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Accident Insurance Co. (Iitd.) (Established
1849), Personal Accident, Workmen's Compen-
sation, Employers Liability, Guarantee, Burglary
and Plate Glass Insurances ; Joseph Collier, dis-
trict manager, 203 Hope st.; house, Riversdale, 55
Kylepark, Uddingston.
Accident Assurance of all descriptions effected by
the Law Accident Insurance Society, Ltd., 129
Hope street; R. M. MacLaren, Manager for
Accident Insurance Co. (of London) ; special repre-
sentatives since 1850, John Marin & Son, 142 St.
Vincent st.
Accident Insurance London Guarantee &
Accident Co., Ltd. (Est. 18t!9), 87 St. Vincent
street; R. D. Johnston, manager for Scotland.
Accident (The) Insurance Co (Limited), 55 West
Regent street; Jno. Robertson.
Accident Insurance Co. (Limited), Reid & Banner-
man, 121 West Geiirge street.
Ace dent Insurance Office; Wm. M'Aslan, 58 Bath st.
AOHESON, Christopher, church officer, St. Silas
Church, Park rd. ; ho. 120 Park rd. W.
Acheson, Harry, provision merchant, 79 Watt st. ;
ho. 169 Calder st.
Achilles Steel Co., 11 West Regent Street.
ACHNACH & Co., wholesale and export waterproof
and indiarubber manufacturers, Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110 and 112 Commerce st.; telephone No.
1799; Corporation X 110.
ACKERMAN-LAURANCE,Saumur; agts., D. Mac-
dougal], junr. & Co., 82 West Nile street.
ACKLANU, J., Burrator, Mansewood, Polloksliaws.
Acme Engine Co., Ltd., sole makers of "Acme"
gas and oil engmes ; works, BudhiU avenue,
Acme Manufacturing Co., Ltd. makers of Acme
wringing machines, mangles, &c., Shettleston ;
show rooms, 34 John street. City.
Acme Rope and Twine Works, 9 Howard street and
24 Adams Court lane ; telephone No. 6880.
Acme Stamp and Brand Works, 126 London st.
Acme Steel and Foundry Co. , steel and castings
(Siemens and crucible) manufacturers, &c.,
Acme (The) Tea Chest Co. (Ltd.), Glasgow Steel
Works, Polmadie road, tea chest makers and
patentees, P. Stuart Brown, F.C.S., managing
director. Telephone No. 50 Crossbill.
Acme (The) Tea Chest Co., Ltd., saw millers and
patent case makers, 22-26 Pulteney st.; telephones
No. 5204 Royal; 3719 Corporation.
ACTIEN, Gesellschaft Fur Anilin Fabrikation Anilin,
dye manufacturers, Berlin ; agents, James Miller,
Sons & Co., 79 West Nile street.
ACTON, Aubrey, chemist and druggist, 237 Main
street, Bridgeton; house, 239 do.
ADAIR, Alex, (at Galbraith & Win ton's, 48 Kelvin
St.), ho. 27 Clarendon st.
Adair & Co. (combined with Alexander Stewart),
merchant tailors, hosiers, glovers, inventors and
makers of the " Paragon " shirt, pulpit gown and
robe makers, gentlemen's Anglo-American, foreign
and colonial outiitters, 158 Ai-gyle street (Mitchell
St. corner), worki-ooms, 1 Mitchell st.; telephone
Corporation No. 168.
Adair, Jas. stevedore, 121 Govan road, Plantation.
Adair, John (of Adair & Co.); ho. 41 Polwarth
teiTace, Edinburgh.
ADAM, Alex., architect, 212 St. Vincent st. ; ho.
119 Bowman street. Crossbill.
Adam, A. M. (of S. A. Liebert & Co.). 8 Prince's
square ; ho. St. Leonard's, Bridge of Weir.
Adam, Andrew, drysalter (late of Jamestown),
296 St. George's road.
Adam, A. Leannouth, c )lliery and engineers' furnisher,
264 Maxwell road, PoUokshields.
Adam, Colin, millinery warehouseman, 53, 55 St.
George's rd. ; ho. 296 Bath street.
Adam, David R. (of R. & D. Adam) ; res. Althea,
Adam. D. golf club maker, 65 Cumbernauld rd. and
100 Miller St.
Adam, D. & Co., printers, stationers, and litho-
graphers, 64 Union street.
Adam, Daniel R. (of R. & D. Adam) ; ho. Bushyhill,
Adam, George, & Son, smiths, wrought-iron and art
metal workers, gates, railing, collapsible gates,
&c., Wald street, Temple; ho. 34 Ancaster drive;
Corporation telephone W709.
Adam & Gray, cabinetmakers, 10 Hydepark street.
Adam, Hugh, commercial traveller, 18 Clincart rd..
Mount Florida.
Adam, James (of Johnston, Watt & Adam),
ho. Hawthorn hill, Helensburgh.
Adam, James, teller, Clydesdale Bank; ho. Dundaff,
Adam, James, contractor. Centre street; ho. 1270
Dumbarton road, Whiteinch; telephone Nos., Nat,,
493 Partick ; Corporation, W 690.
Adam, James, coal and fire clay goods merchant,
Govan Railway Station.
Adam, James, M.A., teacher, Pupil Teachers' In-
stitute; ho. 11 Montague street.
Adam, John (of Russell & Adam), ho. Larch-
grove, Shettleston.
Adam, John, commercial traveller (at Stephen
Mitchell & Son, branch of the Imperial Tobacco
Co. of Gt. Britain and Ireland, Ltd ), res. 63 Kyle
Park, Uddingston.
Adam, John (of Adam & M'Farlane) ; ho. 58 Holm-
head street.
Adam, John, & Co., masons, builders, and con-
tractors, 404 PiiUokshawa road.
Adam, John (of John Adam & Co.), ho. 348 Maxwell
Adam, John (at Ingall, Parsons, Clive, & Co.'s, Lim.),
ho. 351 Renfrew street.
Adam, John, 2 Lansdowne place, Shawlands.
Adam, John, commission agent, 6 Hanover st, ; ho.
63 Kyle Park, Uddingston.
Adam, John W , managing director, The Linwood
Machine Tool Co,, Ltd.; ho. Ferguslie villa,
Adam, J. K. W., plumber and gasfitter, 92 Houston'
street ; house, 90 do.
Adam, J. M. & Co., pneumatic engineers, Ibrox
Iron Works, Fairley street, Govan ; telegrams,
" Adamant," Glasgow; Corp. telephone 66 Govan-
Adam, J. Milieu (of J. M. Adam & Co.), ho. 15
Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. "
Adam, J. & Wm. M'Gregor, painters and decorators, j
Town's Cross, Pollokshaws.
Adam, L Colquhoun, M.B, & CM., surgeon and j
physician, 4 Montgomerie terrace. Temple ; house, J
1 Lansdowne avenue, Jordanhill. j
Adam, M., desigaer, 63 Finlay drive. |

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