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St. Mary's Rescue Home, 177 Hill st., Garnethill ;
Sister Charlotte, sister in charge.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Abercromby st.
St. Mary's U.F. Church, Govan cross.
St Matthew's Established Church, corner of Bothwell
and North si wets.
St. Matthew's United Free Church, west end of Bath
St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Whitefield road,
St. Mirren Sailing Ship Co., Ltd., Prudential build-
ing->, 48 West Regent st.; A. Mackay & Co.,
St. Mungo's College, 86 Castle st. ; secretary, J. T. T.
Brown, 97 West Regent st. ; treasurer, John
Barclay, 135 Buchanan st.
St. Mungo's (High) Established Church, Castle st.
St. Mungo Manufacturing Co., india rubber, gutta
percha, and golf ball manufrs., 185- 191 Broomloan
rd., Govan; telephone, Nat. 138 Govan.
St. Mungo Manufacturing Co., cycle makers, 110
John street.
St. Mungo Property Co., Ltd.; regd. office, 53 Both-
well street.
St Mungo s Roman Catholic Academy, 44 and 48
Parson street and East Albert St., Townhead.
St. Mungo's Roman Catholic Church, 56 Parson st.
St. Mungo's Roman Catholic School for Girls, 24
Stanhope street.
St. Mungo Sailing Ship Co. (Limited), Prudential
buildings, 48 West Regent street ; A. Mackay & Co.,
St. Nazaire Steam Ship Co., J. & P. Hutchison, 31
Hope st.
St. Ninian's Episcopal Church, Pollokshaws road.
St. Ninian's Parish Church, Crown street.
St Ninian Steamship Company, Ltd., Prudential
buildings, 48 W. Regent street ; A. Mackay & Co.,
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel, North st.
St. Paul's Established Church, John street, City.
St. Paul's U.F. Church, 72 North Frederick street.
St. Paul's Parish Mission, 20 Shuttle street
St. Paul's R.C. Church, Dumbarton rd., Whiteinch.
St Peter's Established Church, 66 Brown street.
St. Peter's U.F. Church, 53 Mains street.
St. Petersburg Steam Packet Co.; J. & P. Hutchison,
31 Hope street.
St. Rollox Co-operative Society, Ltd.: regtd.
address, 8 North Oswald street ; general manager,
David Miller.
Central, 200 Parliamentary rd.
Branch No. 1, 24 Alexandra parade.
2, 143 Cathedral street.
3, 5 Broomhill street
4, 406 Parliamentary road.
5, 108 Parson street.
6, 273a Parliamentary road.
7, 112 Garngad road.
8, 137 Alexandra parade.
9, 199 Millburn street.
10, 245 High street.
11, 135 Earlston avenue.
12, 153 Glebe street.
Drapery, Boots and Shoes.
Central, 210 Parliamentary road.
Branch No. 1, 24 Alexandra parade.
Central, 206 Parliamentary road.
Branch No. 1, 118 Castle street.
2, 241 High street.
3, 275 Parliamentary road.
4, 129 Earlston avenue.
5, 145 Glebe street
Central, 198 Parliamentary road.
Branch No. 1, 2 71 a Parliamentary road.
2, 95 Parson street.
3, 129 Alexandra parade.
5, 247 High street.
6, 127 Earlston avenue.
7, 149 Glebe street.
Coal Department, St. Rollox Depot.
St. Rollox Flint Glass Works, 51 Tennant st. (A. &
R. Cochran); town show room, 2 Royal Exchange ct;
Post Office telephone, No. 2568 ; National tele-
phone, No. 624 Royal.
St. Rollox (The) Oil Co.. " Taceo " (registered), motor
oils and greases, 50 Charles street, St. Rollox.
St. Rollox Liberal Association, 71 Stirling rd. ; hon.
sec , Charles Macmillan. writer, 219 St Vincent st.
St. Rollox Passenger Station, 148 Springburn road.
St. Rollox Police Office, 47 Tennant street
St. Rollox Post Office, 94 Castle street.
St. Rollox Timber Yard, 60 to 68 Tennant street;
A & G. Paterson, Limited.
St. Rollox U. F. Church, 153 Springburn road.
St. Silas' English Episcopal Church, Park rd.
St. Stephen's Established Church, Cambridge street
St. Stephen's U.F. Church, New City road.
St. Thomas' Established Church, Campbellfleld st
St. Thomas' Wesleyan Metho. Ch.,600 Gallowgate.
St. Vincent's Established Church, Dover street.
St Vmcent Street U.F. Church, Rev. David M'Queen;
house, 296 St. Vincent st.
St. Vincent (The) Heritable Investment Co., Ltd.;
John W. Gourlay, C.A., secy., 124 St. Vincent st.
St Vincent (The) Motor and Cycle Co.j Ltd., motor
and cycle makers, 161-169 North St.; Wm.
M'Lean, managing director.
St. Vincent Pawnbroking Co. (A. M'Grady, manager),
66-68 North street.
Sabbath Free Breakfasts and Dinners, children's
day refuge and fresh air fortnight, Tent hall, Steel
SACHS, C. F., & Co., Ltd., furriers, skin, hair, and
metal merchants, and metal refiners, 25 Stockwell
pi. ; Telegrams, " Sachs, Glasgow;" Telephone Nos.,
Nat, 3866; P.O. 1991. H. E. Stannard, secy.,
28 Polwarth gardens, Hyndland.
Sachs, Ltd., woollen, rag, and paper stock merchants,
Clydevale Works, 581 Govan st, and 239 to 247
Adelphi st.
SADLER, A., & Co. , cabinetmakers and upholsterers,
removal contractors, bedding and window blind
manufacturers, 347 Byres road.
Sadler & Blown, designers for printed and woven
fabrics, 205 Hope st.
Sadler & Co., soap manufacturers, oil
merchants, and refiners, 4S French St.,
Bridgeton, and 4 Bury court, St. Mary
Axe, London, E.C.
Sadler, James S. (of Sadler & Co., Glasgow and
London), ho. Arrochar, Alperton, Wembley.
Sadler, M. & L., manufacturers and warehousemen,
74 Jamaica street.

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