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Martin, Alex. 20 Royal Ex-
change square
Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd. 195
W. George st
Barrie, Thos. S. Ph.C.F.C.S. West
of Scotland College of Phar-
macy, 157 St. Vincent street
Biggart, J. W. & W. L. (estab-
lished 1872); public laboratory,
29 Cathcart st. Greenock
Clark, John, Ph.D., F.G.S., F.I.C.,
138 Bath st
Craig, Geo., F.LS., 95 Bath st
Harris, F. W., F.C.S., 26 John
street, city
Sieberg, Henry E., & Co., 114 W.
Campbell street
Tatlock, R. R., & Thomson, 156
Bath st
Actien- Gesellschaf t fur Anilia Fa-
brikation, Berlin ; agents for
Scotland, Jas. Miller, Son &Co.,
79 West Nile street
Aniline Colour and Extract Works,
Vorm J. R. Geigy, Basle ; agents,
G. & J. Boyd, Ltd., 6i Welling-
ton street
Aithur & Hinshaw, "88 Oadogan
stT eet
Bayer (The) Co., Ltd., 42 Both-
well street
Brooke, Simpson, & Spiller, Limited;
agents, Henderson, Hogg, & Co.
15 Cadogan street
Bryce & Rampff, 223 West
George st
Clayton (The) Aniline Co., Ltd.,
agents, A. W. Wardrop & Co.,
13 Bath street
Holliday, Read, & Sons, Ltd. 142
West Nile st ; works, Hudders-
field and Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Kalle & Co. Biebrich on Rhine; agts.
Donald Mills & Son, 55 Geo. sq
Meister Lucins & Bruning, Ltd.,
50 Wellington street
Miihlheim, Farbwerk Vorm. A.
Leonhardt & Co., Miihlheim,
o/M.; agent, Andrew Wallace,
15 York street
Oehler, K. Offenbach, Main,
Germany ; agents, M'Aulay
Bros., 17 Oswald st
St. Denis Dye Stuff and Che-
mical Co. Ltd. Paris; agents,
Wm Bunten & Co. Castle
Chambers, 55 W. Regent st.
Walker, Geo. & Son, Ltd., 245-255
Reid St., Bridgeton
Craig & Sharp, Ltd., 177 Max-
well road
Gardner, G. P. & Co. registered
manufacturers of anti-corrosive
"lacquer" or water line paint,
also for inside of steel vessels,
general iron work, &c. 73-75
Hydepark street
Rule, Wm., & Co., 51 KUbowie
road ; works, Whitecrook,
Clydebank ; telegraphic address,
" Rule," Clydebank
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ltd.
38 M' Alpine st
Blacklock & Macarthur, 165, 173
West st. s.s. ; and at Cardiff
British Anti-Fouling Composition
Co. Ltd. (Von Hoveling's pro-
cess); agts. Mungo Gray & Co..
94 Hope st
Brown, William, Sons, & Co.,
Kinning Park
Campbell, H. C. ("Algicide "), 94
Carruthers, Son & Co. (Tarrs
Copper Paint and Yacht Com-
position), 70 to 78 King street,
Clutha Paint & Oil Co., 60-70
Patersoa stieet
Craig & Rose, Ltd., 85 Cadogan st
Cramonds, 13 Port Dandas road
Danboline anti-corrosive composi-
tion for protecting steel and iron
structures from corrosion; manu-
facturers, Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co. Ltd. 12 Waterloo st;
works, Gateshead-on-Tyne
Dick & Parker, 76 Milton street,
Dick, W. B. & Co. Ltd. anti-
corrosive and anti-fouling com-
position for ships' bottoms, 24
Queen st.
Eadie,Arch. & Co., Ltd., Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works, 54
Cook street
Economic Anti-fouling Composi-
tions, Stony, Smithson & Co.,
Ltd , Hull ; agent, John M.
Gibson, 2 1 Hope st
Forsyth, M'Kechnie, & Co.
anti-fouling and anti-corrosive
marine Japans ; British Oil and
Colour Works, Hopehill road
Gardner, G. P. & Co. anti-fouling
composition manufacturers, 73,
75 Hydepark st
Gardner, G. P. & Co. grey varnish
enamel paint for inside of steel
vessels, 73-75 Hydepark st
Gas Residual Products Co., Ltd.,
166 Buchanan st
Glasgow Patents Co. Limited,
" Electroid" anti-fouling com-
position for ships' bottoms,
" Clutha" composition for ships'
holds, &e.; 94 Hope st.; works,
Kinning Park
Hinshelwood, Thos., & Co., Glen-
park st, Duke st
Hird, Hastie, & Co., 73 Park st.,
Kinning park
Holzapfel's Compositions Co. Ltd.
manufacturers, 12 Waterloo st.
and at London, Liverpool, Cardiff,
Newcastle - on - Tyne, Genoa,
Hamburg, Copenhagen, Sebas-
topol, and New York, with
agencies at all ports of the
world; works, Gateshead-on-
Tyne ; Telephone Nos. National
1476 Argyle, Corporation 1476.
InternationalAnti- fouling Composi-
tion Manufacturers ; Holzapfel's
Compositions Co. Ltd. 12 Water-
loo st.; wks. Gateshead-on-Tyne
Jestys & Co., 30 Cowcaddens st
Julien Anti-fouling and Anti-Cor-
rosive Composition of Marseilles;
agents, J. & R. Neill, 32 Clyde
place, s s.
Kirkaldy, John, & Son ; trade
mark, " Kalyxall;" representa-
tive, Andrew Smith, 12 York st
Lagoline Paint Manufacturers,
Holzapfel's Composition Co. Ltd.
12 Waterloo st.; works, Gates-
M'Intyre, Thomas, & Co. Dundas
Colour Works, 300 to 316
Debbie's loan
M'Neill, James, & Son, Ltd. 38
French street
Mathews, Maclay, & Manson, 104
Hydepark st
National Anti-fouling Composition
manufrs. Holzapfel's Composi-
tions Co. Ltd., 12 Waterloo st
Peacock & Buchan, Ltd. South-
ampton ; agents, M'Symon &
Potter, 26 Clyde place
Rahtjen's (Hartmann's Improved),
Suter, Hartmann, & Rahtjen's
Composition Co. Limited, Baltic
Chambers, 3 Cadogan st
Rahtjen's Improved Anti-foul-
ing Composition ; manufrs.
Holzapfel's Compositions Co.
Ltd., 12 Waterloo st.; works,
Rahtjen's " Red Hand Brand
Water-Line Paint," strong anti-
fouling manfrs. ; Suter, Hart-
mann & Rahtjen's Composition
Co. Ltd. Baltic Chambers, 3
Cadogan st
Rule, Wilham & Co., Rule's Patent
Solution, a glossy black com-
position for csating the inside
of ships to prevent corrosion,
also for corrugated roofs, &c.
adhesive, elastic, durable, and
dries quickly; office, 51 Kil-
bowie road, Clydebank ; tele-
graphic address, " Rule," Clyde-
bank; works, Whitecrook, Clyde-

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