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D e Norwood Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 12.
E « Norval Place, Raeberry street. 13.
Bf Norval Street, off Crow road. 23.
/ j Nuneaton Street, from London to Dalmarnock
roads. 1.
E k Nursery St., off Nkhsdale dr., Strathbungo. 18
D g Oak St., f. Stobcross st. to Cranston st. 11.
Ee Oakbank Lane, off Garscube rd., Springbank. 13
E e Oakbank Street, off Garscube road. 13.
Oakbank Terrace, off Garscube rd. 13.
E g Oakfield Place, Douglas st. and Jane st. 10.
D f Oakfield Terrace. Wilson street, Hillhead. 12.
Oakley Drive, Cathcart. 19.
/ h Oakley Terrace, off Westercraigs. 4.
D/ Oakvale, Hillh., f. Gibson st. to University av. 12.
G j Oatlands Square, off Gilmour street. 15.
C e Observatory Road, off Byres road. 12.
Ocean Chambers, 190 West George street. 10.
D I Octavia Terrace, Eastwood Avenue. 20.
Ff Old Basin. Port Dundas. North side, 7 ; south
side, 13.
Old Brickfield, Three Ell road. 18.
F I Old Cathcart Road, now King's Park rd.
I j Old Dalmarnock road, Bridgeton. 1.
C g Old Dumbarton Rd., west of Overnewton.
L h Old Edinburgh Road, Parkhead. 2.
Cg Old Kelvinhaugh Road, off Argyle st. 11.
G h Old Post-Office Court, 114 Trongate. 10.
G h Old Wynd, f. 153 Trongate to Bridgegate. 10.
D / Olrig Terrace, Shields road, Pollokshields. 18.
Ig Onslow Drive, f. Craigpark to Cumbernauld rd. 4.
Ig Onslow Square, off Onslow drive. 4.
D d Oran Street, off Gairbraid street, Maryhill. 14.
B h Orchard Place, Govan. 24.
Gj Orchard Street, from South York street to
Gilmour street. 15.
B f Orchard Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 23.
B h Oriental Terrace, Govan. 24.
Hi Orr St., Mile-end f. Canning st. to Broad st. 3.
H d Orrwell Street, off Reid street, Springburn. 6.
B f Osborne Place, Copeland road, Govan. 24.
F k Osborne Place, off Calder street, Govanhill. 16.
G h Osborne Street. 10.
B h Osborne Terrace, Copeland road, Govan. 24.
E m Osborne Villas, Cathcart. 19.
D m Ossian Road, off Newlands rd. 19.
A d Oswald Gardens, Scotstounhill. 26.
F h Oswald St., f. Argyle st. to Broomielaw quay. 10.
I i OswaldSt., f. Dalmarnock rd. to London rd. 1.
G g Oswald St., North, off Parliamentary road. 8.
A f Oswald Street and Place, Whiteinch. 23.
D e Otago St., Hillhead, off Gt. Western rd. 12.
E I Overdale Avenue, off Battlefield road. 19.
E I Overdale Gardens, off Battlefield road. 19.
E I Overdale St., f. Millbrae rd. to Sinclair dr. 19.
E I Overdale Villas, Overdale street. 19.
Ef Overlaw Place, 471 New City road. 13.
C g Overnewton Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
C g Overnewton Square, off Lumsden street. 11
Cg Overnewton Street, off Dumbarton road. 11.
D e Oxford Dr., f. Cambridge dr. to Qu. Margaret dr.13
F i Oxford Lane, f. Oxford st. to Norfolk st. 17.
Oxford Place, Shettleston. 21.
F h Oxford Street, f. Main street to Bridge st 17.
D e Oxford Terrace, Oxford drive, Kelvinside. 13.
E h Paisley Road, fr. King st. to Gt. Wellington st.
No=>. I to 395 and 2 to 402. 17 ; both sides
fr. St. James' street to Toll, 18.
Paisley Road, West, both sides to Municipal
boundary. 1 8.
Ci Paisley Road, West. North side fr. No. 90,
westwards, to Whitefield road, 2 5; south
side fr. No. 145, westwards, to Whitefield
road, 25.
B i Paisley Road, both sides west of Whitefield
road to Broomloan road. 24.
K i Palace Street, off Edmiston street, Parkhead. 2
H e Palermo St., off Springburn rd., Springburn 6.
Ef Palm Street, off Cedar street. 13.
G g Palmerston Place, M'Aslin street. 8.
E e Panmure Street, off Firhill road. 7.
Df Park Avenue, off South Woodside Road. 12.
B h Park Buildings, Paisley road, West. 18.
Df Park Circus PL, f. Park Circus to Lynedoch pL 12
Df Park Circus, near West-end Park. 12.
A e Park Corner, off Westland dr., Victoria Park. 23.
D f Park Drive, West, off Park avenue. 12.
A g Park Drive Road, Govan. 24.
A f Park Drive, South, Victoria Park. 23.
Df Park Gardens, West-end park. 12
A e Park Gardens, North, Broomhill. 23.
A e Park Gardens, South, fr. Crow road to Balsha-
gray avenue. 23.
Df Park Gate, from Park terrace to Park circus,
West-end park. 12.
Parkgrove, 35 to 79 Park dr. S . Whiteinch. 23
D i Park grove Place, Paisley road, West. 25.
D g Parkgrove PL, 34 Gray st. and 37 Derby st. 12
D g Parkgrove Ter., f. Derby st. to Gray st. 12.
D i Parkgrove Terrace, Paisley road, west. 18.
/ Parkgrove Villas, Westland dr., Whiteinch 23.
L i Parkhead, east of Gallowgate. 2.
II Parkhill Av.. off Stonelaw road, Rutherglen. 22.
H i Park Lane, fr. Broad street to Sister street. 3.
D h Park Lane, f. Govan road to Paisley road. 18.
F h Park PL, w. end of Bridgeg. ft. of Stockwell st. 1
D h Park Place, Paisley road, west. 18.
C c Park Place, off Main street, Maryhill. 14.
II Park Place, Mill street, Rutherglen. 22.
Park Place, Shettleston. 21.
Df Park Quadrant, West-end park. 12.
Df Park Rd., f. Gt. Western rd. to Eldon st. 12.
Bi Park Road, Ibrox, f. Paisley road, W., to
Ibrox ter. 2 4.
D i Park St., off St. James' St., Kinning park. 18.
D » Do. Westwards to county boundary, or western
boundary, Kinning park. 18.
D i Do. Plantation, both sides fr. Nos. 130 and
151 westwards to Cornwall st. 25.
A e Park Street, Whiteinch. 23.
Cg Park Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
D f Park Street (South), West-end park. 12.
Df Park Terrace, West-end park. 12.
Df Park Terrace (East), West-end park. 12.
E k Park Ter., Queen's drive (West), Crosshill. 19.
D I Park Terrace, Albert road, Langside. 19.
A g Park Terrace, Govan. 24.
Fh Park Ter.. Preston & Smith streets, Govanh. 16.
F Parker Street, Whiteinch, from Dumbarton road
to North street. 23.
L i Parkhead, east from Gallowgate. 2.
/ 1 Parkhill Drive, Clincart Hill, Rutherglen. 2

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