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Stirling, Allan, farmer, Robroyston
Stirling, James, painter, North-
bank, Colston
Stuart, John, farmer, Beerhill
Tainsh, Henry, farmer, Myriemail-
Tait, Geo., Braewick
Tait, Tho3., Forrness
Tennent, M. B. grocer
Thom, James, contractor, Karonga
Thomson, Archibald, farmer,Croft-
Thomson, Henry, Groftpark, Colt-
Thomson, Robert, Crowbill road
ToUan, Hugh, grocer, Auchinairn.
Torrance, Jas., Lily vale
Towers, John, Marylea
Towers, John, Willowbank
Turnbull, Alex., & Co., Ltd.,
engineers and valve makers, St.
Mungo Works; telegraphic ad-
dress, "Valve, Bishopbriggs ; "
telephone No. 4394; trade
mark " Tnrvals."
Turnbull, Alex. M.I.Mecb.E.
(managing director of Alex.
Turnbull & Co. Ltd.), resid.
Euberslaw, Innellan
Ure, Allan, M., Muirpark terrace
Ure, Daniel, grocer and wine mer-
chant, 118 Main street; house,
Waddell, Jas. Whins
Walker, Mrs. David, Beechmount
Ward, Thos. , Laurelbank
Warren, Thomas, Cleddens House
Watson, Mrs., Maxwell cottage
Watson, Wm., builder, Grassmere i
Watt, J. B.A. minister of Cadder (
parish, Cadder Manse
Weir, Geo. & Co., grocer and pro-
vision merchant
Weir, Jn. farmer, Ashfield, Possil
While, W. , Hawklin park, Colston
Wilson, Claud, Roseleacot
Wright, J. .T. , Burnside, Colston
Young, Andrew, Ashbum
Young, Andrew, Brackenbrae
Young, Arch. jun. Craigielea
Young, Robert, manager, St. Mango
Works ; house, Milton cottage,
In the North- Eastern division of
Lanarkshire, Sir W. S. Rattigan
M.P. Population, about 3980.
Number of houses occupied,
730. Assessable rental, £14, 700
Adam John J., Mayfield
Adam, Malcolm, Mayfield
Addison,W. Innes, Mount Pleasant
Aitchman, A. & T. painters, Clyde-
Aitken, Thos. Glendhu
Aitken, James, Douglas lodge
Bain, Misses, Roxburgh villa
Baird, Matthew B. West house
Baird, Wm. & Co. Ltd. Bothwell
Banks, Jas. Y. ironmonger, West-
Bannerman, William, Silverwells
Barnett, Robert, Bertha Park
Barr, Andrew, joiner, Camphill
Beardmore, Isaac, Lymington lodge
Bell, E. R. Craigneish
Blackburn, A. G. Wingfield
Blair, John, Braeside
Bothwell Apothecaries Co. Main
St.; E, A. Stewart, chemist
Bothwell Park Quarries and Brick-
works, Ltd. Fallside
Boyd, David, plumber. Main st
Boyd, John, Dunclutha
Brown, James, Cairncross
Brown, John P., Westport
Brown, John, Ardaross
Brown, P. Stuart, Bothwell Park
Brown, Robert, Craighead house
Brown, R, L. Old Bank house
Brown, Robt. M. retired officer of
H.M. Customs, Glenelg
Bruce, Rev. J. R. M.A. U. F.
Manse, Bothwell Park
Burt. Peter, Holybank
Calder, James, fish merchant,
Thorntree House
Caldwell, William, Bothwell Bank
Caledonian Rail, station ; Simon
Graham, station master
Cameron, A. M. plasterer. Main st
Cameron & Murry, plasterers,
Main st
Clark, James B. Fairyknowe
Clarke, William, Beechcroft
Cleland, Mrs Alexander, Rosebank
Clyde Hotel; Mirlees Chassels,
Clydesdale Bank Ltd.; branch Main
St.; Wm. M'Nab, agent
Colles, B. 0., Haverstock
Co-operative Society, Uddingsfon
Branch, Waverley place
County Police, Fountain place,
Main street
Crichton, William, fruiterer, Main
Cross, Alexander, Snmmerhill
Crowe, James M. schoolmaster,
Cullen, John, Fairfield house
Dick, Maxwell, insurance agent,
Dick, Wm. Rosepark
Dickson, Geo. flesher, Main st
Dixon, James S. coalmaster, Fair-
Dobson, D. Ashley cottage
Dolan, Mrs. Jno. cab owner, Main
Donald, Hugh, Camphill Spirit
Downie, J. W., clothier and draper,
Main st. ; house, Oriel villa
DuflF, Thos. Lyndhurst
Duncan, Clyde, Invemeil
Dunlop, W. M. Burnbrae
Easton, Mrs. Viewfield
Edgar, John, St. Andrew's cottage
Elmwood Convent ; Sis. M. Stanis-
laus, superioress
Established Church; Rev. Dr.
Pagan, minister
Ewen, Peter, Craigielea
Findlay, A. Haxton
Findlay, James, Fern Hurst
Finlayson, Captain, Kelvin Cottage
Fleming, Alexander, Raith farm
Fleming, Geo. plumber, Main st.;
ho. Lyleston
Forgie, Jas. T. Mosspark
Foster, Mrs., Hawthorn house
Foster, Mrs. Post Office
Frame, Wm. butchei'. Main st
Eraser, Jas. Sweethope stables
Freebairn, A. Park place
Freebairn, Jas. shoemaker, Main st
Galloway, John, of Inland Revenue,
Glasgow, Heath bank
Gaussen, Lieut.- Col. Airlie
Gemmell, David, Carley bank
Gilchrist, Jas., Silverwells cottage
Gilfillan, Thos. Claremont
Gillies, J. R. Prospect house }
Glasgow Boot Shop, Main st
GofF, Bruce, physician and surgeon,
The Lindens
Goflf, John, M.D., The Lindens
Graham, A. ironmonger, Murray
place - J
Hamilton, A. S. Ashley cottage

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