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Forrest, Thos. & Co. 6 Wilson st
Forth & Clyde Sack Hiring Co. 210
Holm st
Gallacher, T., Calton cross
Glen, John, 159 Ingram street
Govan Rope & Sail Co. Ltd. Helen
St. Govaa
Hedderwick, Jobn, & Co. (new and
second hand), 16 Stirling st. city
Jack, Chas. & Co. 31 Argyle st
Jebb Bros , Kel?in wkp., Maryhill
M' Donald & Baptie, 79 King st., s. s
M'Leish, Daniel K. (new and
second hand), agent for Peter
Marsh & Sons, Dundee, Calcutta
and Liverpool, 10 1 St. Vinceot st
M'Mullao, Mrs. T. 44 Moncur st.
Mills, J. K. & Co. 13 Cochrane st
Mitchell, Andrew, & Co. Ltd. 12
Prince's square
Mitchell, J. C. 19 Mains st. (off
Argyle st)
Niblock, Wm. & Co. 67 West
Nile st
Robertson, Lockhart & Co. 37
Douglas st
Royal Glasgow Asylum for the
Blind, 100 Castle street
Sawers & Co., 59 Robertson lane,
Robertson street
Smyth, P. J. & Co. 1, 3, 5 Mair st
Soraerville & Morrison (water-
proof and paper liLcd), Clyde
Factory, Eastfield, Rutherglen
Thomlinson, Wm., bags (travelling)
all kinds, wholesale, Greenhead
Leather Works, Partick
Thour, Frank, & Co. 22 Argyle st
Young, Richard & Co. (leather), 27
Old Wjnd
Adam, John, 120 Saltmarket
Adam, Wm. 5 Main st. Anderston
and 99 Dumbarton rd
Aitken, Robt. 456 and 326 Dum-
barton road, Partick
Alexander, M. 32 Crown st
Allan, A. H., 174 and 310 Dum-
barton rd
Allan, James, 13 Stevenson st
Anderson & Crosbie, 187 Duke st
Ajiderson, John, 34 1 Rutherg'n rd
Anderson, Jno., GO Muirhead st
Anderson, Thos. 23 Castle st
Archibald, E. 90 St. James' street,
Kinning park
Austin, John G. The Lenzie
Bakery, the Post Office bldgs,
Lenzie, and Y.M.C.A. build-
ings, Kirkintilloch
Austin, J. & Co. 167 Parliamen-
tary rd. and 161 Cowcaddena st.
Ayton,J. G. 138^ Duke st
Bailiie, Jas. 269 Blain st. Gorbals
Baillie, Jas. R., Ill Nelson st. b.s.
Baird, Wm. 168 Main st. Ander-
Barclay, Henry, 704 Gallowgate,
and 408 Duke st
Barrie, Wm. 160Cumberlarid st. s.s.
Beattie, Wm. 116 Paton st. and
54 Bellgrove st
Bilsland Bros. 45 Hydepark street
and 29 Elderslie street,
Black, Duncan, 35 Candleriggs
Blair, R. J. 204 Paisley rd
Bridgeton Society, Ltd , 135 to 149
Main st. Bridgeton
Bright, W., 201 Crown street
Brown, H. S. 53 Byres road
Brown, M. & A 277, 279 Sau-
chiehall st. and 380 Gt. Western
Brown, R. B. 1062 Dumbarton
road, Whiteinch
Brownlie, D. 318 and 629 Duke st
Brownlee, Jobn, 180 Paisley road,
Buchanan, Jos. Broomloan Bakery,
10 Broomloan rd
Campbell, Dugald, 120 Kent rd
Campbell, Jas. M. 115-147 George
Campbell, Thos. 64 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, W. S. 63 Paisley rd W.
Carss, J. & A 255 Sauchiehall
Chalmers & Co., 4t9 Shields road,
Chalmers, J., & Co. 536 and 387
Great Western road
Chrystal,John, 276 St. George's rd
Clarendon Bakery, 37 Clarendon
Clark, Peter, 107 Stirling rd
Clark, Mary, 152 Caledonia rd
Cleland, David, 6 Rupert ft
Clutha Bakery (G. Milne & Co.),
23 Maclellan st. s.s.
Cochrane, Geo. 1083 Dumbarton
rd. Whiteinch
Cochrane, Robt. A 369 Cathcart
Colquhoun, Alex. 225, 227, 235
Byres rd
Corbett, John, 399 Govan st
Cowan, Wm. B. (purveyor), 472
Victoria road
Cowper, Wm. 363 Gallowgate
Craig, Jas. 10 Woodlands r. ad,
and branches
Craig, Tbos., 65 Stevenson drive
Craig, Thos., 59 Lambhill street
Cranstonhill Bakeries, 38 Cranston
Crawford, J. 69 Parliamentary rd
Currie, Alex. 28 Westminster ter.
Currie, A. 145 Kilmarnock road
Darroch, James, 12 Risk st.
Dickson, Thos., 23 Norfolk st
Douglas, J. 287 Cathcart road
Drummond, Arch. 30 Stirling rd.
Dunlop, Alex. 6 Adam's court lane
Dunlop, James, 25 Fisher st
Dunn, John, 29 Bellgrove st
1 Dunn, J. & J. 274i Duke st
Eclipse Baking Co. (oatcake), 5 1^
61 Melville st. s.s.
Edwards, Wm., 2 9 7 Gt. Western rd
Ewing, Mrs. 30 Findlay st
Faulds, J. M. 167 Garscube road
Ferguson A. 58 Caledonia rd.
Ferguson, A. & A., 531 Spring-
burn road
Finlay, Robt. 219 Argyle st
Fleming, Wm. 1 Montgomeiie ter.
Forrest, Donald, 59 Dundas st
Foster, A. 158 London rd
Foster, Archd. 65 Abercromby st
Fraser, Hugh L. 249 London rd
Frew, David, 64 Fordneuk st
Friendly Bread Co., Ltd., 37 Clar-
endon st
Fulton Brothers, 68 Surrey street
Fyfe, James, 334 Springburn rd
Gardner, Wm. 730 PoUokshaws rd.
128 Nithsdale rd., 18 Minard
rd. and 192 Battlefield road,
Gebbie, Henry, 59 Caledonia road
Gillespie, Alex., & Son, 568 Cath-
cart rd. and 62 Nithsdale rd.
Glasgow Friendly Bread Associa-
tion, Ltd. 37 Clarendon st
Goldston, M. (German) 14 Govan st
Good, Thos. S., 88 Canning st
Granger, J. 287 Garscube road
Gray, Dunn, & Co., 53 Stanley
st. Kinning park
Gray, R. M., 167 Cowcaddens
Hamilton, Isabella, 695 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Hamilton, G., Stewart terrace,
Hamilton, Peter, 276 Argyle st
Harvie, Robert, 170 Main street,
Headrick, Peter, 435 Gt. Western
Headrick, Robt. 33 Cambridge st
Hendry, John, 104 Sister street
Herbert, G. Ltd., 58 to 84 Kinning,
Hood, Hy. 70 Craigton rd. Govan
Holmes, Geo., 19 Morrison st
Houston, Jas. 0. 85 Sandyfaulds st
Hubbard, W. Downie pi. Partick,
and branches
Hughes & Pinkerton, 44 Main st.
Hunter, Adam, 84 Main st. Ander-
Hunter, A. & W. 15 Dundas st
Hunter, John, 496 Gallowgate
Jack, R. 340 St. Vincent street
Jamieson, A. 57 Gt. Western road
Jamieson, John, 542 New City rd.
Johnpton, Robt 220 Main street,
Kelly, Wm., 29 Alexandra parade
Kennedy, David (purveyor), 353
and 355 Langsideroad, Crossbill,
and branches

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