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ordinary corked and patent
stoppered bottles, bottle washing
machinery, steam boilers, 3team,
water, and gas engines, tin cap-
sules, wood tops, wire, cases
and boxes, essences, bottles,
filters, &c., and every possible
requisite for the trade. Illus-
trated lists free ; Albany Works,
Catherine lane, 100 Stirling
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co., ma-
chinery every description, lig-
numvitae and vulcanite stoppers,
foils, capsules, straw envelopes,
corks, &c. 222 St. Vincent st
M'Naught, John (general repair
work only), 81 Hospital st. s.s
Meadowcroft, W. & Son, Ltd.
50 Robertson st
Rylands Glass and Engineering
Company, head offices, Glas
Works, Box Factory and
Machinery Works, Stairfoot near
Barnsley, Yorkshire London
Offices, Dyer's Buildings, Hol-
born ; sole make's of M'Ewen's
patent anti - atmospheric and
automatic CO" generator ;
imitated hut never excelled ;
soda water making plants in all
sizes for home trade and export,
estimates free ; agent for Scot-
land and North of England, Wm
N. Moore, Box 12, Royal Ex.;
telegrams, "Generator," Glas-
gow. "Rylands," Barnsley;
ana " Rillands," London
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Com-
pany, Ltd., liquefied carbonic
acid gas, aerated water, and beer-
carbonatitig machinery for use
with it, reducing valves, beer-
raising apparatus, &c. (see Oxy-
gen Manufacturers), Rosehill
Works, 493 Aikenhead rd.
Thompson, Brothers, & Co. (Glas-
gow) Ltd. (gasogenes, syphons,
&c.) 29 to 39 Surrey st. s.s
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. (gaso-
gens, syphons, &c.), 54 West
Howard st; telephone Nos. Nat.
1415; Corp. 2648
Barr, Andrew G. & Co. 470 Gt.
Eastern road, Parkhead
Barrett & Co. 37 Clarendon st
Barrie, G. & P. Maxwell road and
St. Andrews road; office, 164
Maxwell rd.; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1646; Corp X^71, tele-
grams, "Aeration,"' Glasgow
Bratby & Hinchliffe, Ltd. 48
York st
Brown Bros., 43 Washington st.
Brown & Co. (boxes), 73-85
M'Alpine st
Brown, Eben, & Co. 93-97 W.
Canapbell st.
Caldwell, Jos., Riverbank Works,
Cantrell & Cochrane, Ltd. 51,53
Surrey st
Carrutbers, Son & Co. 70 to 78
King St. Tradefcton
Carty, J. L, & Co., 219 St. Vin-
cent st.
City of Glasgow Bottling Stores
and Aerated Water Manufac-
tory, 4t Renfrew street
Glut ha Chemical Co. manufac-
turers of essences and specialties
for, Kelvindock, Maryhill
Clydesdale, Charles, & Co. 43
Washington st
Comrie, Jas. Orr, 700 Garscube rd
Connell, Hugh, & Co., 44 Mor-
daunt st
Cooper & Co., 8 to 28 Howard st.
and branches
Corry, Wm. & Co., Ltd., 16
Ann st.
Couper, Wm. & Co., 37 Claren-
don street
Crownpoint Brewery Ltd., 795
Crownpoint Glass Bottle Co.
(bottles), 28 Croft st. Cam-
Dove, John, & Sons, 49, 51 Pitt st
Dunn, Joseph, 21 Greenhead st
Ewing, J. J. & W., 490 Dobbie's
Frazer & Green, Ltd. 127 Buch-
anan St. and branches
Gatherar & Co., Codd's crown cork
cylinder and screw sodas, appoli-
naris bottles, syphons ; superior
quality at lowest prices, 79
Robertson street ; Corporation
telephone, No. 878
Gibson, Wm. & Co., cork manu-
facturers and importers, 57
College st
Glasgow (The) Aerated Waters
Co. Ltd. 452-460 N. City rd
Globe Aerated Mineral Water Co.
193 and 210 Commercial road
Haldanes, Ltd. 191 W. George st
Hamilton, James, 40 Rochester st.
Hill, Thos. & Co. auctioneers and
valuators, 66-68 Robertson st
Home, James, & Co. 285 S. York
Hunter & Bennie, 69 Merkland st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for the
registration of trace marks and
labels, 37 West Nile street (St.
Vincent street corner); hand-
book on registration gratis
Lennox & Co 141 Elderslie st
Lindsay, William, 114 Gallowgate
London Super-Aeration Ltd., 54-
56 Brown street
Macdairmid & Co. 86 Helen street,
M'Diarmid, Finlay, & Co. 42, U
Renfrew street
M'Glasban, John, & Co. engineers,
plumbers, and furnishers to the
trade ; Albany Works, Catherine
lane, 100 Stirling road
Mackay, John, & Co. Vermont st
Maclachlan, G. & J. factory. Castle
Brewery, Maryhill ; town office,
57 West Regent st
MacLachlan, Peter & Co. every
description machinery, lignum-
vitae and vulcanite stoppers,
foils, capsules, straw envelopes,
corks, &c. 222 St. Vincent st
M'Laren, John, 113 Glebe st
Mair & Dougall, 35 and 41 Ann-
field st
Meadowcroft, W. & Son, Ltd. 50
Robertson st
Migfield, W. & Sons, Merrytton
Works, Coatbridge
Moore, G. & C. 181 Mordaunt st
Morton, Wm. & Son, 319 Garngad
MuUin & Ormsby, 55 Society
Murdoch, J. & J. aerated water
label and show card manufrs.
87 and 91 M'Alpine street
Packham & Co. (Glasgow) Ltd 22
Fleming st., off Garscube road
Rankin & Borland, East George st.
Ross, W. A. & Sons, Ltd. (cf Bel-
fast), 38 York st
Schweppes (Lmd.) 17 York st
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co., Ltd.
hquefied carbonic acid gas,
aerated water, and beer carbonat-
ing machinery for use with it,
reducing valves, beer-raising
apparatus, &c. (see Oxygen
Manufrs.). Rosehill works, 493
Aikenhead road, Polmadie
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, Ltd, 95 Murrson st
Shapiro, S., 38 Dunmore street
Watson Bros. 16 Coats st. Coat-
Wheele'^r & Co. Ltd. 166 Buchanan
Whein stone, N. 20 Crown st
Aitken, James (Jas. & R. H.
Ailken), 92 St. Vincent street
Black, W. P. M., 136 Wellington st
Brodie, Robert, Commissioner for
taking affidavits in the Irish
Courts (of M'Clure, Naismilh,
Brodie & C.) 77 St. Vincent i>t
Dickie & Simons, 173 St Vincent
Dunlop, Jt.s., M.A., LL.B. (Eng-
lish a d Irish; 13 i St Vincent st

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