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Buik, Leonidas B. 7 Wardlaw dr
Bunten, Mrs. SherifF Riggs
Burnett, Rev. Geo., Viewpark
Bnrns, John, boot and shoe
maker, 104 Main street
Burnside, R. A. spirit merchant,
52 and 54 Stonelaw st
Burnside, S. M. spirit merchant,
110 Main St
Burton, Jas. manufacturer, Burn-
side factory ; res. Balfron
Bytheway, P. C, 11 Balmoral
Cadzow, John, Toryglen, Stone-
law road
Caledonian Pottery Co., Ltd.
potters, Caledonian Pottery
Cameron, John, 8 Wardlaw drive
Cameron, Wm. 19 Dunard rd
Campbell, Don. 17 Wardlawhill
Campbell, D., WestSeld villas
Campbell, G. W., Anvers, Calder-
wood road
Campbell, John, veterinary sur-
geon, 7 Chapel st
Campbell, Mias, hardwares, 22
Wardlawhill street
Carrick, James, plumber, 5 Carlyle
Carruthers, William, Olinda, High
Carson, Roht. cycle maker and
brassfounder, 42 Queen street
Cartwright, Jno. T. Garifern, High
Cathkin L aundry (Giffen & Bissett)
Calhcatt road
Chalmers, George, 34 Westmuir
Chalmers, Jas. jun. restaurant, 14
Main street
Chalmers, Wm. C, Glenmay, Jed-
burgh avenue
Chaplin, Mrs. 19 Dunard rd
Cbarieris, Wm. C. missionary,
Evangelistic Institute; ho. 13
Dunard rd
Christie, Mrs. 26 Wardlaw ave.
Chrystai, Wm. J. chemical manufr.
Shawfield Chemical Works; res.
Auchendennan, Arden, Dumbar-
tonshire ; station, Balloch
Clark, Andrew (Chde Paper
Co. Ltd.), Dunian, Cambuslang
Clarke, Robert, M.B. CM. 233
Main street ; ho. Reuther villa
Clark, William, Reuther house
Clark, Miss, Ardlul, Melrose av
Clark, Mrs. fruiterer, 39 Farme-
loan road
Clifford, Joseph H. Ro3slyn, Kelso
Clyde Paper Co. (Limited), paper
makers, Cambuslang road
Cochrane, Andrew, grocer and tea
merchant, 55 Main st
Cochran, 0. 4 Smith ter.
Collins, C. J. 13 Wardlaw drive
Colquhoun, John S., Glenmore,
Jedburgh avenue
Commercial Bank, 1 Glasgow
Connelly, E. dairy, 231 Main st
Connelly, Edward, assurance agt.
197 Main street
Connelly, J. egg merchant, 9
Chapel street
Cook, Alex Parkneuk, Dryburgh
Cook, John A. medic »1 prac-
titioner, 98 Mainst. ; ho. 162 do
Cooper, Mrs., Greenhill cottage,
Cooper, Mrs. T. Holylee, Stonelaw
Core, Robt. S. 42 Wardlaw ave
Corporation Telephone OiBce, 57
Queen street
Corson, John, 10 Dunard road
Couper, Jas. 17 Dunard road
Coutts, D. butcher, 3 New Farme
place; ho. 12 Carlyle terrace
Craig, Miss, furnishings and hard-
wares, 39 Mill st
Craig, Misses, milliners and dress-
makers. 237 Main street
Cram, John, MA. M.B. CM.
physician & surgeon, 229 Main
st. ; ho, Invermay, 1 Calderwood
Crawford, John, Janefield, Brae-
side avenue, Gallowflat
Crawford, John, 4 Stonelaw street
Crawford, S. chandler, 8 Wallace
Crawford, Samuel, grocer, 6 Wal-
lace St.; ho. 29 Harriet st
Crichton, Walter, Bellgrave, Mill-
Crofts, Wm. 17 Gallowflat pi.
Crosher, C. M'A. 44 Wardlaw av
Crosher, Henry, 17 Wardlaw ave.
Cross, James, licensed grocer, 10
Burn rd
Cross, Robt. licensed grocer, 26
Stonelaw st.; ho. 1 Regent st
Cross, Walter, butcher, 44 Main st
ho. 57 do
Cullen, P. dairy, 37 Stonelaw st
CuUen, Wm. butcher, 31 and 33
Main st
Cunningham, J. D. Alderbrae,
Stonelaw road
Cunningham & Wyllie, nursery-
men, Clincarthill
Currie, D. 8 Woodside avenue
Currie, D. M. Holmhead, Parkhill
Currie, G. F., The Pearls, Dry-
burgh ave
Currie, Robert, licensed grocer, 86
Main st; ho. 19 Dunard rd
Darling, John, Belvoir, Jedburgh
Darling, John, jun. Linden, Stone-
law road
Davidson, George, 11 Miller ter.
Davidson, Geo. A. 18 Miller ter
Davidson, John, 8 Wardlaw drive
Davidson, Miss M. spirit merchant,
20 Queen st
Davidson, W. & J. fleshers, 36 Mill
Davies, Robt., Birnock, Albany
Dawson, D. C , Dysart, Stonelaw
Dawson, Capt. Jas. 7 Sefton ter
Dawson, Capt. Jas., jun,, Cleve-
den, Stonelaw rd
Deans, E. spirit mercb., 42 Main
st ; ho. 66 do
Delaney, Owen, 3 Wardlaw dr
Dewar, D. Merlo villa, Burnside
Dey, Geo, S. Elrick, Dryburgh av
Dey, H. & R. M. tailors, &c., 41
Farmeloan road
Dey, Henry, 20 Wardlawhill st
Dey, Jno. F. (Clyde Paper Co.,
Ltd.), Glenburn, Dryburgh ave
Dey, Robt. A. Annfield, Dryburgh
Dey, R. M. 45 Farmeloan road
Dey, Wm. A. 6 Wardlaw drive
Dey, Mrs., stationer, 8 New Farme
place ; ho. Dryburgh avenue
Dick, James, confectioner, 1
Main st
Dick, Mathew H. flesher, 182 Main
St.; ho. Newton villa
Dickie, Thos. D., 36 Wardlaw
Dingwall, Geo. C. Ardoch, Jed-
burgh avenue
Doig, Alex, tea merchant, 228
Main st
Doran, F. J., spirit merchant, 1
Chapel st
Drummond, R., 24 Glasgow rd
Drummond, R. W. traveller, 19
Wardlaw avenue
Drysdale, J. P. Caraholly, Braeside
Duncan, Arch., Fereneze, Dryburgh
Eadie, Andw. (of James Eadie &
Sons), 62 Aytoun rd. Pollok-
Eadie, Jas,. & Sons, lap welded
iron and steel tube makers,
Clydesdale Tube Works, Dal-
marnock bridge
Eadie, Wm. Auburn villa
Eastmans, Ltd., 50 Main st
Edgar, Andrew, X7 Gallowflat
Edgar, Robt. joiner, 63 Farmeloan
Edmiston, Allan S. inspector of
poor, Braeside, Clincarthill
Edmiston, Alex, joiner, 50 Queen
street; res, Whitefield house
Edmiston, Wm. 7 Wardlaw av
Elliot, James, assurance agent, 3
Wardlaw drive
Erskine, B. plumber, 46 Hamilton

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