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YorkhiU Street. 13,
17 Richmond, John
23 Robertson, James
Emmerson, J.
29 Henderson Memorial church
81 Ross, Ewen
87 Fawkes, Geo.
91 M' Lai en, A.
Yoting Street. 4.
1 M'Nair, Robert, jun.
13 Drummond, John, plasterer
45 Kerr, H.
47 Winning, Henry
49 Leggat, John, horse dealer
Leggat, Wm. horse dealer
53 Miller, Thomas, wright
61 Pawnbroking Office.
61 Stewart, Miss
46 Winning, H.
18, 20 U.F. Church
12 Hill, John, & Sons
Young Ter., Sprlngtoum- 25
10 Brown, Jas.
16 West, George
20 Collie, Jas.
26 Mair, Alexander
/CAUSES Headache, Neukalgia, Giddiness, Sleeplessness, &c. It may be prodaced by
^ excessive use of the Eyes and undue exercise of the accommodation, or through Astigma-
tism, Hypeemetropia, or Myopia.
The early period of School life is the usual time when such defects present themselves, and
many children are called stupid and slow of understanding by Teachers when they should have
their Eyes tested and assisted.
Mr. Brown has for many years given this matter his special attention. Constant practice and experience
in dealing with a great variety of requirements enables him to deal successfully with many cases which
would defeat one unaccustomed to such work.
Prices of Spectacles, from 2s. 6d.
Spectacles specially adapted for Shooting, Golfing, Cycling, 'and Billiard playing made to order.
Spectacles for protecting the Eyes from Sun-Glare or Cold Wind.
Aneroid Barometers, from lOs. 6d.
Pocket Aneroids, for measuring Heights and Forecasting Weather, 21s.
Pocket Achromatic Telescopes, showing time on church clock three miles distant, from 7s. 6d.
_ Astronomical or Terrestrial Telescope, three-inch aperture, showing time on clock ten miles distant,
8ix-mch letters at four miles, double star in Vega, &c., with Stand and Hinged-pine Case, £5 lOs.
Brown's celebrated " Scorer " Field Glass, showing number of people in a boat four miles distant, 40s.
Kodak Cameras from 21s.
Compound Microscopes, amply sufficient for strict requirements of Chemist or Physician, from 72s. each
Photographic Apparatus from 21s, including | plate Camera, Dark-slide Lens, Trie od. Developing
Dishes, and First Set of Chemicals.
O 1= T I C I 7^ i<r ,

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