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G i Dalmeny Street, off Rutherglen road. 16.
Iff Dalmeny Terrace, Craigpark street. 4.
Ej Dalmeny Ter., Kenmure st., Pollokshields. 18.
Cr Dalnair St., off Old Dumbarton rd, Yorkhill. 11.
// Dalton St., f. Hollyback st. to Kilberry St. 6.
C j Dalziel Drive, Pollokshields. 18.
A e Dane's Drive, from Westland drive to Victoria
drive, Scotstoun. 26.
Bj Dargarvel Avenue, Dumbreck. 18.
A e Darnley avenue, from Dumbarton road to
Danes dr. 26.
D k Darnley Garden3, f. Darnley rd. to Fotheringay
road. 18.
D k Darnley Road, to Eastwood Parish Bound., 18 ;
beyond Parish Bound., 20.
Ej Darnley St., f. Maxwell rd to Nithsdale rd. 18.
D I Darnley Ter., Kilmarnock rd., Shawlands. 20.
/ i David St., Gallowg. to Broad st., Mile-end. 2.
A c Davidson Gardens, off Abbey dr., Partick. 23.
I j Davidson Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1.
F e Dawson Road, off Craighall road. 7.
L i Dawson Street, Parkhead. 2.
F k Dean Place, Govanhill street, Govanhill. 16.
G g Dean Street, off Balmano street. 10.
E h Dean Terrace, Paisley road.
Deanpark Terrace, Govan. 24.
Gff Deanside Lane, f. 74 George st. to Rottenrow. 10
K i Dechmont St., off Dalmarnock st,, Parkhead. 2.
K i Dellburn Street, f. Janefield street to M'Dougall
street, Parkhead. 2.
G g Dempster St., f. west side of N. Frederick at. 10
I j Deuholm Place, 27 to 41 Springfield road. 1.
F d Denmark Street, off Allander 8t. 7.
I g Dennistoun Garderjs, Cumbernauld road. 4.
Ce Derby Crescent, off Kelvin drive, Kelvinside. 14
D g Derby St., Argyle st. to Kelvingrove pk. 12.
D g Derby Terrace, Derby street to Gray street 12
F % Devon St., f Eglinton st. to Pollokshaws rd. 17.
B d Devonshire Gardens, f. Hyndland rd. to Hugh-
enden rd., Kelvinside, W. 12.
E e Dick Street, off North Woodside road. 13.
Cg Dingwall Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
D e Dinmont Road, off Ravenswood drive, Shaw-
lands, 19 ; Nos. bi and 56, 20.
E k Dixon's Avenue, Govanhill. North side, 16.
South side, Nos. 2 to 66, 16. Other Nos., 19.
F k Dixon Road, i. Cathcart rd. to Aikenhead rd. 19.
F h Dixon St., f Great Clyde Bt. to Howard st. 10.
E k Dixon Terrace, 317 to 329 Allison street. 16.
G g Dobbie's Loan, f. Parliamentary rd. to Garscuberd.
Do. f. Parliamentary rd. to Pt. Dundas rd. 8.
Do. from P. Dundas rd. to Garscube rd. 9.
E h Dock Lane, off Springfield lane. 17.
Cg Deck Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 11.
D i Dolphin Road, f. Fotheringay road to Eastwood
Parish Boundary, 18; other portion, 20.
E e Doncaster Street, off Well road. 13.
D e Doon Place. Qu^en Margaret drive. 14.
D j Doon Terrace, Shields road, and Prince's street,
Pollokshields. 18.
Eg Dorset St., f. Cleveland st. to Elderalie st. 11.
Eg Douglas Lane, f. W. George lane to Pitt st. 10.
Ef Douglas Place, corner Dunearn street and Great
Western road. 12.
E k Douglas Place, Langside road, Crosshill. 19.
E h Douglas St., from Argyle st. to Sauchiehall st.10.
Bf Douglas Street, off Dumbarton rd. Partick. 23.
Dj Douglas Ter., Nithsdale rd., Pollokshields. 18.
Ej Douglaston Terrace, Forth st., Pollokshields. 18
D e Doune Gardens, off Belmont street. 13.
D e Doune Quadrant, off Belmont street. 13.
D e Doune Ter., off Belmont street. 13.
C I Dovecot, Shawhill St., Pollokshaws. 20.
C m Dovehill Road, Pollokshaws. 19.
D g Dover Street, foot of Claremont street. 11.
Be DowanhillGards.,off Byres rd. and Partickh. 23.
Bf Dowanhill PL, f. Dowanhillst. to Mansfield st. 23.
Cf Dowanhill St., off Dumbarton rd. Partick. 23
B f Dowanvale Ter., off Hyndland st., Partick. 23.
Bf DowniePl., 482-492 Dumbarton rd.. Partick. 23.
H d Downs Street, off Balgray road. 6.
A g Drive Road, Govan. 24.
D e Drumlanrig Terrace, Cambridge drive. 13.
A d Drummond Gardens, Jordanhill. 12.
E Drummond Street, Lambhill, Maryhill. 7.
G g Drummond Street, off Parliamentary road. 8.
A' i Drumother Drive, off Great Eastern road.
Within municipal boundary, 2. Outside, 21
K i Drumother Mansions, Tollcross road. 21.
A h Drumoyne Avenue, off Langlands road. 24.
A h Drumoyne Cottages, Govan. 24.
A h Drumoyne Drive, Govan. 24.
A h Drumoyne Road, Govan. 24
A h Drumoyne Terrace, Govan. 24.
F g Drury Street, f. West Nile st. to Renfield st. 10.
K I Dryburghav.,offCalderwoodrd., Rutherglen. 22.
E e Dryburgh Gardens, off Wilton st. 13.
E g Drygate, from High street to Lady well street. 4.
B e Dudley Cr., continuation of Dudley Dr. 12.
B e Dudley Drive, off Minard rd., Partickhill. No.
7 and upwards, 12. No. 8 aad upwards,
12. Other Nos., 23.
A J Duguid Street, from Thornwood av., Partick. 23.
B h Duke Street, from High street to Parkhead cross.
Do. North side f. High st. to Eagbiit rd. 4.
Do. South aide fr. High st. to Thomson at. 3.
Do. Southaidef.Thomsonst.to Parkhead cr. 2
Do. Both sides f.Carntyne rd. to Parkhead cr.2
D g Dumbarton Road, now Argyle slreet.
Cf Dumbarton Road, Partick, from Partick Bridge
westwards. 23
B i Dumbreck Avenue, off Dumbreck rd. 18.
B i Dumbreck Rd.,fr. rail, to County Boundary. 18.
C b Dumgoyne Gardens, fr. Crosbie st. to Barra St.,
Maryhill. 14.
K I Dunard Road, Wardlawhill, Rutherglen. 22.
E e Dunard Street, off New City rd- 13.
D j Dunard Terrace, Herriet St., Pollokshields. 1 8.
e Duncan Av., off Dumbarton rd., Scotstoun. 26.
II i Duncan Street, off Canning street. 3.
H i Duncan St., f. Marlborough st. to Abercrom. St. 3.
Duncan Street, Pollokshaws. 20.
H h Dunchattan Street, off Duke street. 4.
Ff Dundas Hill, north of Port Dundas. 7.
F g Dundas Lane, f. Dundas st to Buchanan st 10.
E d Dundas Lane, off Dundas at, Kingston. 17.
F ff Dundas St, f. W. George at. to Cathedral st. 10.
Do. f. Cathedral st. to Parliamentary rd. 8.
E i Dundas Street, Kingston, from Paisley road to
Scotland street. 17.
E k Dundas Terrace, Langside road, Crosshill. 19.
Ff Dundas Vale, cor. of New City and Garscube
roads. 13.
C e Dundonald Road, Kelvinside. 12.
E k Dundonald Terrace, Allison st., Govanhill. 16.
E m Dundrennan Road, from Carmichael place to
River Cart 19.
Ef Dunearn Street, off Great Western road. 12.

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