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Meenglas Tea Co. (Ltd.); managing agents, Walter
Duncan & Co., 137 West George street and 45
Renfield street.
MEES, Denham & Co., successors to Jacques van
Raalie & Co., merchants, Baltic Chambers, 50
Wellington st.
MEGLAUGHLIN, J. H., & Co., produce merchants,
27 Goosedubbs, off Stockwell st. ; tel., Nat. 493
Tron, P.O. 1913.
Meglaughlin, J. H. (of J. H. Meglaughlin & Co.), ho.
Gortmerron, Albert dr., Maxwell park.
MEHREN, E. von,& Co., shipbrokers, 34 Robertson
MEIGHAN, Daniel, live stock agent, 40 Tureen st. ;
ho. Milford lodge, Shettleston.
Meighan, Henry (of James Meighan & Son), house,
Eastwood, Douglas ave., Burnside, Rutherglen.
Meighan, James, & Son, registered plumbers,
electrical, heating and sanitary engineers, gastitters,
328-332 Abercromby street, Calton.
Meighan, Jas., & Son, Venetian blind and sunshade,
also art, holland, sash-folding, zinc, and wire-gauze
blind manufacturers, 328-332 Abercromby street,
Meighan, Thomas Spence, M.D., surgeon to the Glas-
gow Eye Infirmary; lecturer on ophthalmic sur-
gery, Anderson's College Medical School ; consult-
ing rooms, 37 Elmbank crescent.
MEIKLE, Alex., writer (Jameson, Maclae & Baird),
ho. 21 Melville st., Pollokshields.
Meikle, Andrew, dairyman, 6 Merkland st., Partick ;
ho. 8 do.
Meikle, Andrew Currie (of Wm. Meikle & Sons),
14 Ailsa dr., Langside.
Meikle, Andrew F. T. (of Hutson & Sons, Ltd.) ; res.
Conservative Club, Bothwell street.
Meikle & Blewes, painters and decorators, 231 Hopest.
Meikle, Carmichael & Co., accountants and partner-
ship agents, 42 Bath st.
Meikle & Co., grease and size manufacturers, 134
Meikle, Jas. M., supt. of stores, Clyde Navigation ; ho.
19 Leslie St., Pollokshields.
Meikle, John, wine and spirit merchant, 138 Paisley
road, W., 255 Rutherglen road, and 147 Eglinton
st.; ho. Greeuhill, 96 Albert dr., Pollokshields.
Meikle, John (of Robert Gilchrist & Son), ho. 23
Doune terrace, Kelvinside.
Meikle, John, accountant, 163 West George st.;
house, Cessnock, 62 Saerbrooke avenue, Maxwell
Meikle, John, house steward, Ruchill Hospital ; ho.
506 Bilsland drive.
Meikle, John, journalist, 8 Melrose street.
Meikle, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 44 Grove
street and 208 North st; ho. 5 Holyrood cres.
Meikle & Ross, wine and spirit merchants, 1042
Argyle st., 476 St. Vincent St., and 74 North st.
Meikle, Sam. C, house factor and insur. agent, 217
Buchanan st. ; ho. 207 Kent road.
Meikle, Thomas, goods agent, Cal. Railway, Kinning
Park station.
Meikle, Wm. T. (of Wm. Meikle & Sons), house.
Harviestoun, 23 Leslie rd., Pollokshields.
Meikle, William, slater, slate merchant, and plasterer,
41 Stockwell pi.; telephone, No. 1467 Royal.
Meikle, William, dairyman, 24 Exeter dr.; ho. 19 do.
Meikle, Wm., jun (of Wm. Meikle & Sons), ho. 15
Ailsa dr., Langside.
Meikle, William, & Sons, original inventors of
the " Cameo Process" for producing figure windows
entirely without surface pigment, ensuring
absolute permanency, Industrial Art Studios, 19
Wellington street.
Meikle, William, & Sons, glass merchants, glaziers,
silverers, bevellers, embossers, and benders; agents
for polished plate-glass manufacturers, 21 Wel-
lington street.
Meikle, Wm., & Sons, glass stainers, decorators,
mosaists, metal workers, and art furnishers;
representatives in Scotland for the Birmingham
Guild of Handicrafts, Ltd. ; Industrial Art Studios,
19 Wellington st.
Meikle, Wm. , & Sons, representatives in Scotland
for leadiDg Dutch and Spanish iile work->, f >r
floor.", walls, hearths, roofs, and ridges, 19 Well-
ington street.
Meikle, W. R., manager for Scotland, Star Life
Assurance Society, 140 West George st.
Meikle, Mrs. Wm., pastry cook, 139 London st ; ho.
143 do.
Meikle, Miss A., dairy keeper, 337 Langside road; ho.
22 Albert road, CrosshiU.
MEIKLEHAM, David, commercial traveller, 97
Gt. Hamilton st.
Meiklekam, J. P., M.A., 206 Woodlands road.
Meikleham, Rev. M. Bruce, minister, Rockvilla U.F.
Church; ho. 3 Windsor ter., St. George's road.
MEIKLE JOHN, Alex. W. (at Wm. M'Laren, Sons,
& Co., Ltd.), ho. 13 Wilton st.
Meiklejohn, Andrew, & Son, wrights, builders,
and building contractors, manufacturers of patent
folding petitions, and all kinds of high-class
joinery; works, Kerr Street Joinery Works N.W.
Meiklejohn, Andrew (of Andrew Meiklejohn & Son),
res. Dunronald, Seotstounhill.
Meiklejohn, Gavin, traveller (at Wm. Macnair & Co.);
ho. 600 Rutherglen rd.
Meiklejohn, Henry, grocer and wine merchant, 168
Gt. Hamilton st; ho., 104 Hill st, Garnethill.
Meiklejohn, H. & Wm., electricians, 322 New City
Meiklejohn, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
47 1 Govan rd., Govan ; ho. 6 Buckingham square.
Meiklejohn, J. B., electrical engineer, 115 and
115 a Bath street; ho. 3 Mansion House drive,
Meiklejohn, John, gardener and florist, 16 Gower
street, Ibrox.
Meiklejohn, John A. (Fergusson & Meiklejohn) ; ho.
48 Lauderdale gardens, west.
Meiklejohn, John, gent.'s and ladies' tailor, 106 New
City road ; ho. 26 Campbell St., Maryhill.
Meiklejohn, R. B., fleaher, 36 St. Enoch sq. ; ho.
10 Mansion House road, Langside.
Meiklejohn, Robert, hairdresser, 452 Gairbraid street;
house, 450 do.
Meiklejohn, W. W., & Co., oolliery and works' fur-
nishers, 108 West George street; ho. Poplar Villa,
Meiklejohn, William, 63 Camperdown rd., Scotstoun.
Meiklejohn, William (of Andrew Meiklejohn & Son),
res. Dunronald, Seotstounhill.
Meiklej dm, Wm., tobacconist and sta'ioner, 14
Finiiieston st.
Meiklejohn, A. & E., Poplar villa, Maryhill.
Meiklejohn, Miss I. W. S , M.A., H.M. inspector of
factories, 74 York street.

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