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112 Brown, John Finlay
Bischoff, A., & Co.
Dunville & Co. (Limited)
Paton, John M.
Gunn, Gilbert
Nisbet, John
Cairns, A. A.
Gillespie, George, & Co.
Smith, Peter
110 Macnaughton, Jas. & Rankin
106 Younger, George, & Sons., Ltd.
Connell, Michael Joseph, B A,
104 Campbell's Gas Engine office
1 02 Rutherford, Alex. N.
Sinclair, Wm.
Henderson & Henderson
Clachan, John, I.M.
Nelson, J. & J.
Cherry, William
Duncan, Robert
MacCall & Findlay
Thomas & Bishop
Wilson, Richard, & Co.
Barbour & Malloch
Scot. Christian Social Union
Wright & Douglas
Blair, Andrew
Ross & Vost
Royal Lond. Friendly Socy
Grierson, Robert, writer
Bryden & Gray, writers
Whyte, Wm. L. N.
Marks & Son
Wyllie, D. V. architect
Stirling, R. G. & Cameron
100 Cherry & Co., Ltd.
98 Faulds, W. B., & Gibson
Drybrongh & Co., Ltd.
96 Calder, James, & Co.
94 Ferguson Bequest Fund office
92 Scott & Brownlie
Mackinlay & Stewart
Wilson, John B.
88 Chalmers, William, & Co.
Baird, John, & James Thom-
son, architects
Brownhill, George
Bernard, Thos. & James, Ltd.
88AMacDonald, Alex. & Son
Hope street intersects
86 Glasgow School of Cookery
80 Young Women's Chr. Asso.
76 Anderson, J. & R., painters
74 Walker, Fraser, & Steele
Allanshaw Coal Co.
Primrose, A. Graham, & Todd
Barr, John, & Baillie
Harper, David, writer
Hodge, Simon
M'Beth, D., & Co.
Imperial Publishing Co.
72 Heilbron, David, wine merch.
70 Laird, James, & Son
68 Carruthers, Wm., & Co.
Finlayson, John
Scottish Dental Depot
Menzies, James, wine mer.
68 Graham, John, & Sons
Virtue, H., & Co., Ltd.
Marshall, Charles, measurer
Sykes & Co.
Blair & Co., Ltd.
Kirkwood & Co.
Pearson, W. Douglas
Soutar, Wm., & Sons
Webster, Jas. Gordon, writer
Hodge, W. T. Bell & Co.
66 Smart, A. Wilson & Son
62 Carruthers & Gemmell,writers
68 Honeyman & Drummond
Morton, J. N., M A.
M'Lennan. Alexander, writer
Barton & Bell
Crawford & Eadie
West of Scotland Plate Glass
Insurance Co., Ltd.
Stiell, John S., writer
Callander & Oban Rly. Offices
M' Asian, Wm.
State Studio
Syson & Midgely
Renfield street intersects.
46 Glasgow Corp. Tramway Office
44 Mercantile Bank of Scot., Ltd.
W. C. Rodger, secy.
42 Greenshields, James, & Co.
Glasgow Asphalt Co.
Hart, Thomas
Stewart, John S. measurer
Young, John, & Co.
Shirlaw, David
Kincaid, Malcolm
Muir, J. A.
40 Veritys, Ltd.
38 Salvation Army (The) Assur-
ance Society, Ltd.
36 Frew, James, ironmonger
30 Gray, A. & G. joiners
28 Tasker, John, Blind Asy. treas.
Dog and Cat Home office
Monro, J. M. architect
Prevention of Cruelty to Ani-
mals; H. F. Lowndes,
Watson, James, supt.
Struthers, James O.
West Nile street intersects
22 Marshall, J. & M.
20 Thomson, Jas., tailor
Yuill's Temperance Hotel
18 Cairns, John, plumber
16 Stuart, Robert, clothier
East Bath lane here
12 Carson & Nicol, printers
Nicolson, W. B.
6, 8 Boyd, George, & Co.
4 Logan, Thomas, accountant
George M'Queen, house factor
Blair, James, & Co.
M'Kechnie, Andrew
2 Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.
Batson Street. 21.
Victoria Public School
97 Cochrane, A.
121 Barrie, D.
Carfin street intersects
Argyle Terrace.
94 Urquhart, John
Scott, J.
90 Alexander, J.
Brown, Peter
86 Halley, J. Inglis
82 Marshall, W.
Govanhill street intersects
78 Crerar, Wm.
Cathhin View Terrace.
62 M'Clure, F.
Jamieson street here.
Brae Terrace.
38 Cameron, F.
34 Donald, W.
Speirs, J. H.
30 Lithgow, R.
Gray, David
Morgan street here.
Battle Place. 22.
2 Hall, J. C, plumber
6 Fusco, T.
8 M'Nab, Alex., photographer
Battlefield Avenue, Langside. 2
5 Cowan, J. C.
Chainey, W.
King, J. M.
Munro, A. R.
Anderson, J.
7 Shields, M.
9 Battlefield Billiard Rooms
11 Roxburgh, A W.
13 Lowrie, Thos., & Co.
15 Eldred, Geo.
Wallace, T.
Hyslop, T. C.
Ritchie, Walter
19 Johnston, A. W.
26 Dickson, D.
Stewart, W. S.
Schurer, L. D.
Thomson, Robt. A.
24 Lamont, C.
Darby, R. H.
Parkinson, W.
22 Robertson, A. L.
M'Lachlan, J.
Strathearn, W.
20 M'Farlane, M.
Leipier, A. F.
Laurie, G.
18 Milne, John
Boss, W.
Baird, John
Mackay, D.
Thomson, Wm.

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