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The Sprinkler Co., Ltd., London
(Morris patent automatic sprink-
ler), agents. Smith, Wincott &
Co., 63 Waterloo st
Watson Bros. (the Hoffmann
sprinkler), 22 Royal Exchange
Bonnybridge Silica and Fire Clay
Co., 166 BnchaoaQ st
Bourtreehill Coal Co., Ltd., manu-
facturers of every description of
fire-clay goods for home and ex-
port trade; specialties, white and
yellow enamelled scullery sinks,
wash-tub8,baths,clasets and milk
coolers, enamelled bricks, white
and coloured, enamelled tiles for
conservatories, &c.; works, Dreg-
horn, and Warrix, Ayrshire;
Glasgow office, 120 to 130 Sal-
keld street ; telephone Nos,
National, 47 Gorbals ; Coip.
X 470
Brown, R. & Son, Ltd., rFerguslie
Fire-clay Works, Paisley; manu-
facturers of specially glazed fire-
clay pipes and traps, sinks and
washing tubs in white enamel,
superior brown glaze, double
d.ipped vitrified and fine yellow
glaze, with enamelled supports
or pedestals for same, white .and
coloured enamel bricks of su-
perior lusire and finish, double
dipped vitrified bricks, and all
.articles made of fireclay of the
most superior quality and finish;
Glasgow depot and office, 360
Eglinton st; telephone Nos.,
National 349 Gorbals, Corpora-
tion X 34; priyate direct wire,
Glasgow and Paisley, No. 6209
National Telephone Co., Ltd.,
no charge for use
Browulie, P. S. & Co. rnakers of
enamelled sinks, wash tubs, W.C.
hasins, baths, and all descrip-
tions of sanitary ware, reg. trade
mark, " Kentigern," Crown Fire-
clay Works, 20 E. Nelson St.;
telegraphic address " Corona ; "
tele. Nos. Nat 2680; Corp. Y 687
Burns & Glover (sinks and tubs),
23 & 27 Oswald st
Calder Fire-Clay Co., Calder Brick
Work, Coatbridge
Ca&tlecary Fire Clay Co., Ltd.,
(lime burners), Castlecary, near
Glasgow, and 2 Exchange pi.,
Craig, J. & M. Ltd. makers of
coloured and white bricka, wash
tubs, sinks, &c., 98 Commerce
St. 8.S. ; telep. Nos. Nat. 1791
Scnth Side- Corp. X98
Currie & Co., Ld. office, 18 Both-
well St.; depot, General Terminus,
308 Paisley road, and 25 Cath-
cart street, Greenock ; telephone
Nos., Nat. 547 and 648 Argyle,
Corporation 544
DamJey Fire-Clay Works, Nitshill;
.(Allaa Kirkwood), office, 67 Gt.
Clyde St.; stoxe 101 Pollokshaws
rd.; telephone Nos , National
3458; Corporation 2465 ; tele-
grams, " Kirkwood," Nitshill
Dougalj, J.,& Sons^ Ltd. (and Gani-
ster). Bonny bridge, fc)Hrling!*hire
Farnley (The) Iron Co. Ltd.,
Leeds ; manufacturers of por-
celain baths, glazed bricks, sinks,
wash tubs, mangers, lavatories,
&c.; agent, Julius V. Scott, 109
Hope st
Feldtmann, R. & Co. foreign agents
for Brand, " Morningside," 66
West Regent st
Gardner & Greenshields (late
with John Morison & Son, fire
bricks, chimney cans, &c. ), 24
Howard street
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. Ltd. makers
of white and coloured enamelled
bricks, double- dipped vitrified
bricks, fire bricks, facing bricks,
sewerage pipes, chimney cans,
ornamental vases, and all .kinds
of fire-clay goods, 18 Charles
street, St. Rollox ; depot. Monk-
land Canal basin ; works, Gart-
craig, by Mdlerston; telegraphic
address, " Gartcraig;" telephone
Nos., National and Corpn. 1299
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. Glenboig
Gilmour, Morton & Co. Ltd. nianu-
factnrers of glazed sewerage
pipes, chimney cans, patent vents,
wall coping, white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white facing
and fire bricks, enamelled sinks,
wash-down closets, garden edg-
ing, &c. 10 Cook St. S.S.; works,
Bonnyton, Kilmarnock
Glenboig (The) Union Fire
Clay Co., Ltd. (gas retorts, fire
bricks, and sewerage pipes, &c.);
offices, 48 W. Regent St.; depot,
head of Glebe St., St. Rollox.—
See Advt. in Appendix
Heathfield and Cardowan Fire-clay
Co. ; office, 52 Robertson street
Howie, J. & R. (Kilmarnock), 29
Waterloo st. ; depot, Cook street
station ; tel., Nos. Corp. 4182 ;
Nat. 668 Argyle
Hurll, Peter & Mark, compo-
sition building brick, white facing
bricks, terra-cotta and chimney
cans, glazed sewer pipes, sewer
bottoms, &c. ; works, Garscnbe
and Knightswood, Maryhill;
office, 144 W. Regent St.; depot,
St. Rollox
Hurll, Peter & Mark, Garnqueen
and Gartliston Fireclay Works,
Glenboig; office, 144 W. Regent
st ; depot. Glebe st. St Rollox ;
tele. Nos., Corp. 2522; Nat. 147
Jenkins, J. B., & Co., Neath ; W.
P. Ross, 166 Buchanan st.
Kelvin Brick and Tile Co., 50
Wellington st. ; depot, Partick
Station N.B.R.
Kirkwood, Allan, Darnley Fire-Clay
Works, Nitshill, near Glasgow ;
office, 67 Gt. Clyde St.; store,
101 Pollokshaws road; tele-
pbpne Nos., National 3458;
Corporation 2456 ; telegrams,
" Kirkwood," Nitshill
Leshe, John, & Co., 68 Gordon st.
Lincolne, & Co. (manfrs. of Forth,
Phoenix, and Yulcan fire brick?,
and .Lincolne patent pressed
bricks), 204 St. Vincent st
Macleod, Wm. , & Co , 60, 62 & 64
Robertson street
M'Nair, And., & Co. 27 Oswald st
Mather, R. & J. 95 Bath st
Morrison, Ingram & Co., Ltd.;
And. W. Allan, agent, 18 West-
end Park St.
Morton, John (of Gilmour, Morton
& Co. Ltd ), 10 Cook st
Muir, Robert, & Co., 27 OiW.ald st
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce
St. s.s. ; telephone Nos., Nat.
1791 South Side; Corp. X 98
Musgrave,G. & D., Ltd., 96 Bath st
Perceton Fire-clay Works, Kil-
marnock; depot, 98 Commerce
street ; telephone Nos., National
1791 S.S.; Corporation X 98
Rots & Wilson, 29 Waterloo street;
depot. Cook street station ; tel.
Nos., Cor. 4182; Nat. 568 Argyle
Shawsrigg Fire Clay and Enamel-
ling Co.. Ltd., 370 Eglinton st
Southhook Fire Clay Co.,Ltd.,
manufacturers of white ■ and
CDloured etiamelied bricks, also
vitrified facing and fire bricks ;
office, 82 Gordon st. (Corp. tel.
3492) ; depot. Cook st. Terminus
(Nat. tel. 1550 South); works,
Crosshouse, Kilmarnock (Nat,
tel. 56 Kilmarnock)
Speirs, Gibb, & Co., Canal st.
Port Eglinton
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 72, 80
Brown st. City
Stewart, R. B. & Co. 120-130
Salkeld st.; telephone Nos., Nat.
47 Gorbals ; Corn. X 470
Snmmerlee (The) and Mossend Iron
and Steel Co. Ltd. 172 West
George street
Twyfords, Ltd. Cliffe Vale Pot-
teries, Hanley, Staffordshire,
baths, lavatories, w.c. basins,
urinals, wash tubs, sinks, &c.
&c. 96 Bath st

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