Miller st
M'Bride, Thos. & Logie (whole-
sale manufacturers), 12 to 20
Ingram st
M'Kean, John D. & Coy., 31
Thistls st. s.s.
Maitland. Geo. 26 Oswald st
Mason, Robert, 92 Cowcaddens st
Paterson, A. & W. (wholesale), 86
to 90 Glassford street
Pa'on, Wm., Ltd., 24 Queen st
Phillips & Crawford (wholesale,
every description), 48 Albion st
Rattray, Cbas. & Co. (wholesale),
14-16 Candleriggs
The North British Boot- Lace Co.,
Ltd., 53 Bothwell street
Bryce & Rumpff, 2i'6 W. George st
Garroway, R. & J. 58 Buchanan st
Shand Bros., agents for Borax
Consolidated, Ltd., Renfiew
Chambers, 20 Renfrew st
Taylor, Wm., & Son, 12-14 Carrick
Townsend, Joseph, Ltd. 19 Craw-
ford st. Pori-Dundas
Aitken, Wm. (boring contractor),
64 Church st. Coatbridge
Artesian Well Water Supply Co.
borers for minerals or water
(Alex. Munro & Co ) (see name
alphabetical section), Mercantile
Chambers, 53 Bothwell st
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd.
(see name alphabetical section),
General Terminus, Paisley rd toll
Main, James, & Son, Bonny-
bridge, N.B.
Thomson Brothers (Dunfermline),
Ltd., 121 W. Regent st
Wilson, Thos., & Sons, 34 St.
Andrew square, Edinburgh. — »
See alphabetical section
Gauldie, Gillespie & Co. Broom-
hall Engine Works, 1 5 Broom-
hall street, Kinniug park
Henderson, John, & Son, Limited
(see name alphabetical section")
Gen Terminus, Paisley rd. ..oil
Brown & Co. 73-85 MAlpine st
M 'Donald, Peter & Co. (all kinds
of bottles in stock), 4 Carlton pi.
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (straw
envelopes, capsules and foils,
corks, bottles, machinery, every
de3cription,sioppered, &c ; every
requisite for bottlers), 22 2 St.
Vincent street.
Morris, Strachan & Co., 327 Scot-
land street
Thompson Bros. & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd , 29-39 Surrey st., s.s.
Allan & Bogle, 246, 248 Aber-
cromby st
Bischoff& Co., Ltd., 112 Bath st.
Gatherar & Co. 79 Robertson st.
King, J. M., 70 North Wallace st
M'Donald, Peter, & Co. (straw and
corrugated), also dealers in wax
capsules, corks, &c. 4 Carlton pi.
M'Glashan, John, & Co. Albany
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co.
largest importers and best
makers, also corks, capsules,
bottles, machinery every des-
cription, stoppers, &c), 222 St.
Vincent si reet
Rankin & Tod, 27 Oswald st. city
Richter & Kuttner, 95 Bath st
Thompson, Robt B., & Coy., 54
Howard st. ; Telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1415 ; P.O. 2648
Wilson, Guthrie & Co., 335 St.
Vincent street
Act, Ges. Der Gerresneimer lilas-
hiittenwerke, Gerresheim, near
Diisseldorf on the Rhine ; agents,
C. Scbneider& Co. 13 Bath st
Allan, A. M., & Co., Panmure st
Alloa Glass Work Co., represent.
R. A. Cessfoid, 93 Hope street
Arbuckle, Thomas, 166 Oxford st

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