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mCraig, J. & M. Ld., 98 Commerce
St.; teleph. Nos. Nat. 1791 S.S.
Corp. X 98
mCurrie & Co. Ltd.; bricks of all
kinds ; office, 18 Bothwell st.;
depot, 308 Paisley road ; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 547 and 548
Argyle ; Corp. 544
ffiDarnley Fireclay Woiks, Nitshill
(Allan Kirkwood), office, 67 Gt.
Clyde St.; store, 101 Pollok-
shaws rd.; telephone Nos. Corp.
2466, Nat. 3458; telegrams,
" Kirkwood," Nitshill
Dickson, Robert, 717 London rd
m Dixon, Wm. Ltd. Govan, Gar-
turk, and Carfin Brickworks;
office, 1 Dixon street
mDodds, John, 470 Garngad road
Dunlop, Jas., & Co , 7 Royal Bank
inEdwards, J. C. (Ruabon red,
bniF, and blue metallic bricks
and tiles), 196 St. Vincent st
mEglinton (The) Silica Brick Co.
Ltil (busic furnace linings), 8
Firhill road
(Ferguson & Anderson, 18 Have-
lock St. Partick; telephone Nos.
Nat, 491, Corp. w 49
mFlemington (The) Coal Co. Ltd.
Gateside Brickworks, Cambus-
lang ; registered office, 5 West
Regent st.
mFlemington (The) Coal Co Ltd.
registered office, 5 W. Regent st
Forrest & M'Leod, 12 Dixon st
Fraser, Jas., & Co., 618 Duke st
Gardner & Greenshieldf, 24 How-
ard street
Gartcraig Fire Clay Co., Ltd., 18
Charles st., St. RoUox
Gibbs, Arthur, 87 Coatbank st.,
Gibbs, Geo., 2 Syriam terrace,
Gilchrist, John, Lugar street,
Gilchrist, Robt. & Son, 50 New st.
wGilniour, Morton & Co. Ltd.manu-
facturers of white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white facing,
brown vitrified, and fire bricks,
glazed sewerage pipes and traps
for connections, enamelled sinks
and wash- down closets, 10 Cook
street, s.s. ; works, Bonnyton,
iTnGlenboig (The) Union Fire-clay
Co. Ld.; office, 48 W. Regent St.;
depot, head of Glebe st. St.
Eollox. — See Advi. in, Appendix.
»Goldie, James, & Son, 52 St.
Enoch square
jGray, James, 500 Old Edinburgh
rreen, John, & Co., 600 Eglinton
7«Greenfield (The) Coal and Brick
Co. Ltd. Greenfield Colliery
mGreenhill Colliery Co. Ltd
52 St. Enoch square
Gregory & Co., 6 Overdale gdns.
mGregory, Reddish & Co., Ltd.,
(silica, magnesite, &c.) ; agents,
J. B. Smith & Co., 12 Waterloo
mHafter, A. non-conducting cork
bricks and segments, 462 Deb-
bie's loan
wjHamblets Blue Brick Co. ; Robt.
A. King & Co., agents, 52 St.
Enoch square
Hamilton, John R. 318 Scotland st
Harvey, Wm. (magnesite, bauxite &
carbon bricks), 93 Hope street;
tele., Nat. 672 Argyle.
mHeatbfield & Cardowan Fire-clay
Co., office, 52 Robertson street
Hill, Thos., & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Howie, J. & R., Hurlford & Plann
fire clay works, near Kilmarnock;
fire brick, white enamelled, col-
oured, & double dipped vitrified
brick, 29 Waterloo st., Glasgow;
depot. Cook street stition; tele.,
Corp. 4182; Nat. 568 Argyle.
mHurll, Peter & Mark, Gartiiston
and Gam queen Fireclay Works
Glenboig ; office, 144 W. Regent
st. ; depot, St Rollox ; telephone
No. 147
TwHurll, Peter & Mark, composition
bricks, white, blue, terra cotta
fancy bricks, glazed pipes,
chimney cans, &c.; office, 144
West Regent street ; depot, St.
Rollox; telephone Nos., Corp.
2522 ; Nat. 147
jnKelvinside (The) Brick Co. Lmtd.
45 Hope st
Kelvin Brick & Tile Co., 50 Well-
irgton St. ; depot, Partick station
Kerr, Neil, & Son, 33 Ciiftbrd st
mKiikwood, Allan, Darnley Fire-
clay Works, Nitshill, near Glas-
gow ; office, 67 Great Clyde St.;
store, 101 Pollokfhaws road.
Telephone Nos. Corp. 2465, Nat
3458; telegrams, ''Kirkwood,
Laird & Walker, 161 «& 169 Shields
TOLaurie, Wm. 222 St James' road
Lawson, J. & K., 106 Queens-
boroogh gardens
Leslie, John, &; Co.(brickmakers'
oil), 68 Gordon street
mLincolne & Co., 204 St. Vincent
Lindsay, Wm. 17 M'Aslin st
London & Inglis, Clelland ; also
Laird st. Coatbridge
Lumsden, Robert, 20 Finlay drive
M'Donald, Alex. 41 Ingelfield st
M'Donald & Niven, 23a Thistle
street, s.s.
M'Ewan, Alex. & Son, 31-36
Bridge St. Partick
M'Intyre, A. & Son, 65 Nithsdale
M'Intyre, D., 31 Pitt st
M'Millan, Andrew, 345 Baltic st.
Mailer, Andrew, 310 Stobciosa
Marshall, Alex. G., 118 W. Princes
Meiklejohn, Andrew, 10 Kerr st.,
Merry & Cunningham, Ltd., 127
St. Vincent st
mMerryton Coal Co,, 65 Ren-
field street
Milton (The) Brick Works, Ltd. ;
works, Harvey st. Poit-Dundaa;
regd. office, 225 St. Vincent st
Mitchell, David C. agent for the
'"Ay" Dioas silica brick,
cement, clay, &c. 118 Queen st
mMnrray & Stewart, 98 Commerce
street; telephone Nos. Nat 1791
South side; Corp. x98
Neisb, Peter, 17 J Gowerst., Ibrox
Nimmo, Jas. & Co. Ltd. 21 Both-
well street
Orr, William, 128 Hope st. and 4
Maxwell St., Partiffk; telephones
Corp., 1 85 ; Nat. 213X5 Argyle
Paterson & Baldie, 63 Waterloo
Paterson, John, & Son, Ltd. 610
Pollokshaws rd
Penman, M. & Sons, 104 Pollok-
shaws road
mPorter, J. & Sons, Jeanfield
Brickworks, London road
Robertson, H. & Sons, Eitrick villa,
Crossloan road, Govan
fwRowland, W. & T. 53 Water-
loo St.; tele,, Nat., 219 Argyle;
Corp., 2199.
mScoitish (The) Silicate Brick Co.
Ltd. 122 Wellington street
mShawsrigg Fire Clay and Enamel-
ling Co. Ltd. .S70 Eglinton st
mSmart, H. & H. E. Kidwellye,
South Wales, Silica bricks for
Siemens' furnaces ; agent, A. V.
Cherrie, Tollcross
wSmith, Wincott & Co. all kinds of
coal, gas, or coke fired furnaces,
chimneys, &c., hiph temperature
work generally, 63 Waterloo st
Southhook Fire Clay Co., Ld.,
roatufacturers of white and
coloured enamelled bricks, also
vitrified facing and fire bricks ;
office, 82 Got don i-t. ; Corp. tele.
3492 ; Glasgow depot. Cook st.
terminus; tele., Nat. 1560South;
works, Crosshouse, Kilmarnock;
Nat., tele. 56 Kilmarnock

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