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Pearson, Thos. (manfrs'),- 34 St.
Enoch square
Peddie, Jas. (tea), 6 Oswald st
Peek, Edward, The British Diato-
raite Co , Ltd., Lealt, Skye; 53
Waterloo st
Pepper, Robert M'Kirdy & Co.,
45 Virg'nia street
Percival, A. F. (confectioner), 4
Mount Stuart st., Shawlands
Picken, James, 637 Alexandra par.
Pirie, Alex., 50 Wellington street
Porter, Alex., 49 Virginia street
Porteous, David K , 11 Bothwell
Porteous, Wm. (manfrs'), 11 Dun-
lop st
Price, Frank G.,& Co., 53 Waterloo
Kadjes, Louis A (manufactuers'),
3 Miller st
Rae, Ralph (manfrs'.), 145 Queen st
Rankin, Wm. (mantis.'), 33 Vir-
ginia st
Reichenheim, S., & Son (manfrs.),
101 Sr. Vincent st
Reid, A. J. C. (manfrs.), 77 Queen
Reiobert, Chas. (clock), 34 South
Portland st]
Renison, d'Esterre (manfrs.), 38
Montrose st
Rennie, John, 76 Virginia street
Renwick, Arthur, 93 Hope st
Riach, C, 5 West Regent street
Riddel, John H. (machinery), 40 St.
Enoch square
Ritchie, Alex, (forwarding), 8 Croy
Robertson, Ale*., & Co., 101 St.
Vincent st
Robertson, J. Leslie (boots), 24
Queen st
Robertson, Stephen & Son (East
India), 105 John St., city
Ronald, B. A. & Co. (engineering)
15 York st
Ross, Alex. 87 Union street
Rudd, J. A., & Co., for Richardson,
Westgarth & Co.'s marine spec-
ialties ; Browett Lindley, high
speed engines ; Bray, Markham
& Reiss, starting switches ;
Sulzer, engines and high lift
pumps; Zylberlast, plant; Bowan,
piston rings ; Strut, switches ;
Tate's stop motion, electric
drills, cables, arc lamps, etc., 68
Gordon street
Russell, Jas. C, 37 Jamaica st
Schnider, C, 39 Hope street
Scobie, John, 60 St. Enoch square
Scott, Harold, 12 Dalhousie st
Scott, Julius V. 109 Hope street
Seligmann, Charles H. & Co. 30
Renfield st
Shedden, John (manufr.), 49 Vir-
ginia st
Shirras, George, 33 Virginia st
Simpson, Jas. L. (manufrs.), 19
Queen st
Sinclair, R. W., 6 Hanover street
Sinclair. Wm. (confectioners), 164
Howard st
Singletoo, Dunn & Co. (Jarrah
paving block), 27 Union street
Skea, Jas. 5 Dixon st
Slater, Chas. (manfrs'), 87 Union st
Slater, D. (to wholesale egg trade)
14 Battlefield gdns., Langside
Smale, Albert, 170 Prospecthill rd.
Blount Florida
Small, John F., 33 Gordon st
Smillie, D., 73 Dunlop st
Smith, C, 75 Buchanan st
Smith, Clatworthy & Duff (mnfrs.')
13 St Vincent place
Smith, John (manfrs ), 1 1 Miller st
Smith, John, 93 Hope st
Smith, John Y. (soft goods), 76
Wilson st
Smith, J. Wylie, 40 Union street
Smith, W. J. 33 Virginia st
Smith, William R. & W. & Co.
(yarn), 6 Hanover st
Snodgrass, Allan T. , 1 15 Howard st
Stephen, Arthur, 293 Duke st
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28 32 Oswald street
Stevenson, John, 55 King st
Stewart, D. M'Gregor, agent for
Jas. Gordon & Co. for Fergoson's
patent steam superheaters, Lon-
don ; the Clay Cross Co., patent
fuel economisers, Chesterfield;
the Paterson Engineering Co.,
Ltd.,condensai ion water purifiers,
grease separators, feed water
heaters and purifiers, &c, Lon-
don ; Sam Deard's patent glaz-
ing, London ; 166 Buchanan st
Stewart, Jas., 52 St. Enoch square
Stewart, J. F. (mnfrs'), 29 Hutche-
son st
Stewart, John, & Co. (ship and
insurance), 82 Gordon st
Stirling, Wm., 11 Bothwell st
Strathearn, John (manfr.), 153
Queen st
Sturgeon, Wm. (manufs'.), 119 Vir-
ginia street
Swan, Finlay & Son (manfrs'.), 52
St. Enoch square
Swan, W. B. (manfrs'), 40 St.
Enoch sq.
Tagart, Beaton & Co. (timber), 13 i
St. Vincent st
Taylor, A, & Co., 207 Ingram st
Taylor, J. Arthur, 8 Dixon st
Taylor, Wm., 5 Drury st
Taylor, W. E., & Co. (pharmaceu-
tical products), 68 Cadogan st
Telfer, John, 87 Union st
Thomson, Archd. F. (manfrs') 12
Miller st
Thomson, Donald, 87 Union street
Thomson, Robt. 20 So. Frederick
Thomson, R. B. & Co. sole agents
for the " Lancaster " steam traps,
pistons, packings, steam dryers,
&c. 38 Stockwell St.; tel. Nat.
508 ; P.O. 4037 ; tel. "Pistons."
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. (for
patents), 96 Buchanan st
Thomson, Wm., 52 St. Enoch sq
Tinto, J. & W., sole agents in.
Scotland for Irwell & Eastern
Rubber Co., Manchester, and
Castleton Steam Packing Co ,
Broodheath, 9 i and 97 Holm st
Trotter, Thos., 49 Virginia street
Tuddenham, Fred. H. 23 Mitchell
Turnbull, Jas. Fyfe, 21 M'Lennan
street, Mount Florida
Turner, Alex. 76 Virginia street
Walker, Andrew, G. N. & N.-E.
Railys., High Street station
Walker, Harry, 85 Queen street
Walker, Jas., 24 St. Enoch square
Wallace, John A. 5 Dixon st
Wallis, J. M (manfrs.), 60 St.
Enoch square
Wardrop, Jas. jun. agent for Saml.
Berger & Co. Bromley -by -Bow,
London, E., 65 W. Regent st
Wassell, O. T., 30 Broompark dr
Watson, And. (manfrs.), 38 Mon-
trose street
Watson, Jas. Y. (manfrs.), 119
Virginia st
Watson, John, 36 Montrose street
Watson, P. W. & Son (manufrs.),
11 Maxwell street
Watson, T. M.ior brushes, ropes,
hardware goods, jewellery,
musical instruments, French and
Vienna pipes, combs, foreign
boots, boot uppers, and boot
manufacturers' supplies, and
many other kinds of general
goods for the wholesale trade,
207 Ingram street
White, J. B. 183 Nithsdale road,
White, J W. (paper), 134 St.
Vincent street
White, T. G.,& Co. (manufrs.), 40
Montrose street
Whitelaw, R. M., 51 Buchanan st
Whyte, Robt. M. (manufacturers'),
76 Virginia street
Wight. George, 85 Queen street
Wilson, Allan (manufacturers'), 12
Waterloo lane
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. for home
and foreign papermakers and
Milner's and Ratner's safes, 335
St. Vincent street
Wilson, Jas. L., 73 Virginia street
Williamson, J. S., 33 Renfield st
Wood, Arch. 469 Duke st
Wright, Wm., & Son (manufrs.'),
57 Miller st
Wylie, Hugh K. (manfrs. 1 ) 66
Virginia st

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