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North British Motor Co., motor car agents, 58 and
60 Gt. Clyde street.
North British Railway, head office, 14 West George
North British Railway Station, 16 Dundas street and
North Queen street
North British (The) Bopework Co., Kirkcaldy ;
a.ent, Allan Wilson, 12 Waterloo lane.
North British Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers of waterproof sheeting, coats, capes,
ulsters, and leggings, boots and shoes, game and
ammunition bags, fishing stockings, gun and rifle
covers, lawn tennis, golf and cricket requisites,
travelling bags, &c. ; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st.
Telephone No., 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), rubber manu-
facturers, 60 Buchanan street. Telephone No. 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of indestructible door mats and matting, stair
treads for saloons ; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st.
Telephone No., 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of the very best india-rubber belting, hose, valves,
washers, gaskets, and piston packing ; warehouse,
60 Buchanan st. Telephone, 890 ; T. A. Weba.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of patent elastic metallic piston packing — the best
packing ever offered; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st.
Telephone No. 890.
North British Storage and Transit Co., Leith ;
Glasgow office, 33 and 35 Commerce street.
North British Station Hotel, 40 George square.
North British Tea Co., tea merchants, 182 Main st.,
North British Wire Manufacturing Co., wire weavers,
71 West Nile street.
North British Yacht Agency, 19 Waterloo st.
North-Eastern and Great Northern Railway Com-
panies (East Coast route), 37 West George st.;
telephone, No. 675 Royal ; telegraphic address,
" Tertius, Glasgow." Wm. Waldie, superintendent,
Kirkton House. Lenzie.
North (The) Eastern Steel Co. (Lim.), Middles -
borough; agents, James McMillan & Co., 50 Wel-
lington street.
North of England Chamois Co., Ltd., chamois leather
pressers and glove manufacturers, 19 Waterloo st.
North of England Protecting and Indemnity Associa-
tion (Walter Patterson, local ^ manager), 94
Hope street.
North German Lloyd Imperial Mail Steamers,
India, China, Australia, and New Zealand ; Moses
Buchanan, 40 Union street.
North (The) of Ireland Chemical Co., Ltd. ; Thomas
N. Wilson, agent, 45 Hope st.
North Kelvinside Feuing Co., Ltd., Caswell,
Murray, & Lauder, C.A., secys., 69 St. Vincent st.
North Packing and Provision Co., Boston, Mass.,
U.S.A.; agents, Garner, Bennett & Co., Ltd., 71
Wilson street.
North Portland Street Adult School, 22 and 24
North Portland st ; E. Guyton, secy. ; Social Club,
J. Walker, secy.
North (The) of Scotland Distillery Co., Hardgate,
Aberdeen ; agents, Train & M'Intyre, Ltd., 60
Wellington street.
North of Scotland (The) Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Ltd. ; Paterson & Steel, C.A., district managers
116 St Vincent st.
North Wales Steamers, James Little & Co., agents,
69 Buchanan st.
North (The) West Rivet Bolt & Nut Factory, Ltd , bolt,
nut and rivet manufacturers, Bellsdyke Works,
Airdrie ; registered office, and secy.,Thos. Biggart,
105 West George st. Glasgow.
North West Rivet, Bolt & Nut Factory, Ltd.,
rivet, bolt and nut manufacturers, Airdrie, N.B.
North West Engineering Trades Employer's Associa-
tion, Thomas Biggart, secy.; Allan M. Smith,
aist secy.; 105 West George st.
North Western Electrical Appliances Co., electric
engineers, railway appliances ; works, Cathcart
North Western District Police, &c, A'sessoients
Office, 38 Great Western road; John Craig,
North Western Nomads, Blythswood chambers, 108
Douglas street, Blythswood square.
Northehs Athletic Club, physical culture, &c, 8
Sarac-n st.
Northern (The) Accident Insurance Co., Limited
(now merged in the Royal Insurance Co., Limited),
106 Buchanan street, Glasgow.
Northern Assurance Company ; office in Glas-
gow, 81 St Vincent st; W. L. Macnie, secy.;
ho. 4fi Kerrsland st , Billhead. — SeeAdvt. in Appen.
Northern Chemical Co., Ltd., 48 Paton street,
Northern District Police Office, 19 Maitland
Northern Engineering and Manufacturing
Co. (The) ; office, 163 Hope st.
Northern Farmers, Direct Supply, 625 and 627 Gt.
Western road.
Northern Fire Engine Station, 509 St. George's road,
Wm. Paterson, supt.
Northern (The) Medical Association, Ltd., medical
agents, 107 St. Vincent st.
Northern (The) Rubber Co., 60 West Howard
street; sole makers of "Leatherite" for H.P.
steim, oils, hydraulic acids, alkalis. &3.
Northern (The) Steel and Hardware Co.,
Ltd., Glasgow, 4 and 6 Stockwell pi. Tel. Nos.,
Nat. 3435 R >yal ; P.O. 3435 Central.
Northern Yacht Agency; T. B. Grier, 29 Waterloo
NORTON, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 108
North Hanover st.
NORVAL, Archibald, cashier, 23 Barrington
Norval, George O. (of Norval & Sons), house,
Fernbank, Clarkston, by Busby.
Norval, John, joiner, 709 Garscube road.
Norval, Robert (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), ho.
8 Park drive, South Whiteinch.
Norval & Sons, billiard table makers, 85 Both-
well street; works, 124 Waterloo st.
Norval, Wm. (of Norval & Sons), ho. Garleffan, Kil-
marnock rd., Newlands.
Norway Passenger Booking Office (Lindsay's) 115
Hope st.
Norwegian Veritas (" Det Norske Veritas "), for
shipping survey and classification ; assistant sur-
veyor for Scotland, James Moir, 70 Wellington st;
telegraphic address, " Deputy ; " Nat. telephone,
9 Y Argyle.
Norwich and London Accident Insurance Associa-
tion, Cyril H. Dunderdale, manager for Scotland,
121 West George st.; Nat. telephone No. 4219.

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