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Consett Iron Co. (Limited), makers of open hearth,
mild steel ship and boiler plates, angles, bulbs,
&c, R. D. Dunnaehie, 75 Buchanan street; works,
Blackball, County Durham.
Consolidated Pneumatic Tool Co., Ltd., patentees
of pneumatic tools, 55 Waterloo street.
CONSTABLE, 0. H., apparatus examiner, G.P.O.,
London, 5 1 Abbotsford place.
CONSTANCE, Anthony, hairdresser, 32 Merkland
Consuls and Vice-Consuls: —
American Consulate, 82 Mitchell street. Consul,
John N. M'Cunn ; Vice-consul, Alfred Middle-
ton ; Deputy-consuJ, Robt. A. Thomson
Argentine Consulate, Alejandro T. Bollini, consul,
402 Sauchiehall street.
Austro-Hungarian consul, W. Burrell, 54 George sq.
Belgian Consul, Patrick S. Dunn, 144 St. Vincent
Bolivian Consul, Andrew Weir, 94 Hope st.
Brazilian Consul, Dr. Gonzaga, Filho, 189 Pitt st.
Brazilian Vice-consul, James Mutter, 98 West
George street.
Chilian Consul, Alfredo Rojas, Grosvenor Chambers,
68 Gordon st.
Colombian Consulate, Chris. W. Stewart, canciller,
56 George square ; P. Sbaw Liepmann, consul.
Costa Rican Consulate, Malcolm Cross, consul, 203
West George street.
Cuban Consulate, James S. Macdonald, 203 West
George street.
Danish Vice-consul, A. Hagen Schow, 28 Hutche-
son st.
Dominican Consul, William Taylor; Vice- Consul,
Francis Gilmour, 175 West George st.; notary,
Thomas M'Cosh, 196 St. Vincent street.
French Consulate for Scotland, 131 West Regent
st. (11 to 4); Camille Gauthier, consul; Alfred
Blanche, vice-consul ; G. Moir, clerk.
German Empire, Consul for, Johannes N. Kiep,
137 West George St.; chanceller, E. Jungius.
Greek Consul, George A. Tombazis, 173 St.
Vincent street.
Guatemalan Consul, Patrick S. Dunn, 144 St.
Vincent st
Haytian Consulate, Robert J. Dunlop, 70 Well-
ington st.
Honduras Consul, Archibald Craig, 149 West
George street.
Italian Consul General for Scotland, 204 St. Vin-
cent street ; George Breen, Consul General ;
R. A. Buchanan, vice-consul.
Japanese Consul, Albert Richd. Brown, 34 West
George street.
Liberian Vice-consul, Leonard Gow, 45 Renfield st.
Mexican CodsuI, Wm. J. Templeton, 203 West
George street.
Netherlands Vice-consul, Alex. Denham, Baltic
chambers, 50 Wellington st.
Nicaraguan Consul, Thos. M'Arly, 29 West
George st.
Norwegian Vice-consul, Johan Johanson, 70 Well-
ington street.
Ottoman Consul, James Mutter, 98 West George st
Panama Vice-consul, C. J. Cleland, 12 Bothwell st.
Paraguayan Consulate ; Thomas Dunlop, 70 Wel-
lington street.
Persian Consul General in Scotland, Sigismund
Moritz, 226 West George street
Peruvian Consul, J. M. Macedo, 121 St. Vincent
Portuguese Consul, James Mutter, 98 West George
Russian Vice-consul, Alex. Denham, Baltic cham-
bers, 50 Wellington street.
Salvador Consul, Arcbd. Craig, 149 West George st.
Siam, Consul for, James W. Murray, 27 West
George street.
Spanish Consulate, 131 West Regent st.; consul,
N. Moral y Cafiete ; canciller, Don Jose Legido
Swedish Consul, S. T. Von Goes, 18 Burnbank
Uruguayan Consul, Francisco de Fezanos, 55
Bath street.
Consumption (The) Sanatoria of Scotland, Bridge-
of-Weir; Glasgow Dispensary, 25 Jamea Morrison
Consumption — Ochil Hills Sanatorium, Ltd. (for
paying patients), 141 W. George St.; D. Hill Jack,
Continental Daily Parcels Express. Goods
and parcels despatched daily to all parts of the
Continent; 93 Maxwell street and 17 Miller street.
Continental Tyre & Rubber Co. (Great Britain)
Ltd., rubber manufacturers, 3 Cadogan street.
Contingency Insurance — The Law Guarantee
Trust and Accident Society, Ltd., 19 St. Vincent
place — Sife Advt facing cover.
Convalescent Sea Side Homes, Dunoon, Dan.
G. Kent, acting secretary and treasurer; office, 4
Hanover street. Post Office telephone No., 4332 ;
National, 6323 Royal.
Convent School, higher dept. for girls, 42 Scott st,
Convent, Sisters of Mercy, Mary Crumlish, superioress,
62 H01 st, Garnethill
CONWAY, D., tobacconist, stationer, and printer,
post office, Garscube cross.
Conway, Henry, B., china and glass merchant, 31
Trongate ; ho. 2 Edmiston dr., Ibrox.
Conway, Jas., pawnbroker, 11 George st. ; house, 2
Conway, John, coal agent, Ferniegare depot, St.
Rollox; ho. 198 New City rd
Conway, Mrs. Mary, pawnbroker, 3 Springfield rd.;
house, 1 1 Monteith row.
Conway, Annie, pawnbroker, 85 High st. ; ho. 17
Monteith row.
COOK, Alex., steel buyer (at Sir Wm. Arrol & Co.,
Ltd.); ho. Parkneuk. Dry burgh, av., Rutherglen,
Cook, Andrew (of W. Cook & Sons, Glasgow, Ltd ),
1009 Sauchiehall street, W.
Cook, Archd. (at Jas. Little & Co.'s), house, 17
Elgin terrace, Dowanhill.
Cook, Archd. B. (at Adam Brand & Co.'s., Ltd.), 264
Crow road.
Cooke, A. M. & Co., Ltd., warehousemen (11
Milk st. buildings, Cheapside, London), 14 West
Nile street. Telegraphic address, " Ravens,
Glasgow." Telephone Nos., Nat. 6306 Royal ;
P.O. 3306.
Cooke Bros., carpet manufacturers, 142 Queen st.
Cook & Co., stamp dealers, 62 Buchanan street.
Cook, Crawford, chartered accountant (of T. & G.
B. MKim & Cook) ; ho. 11 Victoria ter., Dullatur.
Cook, David, writer, 46 Gordon street ; house,
1 Maitland ave., Langside.

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