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M'Leod, Wm. (Order Dept., School Board of Glas-
gow) ; house, 67 Koslea dr.
M'Leod, William, wine and spirit merchant, 281 and
283 Gairbraid street, 210 and 212 Main shreet,
MaryhilL and 394 Parliamentary road ; res. Rose-
bank house, Mary hill.
Macleod, William, 4 Colebrooke ter., Hillhead.
Macleod, Wm , grocer and spirit merchant, 5
Rottenrow; ho. 20 Alexandra parade.
MacLeod, Wm., picture- frame maker, 8 Hill street,
Garnet hill.
Macleod, W. & M., general merchants, 345
Argyle street.
Macleod, Mrs. A. W., wine and spirit merchant, 429
Eglinton street and 1 Elgin st , S.S.
M'Leod, Mrs. Ales., wine and spirit merchant, 370
Main street, Maryhill; ho. Ashfield, do.
M'Leod, Mrs, F. H., 34 Lilybank gardens.
M'Leod, Mrs. M., dairy, 12 Clarendon st.
Macleod, Mrs., Overdale House, 10 Leslie rd., Pollok-
M'Leod, Mrs., ladies' nurse (certificated), 59 Crossburn
M Leod, Mrs. G, spirit merchant, 35 Belgrave st.;
house, 24 do.
M'Leod, Isa, dairy, 65 Raeberry st ; ho. 69 do.
MacLeod, M., milliner, 1383 Argyle st.; ho., 97
Byres road, Partick.
M'Leod Family Variety Entertainers, 27 Rosehall
MacLeod Parish Church, 229 Parliamentary road.
MACLETCHIE, Hugh, traveller, Ogston & Tennant,
Ltd., St Rollox; ho. Nethersole, Prestwick.
M'Letchie, Robert, paper maker's agent, 63 Cartvale
M'Letchie, R. M. (of Dobson, Molle & Co., Ltd.), ho.
Dungarry, Cambuslang.
M'Letchie, Mrs. M., pastry baker, 7 Little Dovehill;
ho 175 Gallowgate.
M'LINDEN, Thos., tailor and clothier, 46 Cleve-
land st.; ho. 15 Woodside quadrant.
M'Linden, Thos., jun., violin and viola teacher, 15
Woodside quad.
M'LINTOCK, Adam, & Son, boot and shoemakers,
81-83 Eglinton street.
M'Lintock, A., grocer and provision merchant, 94
Thistle st , s.s.
M'Lintock, Andrew (of Clark & Struthers) ; house,
Monellie, Muirhead, Chryston.
M'Lintock, James (W. & J. M'Lintock's), house, 23
Dunmore st.
M'Lintock, James, & Co., oil refiners and importers,
200 Petershill road.
M'Lintock, John (secy, Lewis Russell, Ltd., plum-
bers), ho. 304 Bjth st.
M'Lintock, John (of W. & J. M'Lintock), house, 15
Abboteford place.
M'Lintock, John (of A. M'Lintock & Son), ho., 248
Darnley st., Pollokshields.
M'Lintock, R. M., cashier (at R. Dalglish, Falconer
& Co.'s, Ltd , Lennoxtown), ho., 71 Gartbland dr.
M'Lintock, Robt. (at A. M'Leod's, pawnbroker), ho.
35 Clifford st., Ibrox.
M'Lintock, R., & Co., drapers, outfitters, and hosiers,
14 and 16 Morrison street, Govan.
M'Lintock & Sons, Ltd. (Barnsley), down quilt manu-
facturers, 24 Queen street; Walter Stokes, agent.
M'Lintock, Thomson, C.A. (of Thomson M'Lintock
& Co., C.A), ho. 22 Dalziel drive, Pollokshields.
M'Lintock, Thomson, & Co , chartered accountants,
149 West George st.
M'Lintock, Thomson L., C.A. (of Thomson M'Lintock
& Co , C.A.), ho. 7 Dolphin rd., Maxwell park.
M'Lintock, William, C.A. (of Thomson M'Lintock
& Co., C.A.), ho. Ballincar, 51 Sherbrooke avenue.
M'Lintock, W. & J., biscuit bakers, manufacturing
confectioners, and jam makers, 259-281 S. York st.
M'LIVER, James, goods measurer, wharfinger and
stevedore, 31 Prince's dock, Govan; ho. 2 Kin-
fauns ter., Ibrox.
M'LUCAS, D., & Co., electrical engineers, 128
Sauchiehall lane ; ho. 370 N. Woodside rd.
M'LDCKIE, Andrew, Dunaven, Victoria rd., Scots-
M'Luckie, Robert (Wm. M'Laren & Co.), 332 Argyle
st. ; ho. 12 Langside place, Langside.
M'LUNDIE & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 135
Dundas street, city.
M'Lundie, Hugh (of M'Lundie & Co.), ho. 5 Florence
place, Stanley street, west.
M'LURE.— See under M'Clure.
M'LURG, Wm traveller (J. & R. Young, firelighter
manufacturers), ho. 174 Calder st.
M'Luskey, D., & Co., general dealers and rubber
merchants, buyers of mechanical, rubber and water-
proof job lots, dealers in metal and belting, wire
carding for mill and foundry purposes ; job lots of
every description bought, 6 Chalmers street.
Nattel. 3022 Bridgeton, P.O. 3022.
Macluskey, David, sawdust merchant, 42 Weaver st.
ho. 40 do.
Macluskie, Rev. Hugh, minister, Lansdowne U.F.
Church; ho. 4 Doune gdns.
M'Cluskie, Jas., schoolmaster, St. Peter's, Bridge
st, Partick ; ho. 2 Byres rd. do.
M'Luskie, James, painter and church decorator, 131
Hospital st. and 37 Bath st.
Macluskie, John, superintendent, Cranstonhill Baths,
68 Elliot st. ; ho. 1381 Argyle st.
M'Cluskey, Rev. John, Catholic clergyman, 40 North
Woodside road.
Macluskey, Very Rev. John B., canon, St. John's
R.C. Church, 90 Portugal st., s.s.
Macluskie, W., grocer and provision merchant, 83
Springfield road.
M'Cluskey, Mrs., grocer, 29 Richard st., Anderston.
Macluskey, M. C, superioress of St. Mary's R. C.
Industrial School.
M'MAHON, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 209
Gt. Eastern rd. ; ho. 1 Mam St., Shettleston.
MacMahon, David, manager, Glasgow Pawnbroking
Co., 3 Bath street.
M'Mahon. James L., coal merchant, 93 Renfrew
M'Mahon, John, jun., clerk, Carrier's Quarters, 84
Virginia street ; ho. 9 Sydney street.
M'Mahon & Milne, advertising contractors, 49
Jamaica street.
M'Mahon, P. J., dealer, 33 High st. and 137 Gallow-
gate; ho. 2 Monteith row.
M'Mahon, William V, I.M., measurer, 68 Bath st.;
ho. 37 Hillfoot st., Denoistoun.
M'Mahon, Yates & Co., Ltd, merchants, 101 St.
Vincent st.
M'M AN US & Co., house furnishers and upholsterers,
75 and 77 Byres rd ; ho. 23 Havelock St., Partick.
M'Manus & Co., drapers and hosiers, 71 Byres rd. ;
ho. 23 Havelock street, Partick.

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