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Mac W hinnie, John(manufacturer3')
33 Gordon st
Machiii, 0. (manufrs), 101 Clyde
street, Anderston
Malcolm, D. W. (manufrs'.), 27
White street, Partick
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Mann, Geo. E. (raanfrs'.), 49 Vir-
ginia street
Manuel, Peter (manufrs.'), 47 So.
Portland street
Manwell, David (manufrs.'), 52
Virginia street
Martin, John (manufrs.), 31 N.
Frederick street
Martin, Julius (manufrs.), 54
Gordon street
Martin, Wm. (manfrs'.), 40 St.
Enoch square
Matbieson, T. P., 65 Virginia st
Matthew, Wm., 14 Waterloo lane
Maule, Clement R. 11 Bothwell st
Meadows, Thos. & Co. shipping
acd forwarding (freight and
express services), insurance,
commission, and passenger
agents, 10 Hanover st
Meikle & Co. (mercantile), 67
Oswald street
Meikle, Wm. (business), 12 Afton
street, Langside
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 21 Well-
ington street
Melbourne, James, 19 Waterloo
Melville, Geo. 14 Princes square
Melvin, Wm, 99 Gt. Clyde street
Melvin, W. & J. (manufrs.'), 76
Howard street
Menzies, James, 68 Bath st
Mercantile Credit Agency (The)
(enquiry), 140 W. George st
Mercer, John, & Co. 16 Ann st
Mercer, Thos. B. 101 St. Vincent st
Messer, Robt. A. (manufrs.'), 79
Hutcheson street
Millar & Allan, Ltd., 93 Hope st
Millar, Hamilton & Co. (yarn), 73
Hutcheson st
Miller, John, 16 St. Vincent place
Millar, John, 116 Renfield street
Millen, John (manufacturers'), 93
Hope street
Mitchell, Angus, jun. (manfrs'.), 11
West Nile street
Mitchell, John W. (manfrs'.), 33
Virjjinia street
Mitchell, W. G., 324 Scotland st
Morgan, Jas. (tea), 5 Oswald st
Moore, W. N. bos 12, Royal Exch.
Morris, Warden & Co. 25 Gordon
Morrison, C, & Sons, 139a St.
Vincent street
Muir, Alex, (manfrs'.), 145 Queen
Muirhead, Robt., 31 Robertson st
Munro, J., 93 Waterloo st
Murchie. Jas., 39 Mains street, off
Waterloo st
Murie, W. F. (jewellers'), 13 Queen
Murray, Arthur J. (manufacturers')
17 Royal Exchange square
Murray, Geo. (manufrs.'), 11 W.
Nile st
Muftay, J. Bruce, & Sons (yarn),
21 Cochrane street
Needham & Co. (yarn), 146
Buchanan street
Neilson, Horatio, 52 St. Enoch sq
Neilson, J. G. 33 Virginia street
Nimmo, William (manfrs'.), 145
Queen st
Niven, James, 21 Queen st
Noble, Alex. 33 Virginia st
Norman, John, M.I.E. and S.
65 West Regent street
Okell, Wm. (manfrs.), 77 Queen st
Oliver & Son, Ltd. (live stock)250
Duke street
Orr, John, 130 Hollmd st
Osborn, W. E. Richmond Chambers,
145 Bath st
Parker, D. & J. (grocery goods), 7
Montrose st
Paterson, Wm. & Son, for Bray's
patent lanterns, reflectors, and
burners for coal, oil, and acety-
lene gas, 65 Pitt st ; telephone
Nos., Nat. 980 Argyle; Corp.
Paton, Jas. 27 Parliamentary rd
Peddle, Jas. (tea), 6 Oswald st
Peek, Edward, The Thistle
Chemical Co., Easterhouse ; The
British Diatomite Co, Ltd.,
Lealt, Skye ; 53 Waterloo st
Pepper, Robert M'Kirdy & Co.,
45 Virginia street
Peroival, J. R. (confectioner), 27
Oswald street
Pirie, Alex., 12 Waterloo street
Pringlc, Chas. 62 Bothwell circus
Purvis, John, 30 Gordon street
Rae, Ralph (manfrs'.), 145 Queen
Raimes, Clark & Co. 420 Sauchie-
hall street
Ralston, Alex. P. 25 Gordon st
Rankin, Wm. (manfrs.'), 33 Vir-
ginia st
Reiohert, Chas. (clock), 34 South
Portland st
Reid, Wm. C. (manufrs,'), 11 W.
Nile street
Renison, Wm. (manufrs.'), 132
W. Nile street
Rennie, John (manfrs.'), 85 Queen
Riddel, John H. (machinery), 40 St.
Enoch square
Risk, Moses, & Son, Ltd. 58 Dun-
das street
Ritchie, W. F., 40 St. Enoch sq.
Robertson, Ferguson & Co. 55 W.
Regent st
Robertson, R., & Sons, 15 and 17
Commerce st
Robin, Wm. (manfrs".) 11 Both-
well st
Ronald, R. A. & Co. (engineering)
15 York st
Ross, Alex. 40 Union street
Rudd, J. A. 177 W. George street
Saltwell, G. (for Day & Martin,
Ltd.), 333 Alb?rt rd. Langside
Schmitz, Cleveland, 55 W. Regent
Schuthe, Geo. L. 76 Howard st
Scott, Julius V. 109 Hope street
Scntt, Thos. 77 Queen st
Seligmann, Charles H. & Co. 30
Renfield st
Shedden, John (manufr.), 49 Vir-
ginia st
Shirras, George, 33 Virginia st
Simons, Isidor J., Ill Union st.
Sinclair, A. W., 12 Waterloo st
Sinclair, G. F., 52 St. Enoch sq
Sinclair, Wm., 370 Gt. Western rd
Singleton, Dunn & G,x (Jarrah
paving block), 27 Union street
Simpson, Jas. L. (manufacturers')
19 Queen st
Skea, Jas. 5 Dixon st
Slater, Ja?. A. 103 Bath street
Smale, Albert, 170 Prospecthill rd.
Mount Florida
Small, John F., 33 Gordon st
Smatt, Jas. (manli-e.), 153 Queen
Smart, Jas. & Sons (mnfrs.'), 153
Queen st
Smith, Alex. 12 Hanover st
Smith, Clatworthy & Co. (mnfrs.')
13 St. Vincent place
Smith, Duflf & Co. (manfrs'.), 13
St. Vincent place
Smith, Jas. & Sons (mnfrs.'), 153
Queen st
Smith, John (manfrs ), 1 1 Miller st
Smith, John Y. (soft goods), 76
Wilson st
Smith, W. J. 33 Virginia st
Smith, William R. & W. & Co.
(yarn), 6 Hanover st
Sneddon, David(brewers'), 88 Bath
Snodgrass, John, 115 Howard st
Somerville, Arch, (manufacturers'),
19 Hope St.
Sprott, A. 25 Gordon st
Stammers, J. W. 49 Jamaica st
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 72 to 80
Brown et. city
Stewart, Campbell & Co. (rope and
twine), 293 Shields road
Stewart, James A. 19 Howard
Stewart, John, & Co. (Glasgow)
Ltd. 28, 32 Oswald street
Stewart, Robt. 86 Wilson st
Stewart, Robt. 9 Millbrae ores
Strathearn, John (manfr.), 153
[ Queen st

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