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Forbes, Alex., 118a Renfield st
Gray,Tbos. & Co ,97 Bishop street,
Keystone Advertising Agency, 55
W. Regent street
King, J. G. & Son, 96 Renfield st
Liddell, Frank, 33 Bath street
Locke, Glasgow, Ltd. billrooms and
worlishop, 183 Bothwell street;
oflSce, 190 W. George street
Macarthur & Co., 182 Trongate
M'Bride, R., & Co., Ladywell
Printing Works, Ladywell st.,
M 'Donald, John, & Son, 93 Both-
well street
railway, tramway, press, and
billposting advertising con-
tractors, 12 George square ; Nat.
telephone No. 750; telegrams,
"MacDuff," Glasgow
M'Ginn, Patrick M. 22 Maitland
M'Gregor, Roy Roy, contracts
arranged for advertising at
railway stations, general bill-
posting, enamelled iron slates,
circuldr and sampler delivery,
fandwich and wheelboards, &c.
Muirhouse st; Nat. tele , 205 X 3
M'Mahon & Milne, 49 Jamaica st
M'Murtrie, John, 11 Bothwell St.;
tele Nos., National 398 Argy'e,
Corporation 117; telegrams,
" Courage," Glasgow.
Mather & Crowther, Ltd. 13 St.
Vincent place ; head ofBce, 10,
11, 12 New Bridge St., London,
E.G. Established 1850. Es-
timates given for all papers and
magaziDes published at home or
abroad. Original designs and
suitable wording for all classes
of advertisements supplied free.
Sole advfrtising agents for
The London Magazine, Home
Chat, Christian Herald and
Smiday Companion, etc.
Munro, J. M. Ltd. 123 Hope st.
New (The) Glasgow Billposting
Co. Ltd, 146 Bothwell st
Pollock, Alexander, 52 West Nile st
Robertson, Jas., 144 St. Vinrentst
The Glasgow A. B.C. Publishing
Co., Ltd., 346 Sauchiehall st
Watson, Charles P., 33 Renfield
St. Establifched 1856. Tele-
grams, " Advertising," Glasgow ;
telephone Nos. Nat. 3617; Corp.
PANY, 83 Jamaica St.; contract
for Scottish tramways, inside
rail ii ay carriages, street adver-
tising ciits, &c., &c.; Corp.
tel. 50
Woolley, G. & A. 173-175 Both-
well st
83 Jamaica Street, Glasgow
The first to establish a General
Advertising Agency in Scotland.
Tramways, railway carriages,
circulars, newspapers, artistic
printing, &c. Corp. tel. 50
Arti.Mic (The) Pablishing Co., 55
W. Regent st.
Ballantyne, John T., printed tape
for parceJliag, 9 So. Frederick st
Brownlie, Wm., Ltd., 116 James
street, Bridget on
Drumncond, Wm. C, 83-85 St.
James' road
Faulkaer, C. W., &, Co., 57 Hope
Forbes, Alex., enquiries soli-
cited for small articles with any
advt. affixed, such as cigarette
cases, vesta boxes, knives, cal-
endars, &c., &c., 118a Renfield
Forman, Thos. & Sons (ingenious,
new, and up-to-date), 15 Gordon
street, and Nottingham
Johnston, Ltd , W. & A. K., Castle
Chambers, 55 West Regent
Livingstone Bros., 85 Maxwell st.
The Ajax, Ltd., alvertisement
novelties and calendar pub-
lishers, 55 W. Regent st. Head
office, Philpot lane, London
Baird, John, Ltd., ^^ Milton st.
Devosse, Louis, 38 Montrose st
Drummond, Wm. C, 83-85 St.
James' rd.
Thomson Bros. >5 Co. (Glasgow)Ltd
showbottles,barrels,water bottles,
&c. hand painted or with vitrified
designs for advertising, 29 to
39 Surrey st. s.s.
Browne, T. B., Ltd., 22 Renfield
St.; Nat. telef hose Royal 18x;
head office, 161-163 Queen
Victoria street, London. Excep-
tional facilities for the rapid and
effective handlingof prospectuses.
Important lists of investors com-
piled from private sources are
placed at the service of clients.
This agency possesses a thorough
knowledge of the merits of every
newspaper for this class of ad-
vertisement, and details regard-
ing every publication, collected
on the spot, are carefully re-
corded for use of clients. Esti-
mates are promptly furnished by
telegraph if necessary
BurreU & Co., 93 W. Regent st
Duff & Co., 93 Waterloo st.
12 George sq.; Nat. telephone No.
750 ; telegrams, " MacDuff,
M'Murtrie, John, 1 1 Bothwell st.
Telephone Nos. Nat. 398 Argyle,
Corporation 117; telegrams
" Courage," Glasgow
Mather & Crowther, Ltd., 13 St.
Vincent place ; head office, 10,
11, 12 New Bridge st., London,
E.C. Advertising, printing,
addressing, &c., insuring the
maximum of publicity at a
minimum cost. Estimates and
full particulars supplied on
Muaro, J. M. Ltd. 123 Hope tt
Sells Advertising Agency, Ltd.,
57 Hope St. Head offices, 167
and 168 Fleet st. London
Watson, Charles P., 33 Renfield
St. Established 1856. Tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 3617; Corp
4059; telegrams, " Advertising,"
PANY, 83 Jamaica street; Corp.
tel. 50.
Allan & Bogle, 14 Clydest. Calton
Bratby & Hinchlitfe, Ltd., general
providers to the aerated water
trade. Largest stock of new and
second-hand machinery in the
Kingdom. Patentees and sole
makers of automatic gas-making
apparatus and steam filling-
machines (Chavasse's patents,^;
bottles, cases, essences, seltzo-
genes, syphons, &c. 48 York st;
telegraphic address, " Hinchliffe,"
Glasgow. Head-offices andworks,
Sandiord St., Ancoats, M'chester
Brown & Co. (boxes), 73-85
M' Alpine street
Carty J. L., & Co., 219 St.
Vincent st.
Clarkson Bros., Strathcona road.
Gatherar& Co., second-hand soda
water machinery by all the
leading makers, 79 Robertson st
M'Glashan, John, & Co., soda
water machinery of all kinds.
Complete plants to do from 400
to 5000 dozen botiles per day.
Riley's Patent Automatic Cork-
ing and filling machine. Cork-
ing and filling machines for

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