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Thomson, Ernest, 131 W. Regent
Thomson & Jackson, 33 Renfield
Thomson, Jackson, Gourlay, &
Taylor, 24 George sq
Thomson, M'Lintock & Co. 149
West George street
Todd, Gourlay & Ruthven, 21 St.
Vincent place
Tongue, Alfred, & Co. 34 West
George st
Tosh, Robert, 108a W. Regent
Turnbull, Parnie & Adam, 27
Union st
Turner & Houston, 173 St. Vin-
cent st
Turner, John R. 173 St. Vincent
Waddell, John, 419 Gallowgate
Walker, C. D. R. 188 St. Vincent
Walker, D. & T. M. 160 Hope st
Walker, Geo. J. (of Walker &
Marwick), 163 Hope st
Walker & Marwick, 163 Hope st
Wallace & Tannock, 145 St. Vin-
cent st.
Walshaw, E. J. 112 Bath street
Watson, John M. 55 Bath st
Watson, John E. & Son, 149 St.
Vincent st
Watson, T. W.M. 149 St. Vincent
Watt & Caw, 135 Wellington st
Webster, James (with Thomson,
Jackson, Gonrlay, & Taylor),
24 George square
Welsh, T. M'Clemont, F.C.R.A.
224 St. Vincent st
Wight & Wight, 150 Hope st
Wilson, Alex. 1 Fox street
Wilson, Alex. 68 Renfield street
Wilson, A., F.S.A.A. 58 Renfield
Wilson, John, & Stirling, 154 St.
Vincent st
Wilson, John, 154 St. Vincent st
Wilson & Nelson, 135 Wellington
Winning, Jas., jun. (of John
Wilson & Stirling), 154 St. Vin-
cent st
Wishart, John, 157 West George st
Woodbum, J. S. 163 West George
Wylie, W. A. 95 Bath st
Young, A. G. 137 W. Regent st
Young, D. F., 162 Buchanan st
Young, J. Hayden (of Maclean,
Brod ie & Forgie), 2 2 Renfield st
Young, T. S., 104 W. George st
Young, T. S. & Co., 104 West
George st
Young, Wm. 108 W. George st
Young, W. J. 206 Hope st
Yule, Cbas. 217 West George
Abercrombie, Alex. 48 King street,
Aird & Coghill, 24 Douglas street
Allan & Ferguson, 125 Renfield
Armstrong, A. & Co., Ltd. (of
Dublin), 53 Howard st
Begg, Kennedy & Elder, 33 Hope
Bertram, Peter, & Sons, 335
Argyle street
Cameron, Ferguson, & Co. 263
High st
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Lim.),
Herriot Hill Wks. 139 Stirlingrd
Craig. R. M. 35 Buchanan st
Cunningham, D. & H. 15 Diury st
Dickie & Inglis, City Stationery &
Printing Works, Couper place, off
North Wallace st
Fiudlay, James, 68 Mitchell st
Gilmour & Dean, 50 No. Hanover
Glasgow (The) Numerical Printing
Co. 31 Finnieston st ; telephone
Nos., Corp 5350; Nat. 360
Gowans & Gray,Ltd. 58 Cadogan st
Laidlaw, W. P. & Son, 80 St
Vincent st
Livingstone Bros., 85 Maxwell st
Lorimer, Wm. 95 St. Vincent st.
Limsden, Jas. Son, & Co., Ltd.,
21 York street
Mackay, James, & Co., 2 West
Recent st
M'Naughton, & Sinclair, 29 Cado-
gan street
M Naughtan & Gowanlock, 48
Bothwell st
M'Niven & Cameron, Ltd. (of
Waverley Works, Edinburgh) ;
show room, 1 14 W, Nile st
Marr, Downie, & Co., Ltd., 57
Ingram street
Miller, John, 116 Renfield st.
MoHteath, John, & Co. 218i St.
Vincent st
Morrison Bros., Ltd. 52 Renfield st
Murdoch, Thos., & Co 64 Union
Orr, Francis, & Sons, 131 Renfield
Paterson & Clubb, 73 Vii^ginia st
Paterson, Jas. C. 18 West Nile
Runciman & M'Intyre, Ltd., 152
Sauchiehail st
Scott, John C, 227 Ingram st
Spicer, James, & Sons, 68 to 64
North Frederick st
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Taylor, J. M'Kinnon, 12 St. Vin-
cent i-treet
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon
Whyte, Andrew, & Son, Ltd. U2
W. Nile street
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co., 335 St.
Vincent street
D. P. (The) Battery Co., Ltd.,
Baltic Chambers, 50 Welling-
ton street
Monobloc Accumulator Syndicite,
Ld.; 8o!e agents, Drake & Gorham,
Ltd, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wel-
lington street
Cartvale Chemical Co., Ltd. Paisley
Garroway, R. &. J. 68 Buchanan
Walker, Georgo, & Son, Ltd. 215-
255 Reid st., Bri'igetoa
Beveridge, Ltd., 11 Jamaica st
Chalmers, Wm , generators and
fittings, 142 Bath street
Findl>iy, John, & Co., Ltd. 18
Renfield street
Forbes (The) Acetylene G>js Co ,
agents in Scotland, Kerr &
Lindsay, A' lantic chambers, 45
Hope St.
Glasgow (The) Patents Co. Ltd.,
Willi'imson's Daylight Auto-
matic Generator, 94 Hope street;
works, Kinoing pa'k
Manchester Acetyline Gas Co.,
Ltd.; agents, Wm. Moyes &
Sons, 277 Maxwell road, and
Moyes, Wm., & Sons, acetylene
gas engineers, plumbers, &c.,
227 Maxwell road, and Cathcart
North British Acetylene Gas Co.
& general lighting engineers, ace-
tylene generator manufacturers,
wholesale and retail, simplest and
most efficient in the market, 68
John Finnie street, Kilmarnock
Patent (The) Paraffin Gas Light-
ing Co., Ltd., generator-", fittings,
carbide, &c., 40 Houldsworth st
Paterson, Wm. & Son (Bay's
"Elta," " Luta," "Ceto," ' Beto,
"Vika," "Cyka," and "Ola"
burners for), 65 Pitt street
" Phos " Coy. ; agents, William
Moyes & Sons, 277 Maxwell
road and Cathcart
Scotti^h Acetyline Gas & Car-
bide Stores, Wm. Moyes &
Sons, 277 Maxwell road, and
Cathcart ; telegraphic address
"Acetyline, Glasgow;" tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 1710 and 70
Langside; Corp. X 56 and Z 212

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