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G i Toryglen St., f. Polmadie rd. to Dalmeny st 18.
D i Tower Street, Parkgrove, off Paisley road. Nos.
28, 31 and 33. 25.
Do., fr. Sussex st. to Municipal boundary. 18.
/ f Tower Street, off Blochairn rd. 5.
Ed Towerhill Ter., Balgrayhill, Springburn rd. 6.
E g To wnmill Rd. , f. Alexandra para, to Canal bank. 4.
Eh Tradeston, at the S. end of Glasgow bridge. 17.
E j Trafalgar Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
Ag Trafalgar Street, Govan. 24.
D I Trefoil Avenue, off Kilmarnock road. 20.
G h Trongate,f. Cross to Stockwell & Glassford sts. 10.
C i Tulliallan Place, Paisley road. 25.
D g Tunnell Street, off Finnieston street. 11.
Eh Tureen St., f. Gallowgate to Green St., Gait. 3
F h Turner's Court, 87 Argyle street. 10.
E f Turner Street, Garngad road. 5.
Two Mile House. 18.
/ h Tylefield St., f. Gallowgate to Crownpoint rd. 2.
Tyndal Terrace, 145 to 163 Petershill road. 5.
F j Underbank Ten-ace, Kidston street. 16.
F h Union Corner, Gordon st. and Union at. 10
F h Union Court, 172 Argyle street. 10.
Klc Union Place, Farmeloan road, Rutherglen. 22.
Eg Union Place, off North street, Anderston. 11
F h Union Street, f. Argyle st. to Gordon st. 10.
E h Uoion St., Calt., f. James' st. to Green st. 3.
K h Union Street, Camlachie. 2.
E d Union Street, off SpriDgburn road. 6.
Cf University, Gilmorehill, south f. Billhead. 12
D f University Avenue, Billhead. 12.
University Avenue, Partiek. 23.
Cf University Gardens, off University Avenue. 12.
C University GardeDS Terrace, from Ashton terrace
to Sutherland terrace. 23.
C f University Place, Byres road 23.
Cf University Place, Wood street, Partiek. 23.
C g University Street, off Old Dumbarton road. 11.
G i Upper Fauld's Place, 480 So. Wellington st. 15.
Ej Upper Muirhouse Place, Pollokshaws road. 18.
G g Ure Place, 80 to 96 Montrose street 10.
A g Ure Street, Govan. 2 4.
Fj Urie's Row, Old Rope work, Hutchesontown. 15.
E Valeview Terrace, off Battlefield rd. 19.
E e Valleyfield St., f. Flemington st. to Adamswell
street. 5.
K i Van Street, Parkhead. 2.
F e Vere Street, Keppochhill road. 7.
D i Vermont Street, off West Scotland street, from
St. James' street to Municipal boundary. 18.
Do,, west of county boundary, from No. 200
and upwards. 25.
D d Vernon Street, off Gairbraid st, Maryhill. 14.
F h Victoria Bridge. N. half, 10 ; south half, 17.
F h Victoria Build., ft. of Stockwell & Gt. Clyde sts. 1 0.
C « Victoria Buildings, Byres road, Hillhead. 23.
F q Victoria Buildings, West Regent street. 10.
Ej Victoria Bdgs , Maxwell rd., Pollokshields. 18.
F g Victoria Chambers, 142 W. Nile st.
C s Victoria Circus, Dowanhill. 12.
C e Victoria Crescent, Dowanhill. 23.
C e Victoria Crescent Road, off Albion street. 23.
E k Victoria Cross, Victoria road, Govanhill. 16.
F I Victoria Drive, Mount Florida. 19.
A d Victoria Drive, f. Gt. Western rd. to Dumbarton
road, Scotstoun. 26.
Cf Victoria Gardens, off Bavelock st., Dowanh. 23.
Victoria Gardens, Sbettleston. 21.
I I Victoria Gdns., off Victoria st,, Rutherglen. 22.
E I Victoria Infirmary, Queen's Park, Crosshill. 19.
/ Victoria Park, Whiteinch. 23.
A e Victoria Park Gardens, off Balshagray avenue,
Partiek. 23.
F I Victoria Place, Mount Florida. 19.
B g Victoria Place, Govan. 24.
I I Victoria Place, Rutherglen. 22.
D I Victoria Place, Shawlands. 20.
Victoria Place, Shettleston. 2t.
D I Victoria PI., cor. Cumberland & Crown sts. 15.
Victoria Quadrant, Cottage, Crescent and Ter-
race, Cathcart. 19.
Ej Victoria Road, south from Eglinton street.
Do. East side to Cathcart Railway. 16.
Do. West side to do. 18.
Do. South of Railway, both sides. 19.
H d Victoria Road, off Balgrayhill. 6.
Km Victoria Road, Bigh Crosshill, Rutherglen. 22.
F i Victoria Street, off Eglinton street 17.
B g Victoria Street, Govan. 24.
Cf Victoria Street, Billhead. 12.
/ I Victoria St,, off Farmeloan rd., Rutherglen. 22.
C e Victoria Ter., off Byres road, Dowanhill. 23.
/ g Victoria Terrace, f. Banuatyne avenue to Cum-
bernauld road. 4.
Ej Viewfield Place, Darnley st, Pollokshields. 18.
Df Viewfield Terrace, Ann street, Billhead. 12.
Ej Viewfield Ter., Darnley st. Pollokshields. 18.
F I Viewfield Terrace, Millbrae, Langside. 19.
C c Viewmount Dr., off Church st, Maryhill. 14,
Kg Viewpark Avenue, off Coventry drive, 4.
G g Villatield Place, head of Taylor street. 8.
I h Villiers Court, Sword street 3.
Ef Villiers Street, Garngad road 5.
K h Vinegarhill Street, off Great Eastern road. 2.
C e Vinicombe St., off Kersland st, Billhead. 12
Fh Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street 10.
F h Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street. 10.
F h Virginia Place, head of Virginia street. 10.
Bf Virginia Place, 347 to 367 Dumbarton road,
Partiek. 23.
F h Virginia Street, f. Argyle st. to Ingram st. 10.
Ff Vulcan St., Port Dundas, head of Canal st 7.
E e Vulcan Street, off Springburn road. 6.
G i Waddell St., off Rutherglen rd. Hutchesontown. 15
A c Waldo Street, off Stratncona drive, Temple.
C c Walker Square, off Bridge street, Maryhill. 14.
E e Walker Street, off Bopehill road. 13.
C c Walker St., off Main street, Maryhill. 14.
Bf Walker Street, off Douglas St., Partiek. 23.
I i Walkinshaw St., end of Hozier st., Bridgeton. 1.
F c Wallace Place, off Dumbarton rd. Partiek. 23.
Fi Wallace St, f. Eglinton st. to Crookstonst 17.
A h Wallace Street, Govan 24.
I I Wallace Street, Rutherglen. 22.
D i Wallacegrove PI., f. Watt st. to Shields rd. 17.
G h Walls St.. from Stirling st to Bell st, City. 10.
C i Walmer Avenue. 25.
C i Walmer Crescent, Paisley road, W. 25.
F i Walmer Place, head of Hospital street 17.

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