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121 Hamilton & Campbell
M'Intosh & Brown
M'Keai), G. B.
Thomson Bros. (Dunfermline),
Wyllie, Geo.
Skirving, Alex.
Forbes, Robert
Robb, John
Stewart, Robt.
M'Ewan & Neil, C.A.
Yorston & Hogarth
Gordon, R. S.
Brown, R. S.
The Pro. Free Home As. Co.,
Ltd. (J. Brown, manager)
Dowie & Macgregor
New York Life Insurance
125 Speirs & Co., engineers
Speirs, R. R.
127 M'CuUoch, Potter & Co.
129 M'Gilvray, R. A.
Ferris, Richard
131 Sandlands, R,
Slight & M'Kimmie
Sommerville, Henry
Laird, J. A.
Lawson, John
Howie, W. H., architect
Coste, Jules, French consul
Hoff, H., French vice-consul.
Gibson, Miles S., LA.
Brand & Lithgow
Gentle, William
Niven, Thos. Ogilvie, C.E.
Contrearas, M. de, Spanish
Niven & Haddin
Fulton, Jas. S. writer
Srough & M'Laren, writers
Arthur, John, architect
Perman, Louise E. artist
Thomson, E., accountant
133 Turner, Colin, gasfitter, &c.
137 Harvey, Wm., house factor
M' Donald, Alastair
Young, A. G.
Komer, Chas. H. & Co.
Stewart, Peter
M'Naughtan, Duncan
Yuill & Kyle, writers
Robertson & Gordon Shaw
Robertson, James 0.
Shaw, Gordon
Kelly's Directories, Ltd.
Slater's Directory, Ltd
Gore's Liverpool Directory
Thomson, K. W.
139 Pearce, C. W , & Co.
141 Haywood Bros. & Eckstein,
143 Younger, John, writer
Economic Typewriter Co.
Nicol, Charles
Bryden, Robert
Spiers, Douglas, M.D.
Lorimer & Clark
Liverpool Victoria
Friendly Society
143 Macrae, Hugh
Taylor, James, accountant
Spiers, James, & Sneddon
Campbell street intersects
147 Candlish, George, measurer
Kennedy, Thomas, architect
Carmichael, John
Hay, R. & J. house factors
Morrison, John
Walker, R. H.
Pritchard, John H., & Co.
Ellison, Robert
Hay, Robt. architect
149, 151 M'Indoe, Robert
153 Baillie's Institution Free Lib
167 Jackson, J.
Keir, Rob.
171 Martin, Thomas, plumber
177 Davidson, Jamea
Arnot, Jas. L.
Davidson, Thomaa
Blythswood square here
181 Erskuie, Foster
Richmond, Robert
183 Nilson, E.
185 Henry, J
M'Gregor, David S.
M'Farlane, Thos. S.
Bell, J. C.
187 Todd, Jas. G.
Pitt street intersects
191 M'llroy, James
The Scottish National Win-
dow Cleaning Co.
193 Walker, Robt. joiner
!95 Evans, David
197 Milne, J. & J.
221 Vickers, Wm
227 Anderson, John S.
229 Buchan, Alex.
Foote, Robert
Nisbet, A. T.
Smyth, Duncan
231 Allan, D. S. teacher of singing
233 Baird, Mrs.
235 Calderwood, R. W.
Gibson, -James
Berger, Emile
Bleloch, P.
Holland street intersects
Shafteshuni ter. from 214 to
234 Sidey, Miss, dressmaker
232 Hay, Rev. J.
230 Paterson, John
Boyle, James
Martin, Wm. T.
M'Kerrow, Alex.
Marks, Thomas
Bernstein, Max
228 Young, Mrs.
Thom, P. J.
226 Storey John
224 Vickers, William
Clapperton, W. J.
Carruthers, John
M'Call, James
222 Gillespie, Mrs.
220 Watt, Charles
220 Mellis, James
Lawson, John R.
21G Morrison, John
Cameron, Rev. Neil
M'Laren, Rev. A.
214 Lewis, Arthur H,
Pitt street here
212 M'Hutchean, John
Smith, G.
204 Dempster, G. C.
M'Leod, Rev. John
196 M'Combe, James
Hay, S.
194 Douglas, Ja9. C, dentist
Kelly, John
190 Provan, Mrs. Moses
Watkinson, Prof. W. H.
Douglas street intersects
188 M'Farlane & Smith, painters
Williams & Flett
186 Goodwin Brothers
184 Orr, J. F. procurators' auditor
Stirling, Wm.
180 Scottish Tailors' Association
Wirgate, Mrs., artist
Andrews & Cameron
Clark, D. M.
Ritchie, James, measurer
Howatson, R. B.
Paterson, Annie M.
White, D. M'Gregor
Young, Alex. W.
Thomson, J.
M'Auslin, J. A.
Smith, H.
School of Pharmacy
Stark, Thos. & Co.
Buchanan, J. Y.
Bannatyne, J. J.
Stuart, Brothers
Glasgow & West of Scotland
Amateur Photo. Asso.
Edwards, Macdougal, & Co.
Cowan, T. T. measurer
The New Polyphon Supply
Co., Ltd.
Lewis, H. & Co.
178 Wales, James & Co.
176 St. Andrew's Ambul. Assoc.
172 Dolman, H. B., optician
170 Thomson, Margaret
168 Brown, Mrs., servants' regis.
166 Wilson, Peter
Lowther, George
Masen, Frank
164 Wilson, Peter
162 Hutchison, Adam
158 Deaf & Dumb Royal Inst.
Campbell street intersects
154 M'Culloch & Co. painters
Martin, Andrew
Lewin, Hany W.
Forsyth, J. & B.
Thomson & Co.
Wilkie, J. A.
Hajtie, Angus
150 Blythswood and Mairs Estate
Lord Blythswood
Scott, A. C.

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