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Henderson, G. & W., calenderers and packers, 55 Coch-
rane street; ho. 23 Sydney street.
Henderson, George, wine and spirit merchant, 221
West Campbell St.; ho. 29 Bumbank gardens
Henderson, George Y., Union Bank of Scotland
(Lim.), Ingram st. ; ho 11 Strathmore gardens.
Henderson, George, & Co., tea merchants, 49 and 51
Ingram st.
Henderson, Geo. & Son, wrights, 44 Pitt st.
Henderson & Henderson, accountants and auditors,
102 Bath street.
Henderson, Hogg, & Co., merchants and drysalters
(agents for the British Alizarine Co., Limited,
London ; for Claus & Co., Ltd., Manchester; for the
Basle Chemical Works, Basle, Switzerland, manufac-
turers of anilline dyes ; and for Tjson, Richmond,
& Jones, Vauxhall Soap Works, Liverpool), 15
Cadogan street.
Henderson, H. T. (of Prentice, Service & Henderson),
ho. Hapland, Helensburgh.
Henderson, Hugo F. (of Robertson, Mackie & Co.);
ho. 105 Hyndland rd. Nat. tel. No. , 1526 Hillhead.
Henderson, H., & Sons, tanners, curriers, leather
merchants, boot manufctrs. , belting and belting lace
makers, and machinery leathers, 48 King st., city,
and Ladybank Leather Works, Dundee. P.O.
tel. No. Bell 528.
Henderson, J. A. F., C.A. (of L. C. Seligmann &
Co.); ho. 25 Queensborough gardens.
Henderson, James, printer (at Charles Glass & Co.'s),
house, 11 Cordiner st., Mt. Florida.
Henderson, James, & Co., coach builders
principal showrooms and works, 60, 62, and 64
North street, Anderston. Telephone Nos. 3307
P.O. and 307 Argyle Nat. Telegrams, " Drag."
Henderson, James B. S. (of Henderson & Co., 193
St. Vincent st.), ho., 13 Beaumont gate, Dowanhill.
Henderson, Rev. James Bell, B. D., 17 Lynedoch cres.
Henderson, James, Ltd., funeral undertaker, 22
Greenhaugh St., Govan.
Henderson, James (of James Henderson, Ltd.), ho. 15
Ayton road.
Henderson, James (of Peter Black & Co.); house,
Henderson, James, provision merchant, 55 Dundas
St.; ho. 45 Rose st., Garnethill.
Henderson, James, Bank of Scotland ; residence,
Wakefield ten, Clarkston, Busby.
Henderson, James V., postman ; ho. 24 Dixon
Henderson, James, designer, 45 Renfield street ; ho.
30 Nithsdale road, Straihbungo.
Henderson, James, jun. (Geo. Henderson & Co ).
Henderson, James, Ltd., cab and carriage
hirers, job-masters, and funeral under-
Head Office, 6 Govan Road. Telephones —
Nat. 1975 s.s., Nat. 1976 s.s.; P.O. X226.
Central Funeral Office, 47 Cambridge
Branches throughout the city.
Telegraphic address, ' Carriage," Glasgow.
Henderson, James, bookseller and stationer, 231 and
252 Main street, s.s.
Henderson, John (at Wm. Graham & Co.'s), house,
92a Saucbieball street.
Henderson, John, wright, 36a Orr street.
Henderson, John R., secretary (of Thos. Barr, Ltd.);
ho. 8 Gateside, Paisley.
Henderson, John, M.D., physician (assistant physician,
Royal Infirmary), 9 V3 Sauchiehall st.
Henderson, Jolm, J. P. (of John Henderson & Son,
Ltd ), re:*., Ballochmorne, Pinwherry, N.B.
Henderson, John, jun., family baker and confectioner,
148 Woodlands rd.; ho. 1 West End Park st.
Henderson, John, measurer, 59 St Vincent street ;
ho. 30 Nithsdale road.
Henderson, John, general manager, The Clydesdale
Bank, Ltd.; ho. Glen Tower, Great Wes-iern rd.
Henderson, John, musical director, 87 St. George's rd.
Henderson, John, & Co., silk and yarn
merchants and agents, 16 Prince's sq.
Telegraphc address "Fortitude;" telephone No.
Henderson, John, agent, Scottish Temperance League;
ho. 71 Thistle St., Garnethill.
Henderson, John, rag and paper stock merchant, 98
Maxwell st. ; ho. 5 Fitzroy place.
Henderson, John & Co , fancy fabric and handker-
chief embroiderers, 14 Henrietta St., east.
Henderson, John, timber salesman (Wright, Graham
& Co.); ho. 35 Camphill aven., Langside.
Henderson, Rev. John, Royal Institute for Deaf and
Dumb; ho. Greenbrae, 96 Dixon avenue, Crosshill
Henderson, John, jr. (of John Henderson & Son, coal
merchants), ho. 21 Alexander st.
Henderson, John, draper and clothier, 174 Crown
Henderson John (of Bryan & Henderson); ho. 448
Cathcart road.
Henderson, John (of John Henderson & Co. ,16 Princes
sq.), bo. Dunedin, Busby.
Henderson, John (at Wm. Collins, Sons, &Co., Ltd.),
ho. 44 Ravenswood drive, Waverley park.
Henderson, John (G.P.O) 185 Byres road.
Henderson, John (of Calder, Henderson, & Living-
ston), ho. 1 Queensborough gardens.
Henderson, John (of Duncanson & Henderson), ho.
Corbietree, Helensburgh.
Henderson, John, & Son, coal merchants, Stobcross
Henderson, John, Treasurer's Department, School
Board Offices, 125 Bath st,; ho. 34 Dunearn st , W.
Henderson, John, foreman smith (at G. & J. Burns',
Ltd., 85 Clyde street, Anderston); ho. 732 Argyle
Henderson, John, contractor and offal merchant, 54
Armour street ; ho. 26 Hill street, east.
Henderson, John, artist, 207 West Campbell street ;
ho. 11 Blythswood square.
Henderson, John, & Son, Ltd., mineral boring
prospectors and Artesian well engineers, Gen. Ter-
minus, Paisley Rd. Toll.; manufacturers of mineral and
Artesian well boring plant windmills & Artesian well
pumps ; boring of all kinds conducted, such as
boring Artesian wells, proving for mineral fields,
quarries, brickfields, or the foundations of buildings,
railway viaducts, bridges, piers, docks, harbours,
tunnels, sewers, and all heavy engineering struc-
tures, or in ascertaining the nature of cuttings on
proposed lines of railway, water-works, and other
works of excavation, also for hydraulic lifts, and
other purposes ; diamond boring process, showing
core of strata passed through, and other methods
used, according to nature of the work ; inspec-
tions and reports made for artesian well water
supplies, or for minerals. Telegrams, " Arte-ian,"
Glasgow; telephones, 1693 So. Nat., X 547 P.O.

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