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F g Cowcaddens St., f. junction with Buchanan st. to
New City road. 9.
Cowglen Road, Pollokshaws. 20.
E e Cowlairs Road, off Springburn road. 6.
G e Coxhill Street, between Pinkston and New Kep-
pochhill roads. 7.
Craig Road, Cathcart. 19.
R h Craig Street, off Duke street. 4.
D i Craig Street, Kinning Park. 18.
F e Craigbank Street, off Keppochhill road. 7.
/ e Craigendoran Terrace, Morrin street. 6.
Ff Craighall Road, f. Port Dundas to Possil rd. 7.
E k CraigieSt.,f. Prince Edward st. to Calder st. 18.
D h Craigiehall St., f. Mair st. to Lome st. 25.
E g Craigielea Street, off Alexandra Parade. 4,
Df Craiglaw Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. 12.
D g Craigmaddie Terrace, Sauchiehall street. 12.
E m Craigmillar Rd, f. Battlefield rd to River Cart. 1 9.
Craigmillar Terrace, Albert road, Langside. 19.
D d Craigmont Drive, Maryhill. 14.
D d Craigmont St., off Shaw Park st., Maryhill. 14.
Craigmore Street, off Plant street. 2.
C f Craigmore Terrace, Havelock st., Partick. 23.
E i Craignestock Place, off Gt. Hamilton st. 3.
E i Craignestock St., east end of Gt. Hamilton st. 3.
Bf Craignethan Gardens, M'Lean st., Partick. 23.
Bf Craignethan Place, Gardner at., Partick. 23.
F k Craignethan Terrace, Carfin street. 16.
I g Craigpark, f. Duke st. to Alexandra parade. 4.
Ig Craigpark Dr., off Craigpark, Dennistoun. 4.
/ g Craigpark Terrace, Craigpark. 4.
A h Craigton Cottages, Go van. 24.
A I Craigton Road, Govan. 24.
H d Craigton Terrace, off Hill st., Springburn. 6.
C i Craigton Terrace, off Paisley road. 25.
Craigville Cottages, Govan. 24.
L i Crail Street, Parkhead, off Westtriuir st. 2.
Gi Cramond St., f. Polniadierd. to Dalmeny st. 16.
A d Cranborne Road, from Great Western road to
Hatfield drive 12.
C c Cranbrooke Drive, Maryhill.
D g Cranston Hill, west end of Anderston. 1 1.
D g Cranston Place, 6 Cranston st., Anderston. 11.
D g Cranston Street, off Argyle street. 11.
Q e Cran worth Street, Hillhead. 12.
/ I Crawford Place, Stonelaw st, Rutherglen. 22.
Af Crawford Street, Partick. 23.
/ Ji Crawford Street, East. 2.
Ef Crawford Street, off Forth st., Port Dundas. 8.
/ l Crawford Street, off King street, Rutherglen. 22
E i Crawford Street, off Eglinton street. 17.
E C'awford Street, Lambhill, Maryhill. 7.
E Crescent, Lambhill. 7.
A d Crescent Road, off Gt. West. rd v Scotstonn. 26,
A g Cressey St., f. Govan road to River Clyde. 24.
G e Crichton Street, off Gourlay street. 6.
I g Crinan St., f. Culloden st. to Alexandra pk. 4.
K h Croft Street, off Great Eastern road. 2.
Em Cromarty Avenue, Newlands. 19.
E k Cromwell Road, off Camphill street, Noa. 146 to
158, 19; other Nos., 18.
E k Cromwell Sq., f. Queen's dr. to Camphill st. 19.
Ef Cromwell Street, f. New City road to Great
Western road. 13.
E k Crookston PI., Pollok9hawsrd, Strathbnngo. 18.
Ei Crookston St., from Paisley rd. to Scotland st. 17.
C b Crosbie St., off Caldercuilt rd., Maryhill. 14.
BJ Cross Street, off Hyndland St., Partick. 23.
C m Cross Street, Pollokshaws. 20.
Ff Crossburn Street, off Braid street. 9.
F k Crosshill Avenue, f. Old Cathcart road to Cross-
hill House. 19.
Em Crosshill (High), Rutherglen. 22.
Em Crosshill (Low), Rutherglen. 22.
Bd Crossloan Rd., off Gt. Western rd., Kelvinside. 12.
A h Crossloan Road, Govan. 24.
D I Crossmyloof, Pollokshaws road. 19.
D / Crossmyloof Buildings, Pollokshaws rd. 19.
D I Crossmyloof Mansions, Shawlands. 20.
A d Crow Road, fr. Dumbarton rd. to Balshagray,
Partick, 23; west side of Woodend drive, to
Anniesland cr., 26; other portions, 12.
Ce Crown Circus, Dowanhill. 23.
C e Crown Circus Road, f. Victoria circus to Hynd-
land road. North side, odd Nos. , 12 ; even
Nos., 23.
Fh Crown Court, 33 Virginia street. 10
B « Crown Gardens, Dowanhill. 23.
B e Crown Mansions, No. Gardner st., Partickhill 23
E k Crown Place, Crosshill. 19.
Crown PL, Partick, 208-230 Dumbarton rd. 23.
F i Crown Street, from Adelphi st., south. Nos.
372 to 500, 17; other Nos., 15.
8 e Crown Terrace, Dowanhill. 23.
[ i Crownpoint Rd., off Thomson's lane, Mile-end, to
Cubie st., 3; from Cubie st. to Crownpoint
street, 2.
/ i Crownpoint St., f. Gallowg. to Avenue street 2.
Fh Croy Place, f. Turner's court to Maxwell st. 10.
/ h Cubie St., from Gallowgate to Crownpoint road.
West side, 3; east side, 2.
I g Culloden St., f. Coventry drive to CanaL 4.
E h Cumberland Court, 168 Gallowgate. 3.
F i Cumberland Lane, off Cumberland street. 17.
D f Cumberland Lane, off Woodside road. 12.
Fi Cumberland Place, from Eglinton street to
Abbotsford Place. 17.
Fi Cumberland St, f. Nos. 1 to 185 and 2 to 190,
17 ; other Nos. 15.
E i Cumberland Street, Calton, off Canning st. 3.
I g Cumbernauld Road, off east end of Duke street.
Both sides from Duke street to city boundary,
4 ; north side fr. city boundary to Canal, 4 ;
north side from Canal to Cadder Parish
boundary, 5.
E k Cumbrae Place, Dixon avenue, Govanhill. 16.
C c Cumlodden Drive, off Church St., Maryhill. 14.
F I Camming Drive, Mount Florida. 19.
D I Cumnock St., fr. Pollokshaws rd. to Eastwood
avenue, Shawlands. 20.
Ef Cuthbertson Street, f. east of Victoria road, 16;
west of Victoria road, 18.
F k Cyprus Gardens, Dixon avenue. 16.
FI Cyprus Place, Shettleston. 21.
F k Daisy Street, off Calder st., Govanhill. 16.
M j Dalbeth Cemetery, south-east fr. Parkhead. 1.
Dale Row, Lambhill. 7.
E j Dale Street, Main st. to Dalmarnock rd. 1.
E h Dale St., Tradestou f. Clyde pi. to Cook st. 17.
E g Dalhousie Lane. 9.
Eg Dalhousie St., fr. N. City rd. to Sauchieh. st. 9.
B i Dalkeith Avenue. Dumbreck. 18.
Ij Dalmarnock PL, Playfair st., Bridgeton. 1.
I j Dalmarnock Road, fr. Bridgeton cross to Dal-
marnock bridge. 1.
K i Dalmarnock Street, Parkhead. 2.

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