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2 16 Murray, J. Campbell
212 Grahams & Co. C.A.
208 Aikman, C. B. & Thomson
Hutcheson, Wm. , writer
M'Leod & Jackson, writers
Caufield, B., writer
Bremner, R. L., writer
206 Donald, Fred. J., stationers
204 Steuart, John, & Gillies
■ Wellington street intersects
198 Graham, A. J. & A. writers
192 Cathcart, James, & Co.
190 Ocean Accident and Guaran-
tee Corporation, Ltd.
Alexander, Jubb, & Taylor
Cuthbertson, D. & A , Provan
& Strong
Macnaughton Bros.
Cochrane, Wm. & Son
Sloan, Alex., & Co.
Turn bull, John, jun., & Sons
Campbell, T. B.
Davidson & Workman
Allan, W. S. & Co.
Sbaughnessy, Jos. & Son
Mackay & M'Intosh
Martin, M'Chleiy, & Anderson
M'Adam & Siaw
M'Cosh, John
Downie, Aitons, & Todd
Loewe, Ludu & Co.
Gumprecht & Stewart
Watson Bros.
Ressich & Co.
Canada Life Assurance Co.
188 Glasgow Safe Deposit
■ 186 Keyden, Strang, & Co.
182 Sinclair, Doig & Co.
Dawson, M. D.
180 Manchester Assurance Co.
Handcock & Dykes
Brown, A. Kirkwood, & Sons
Motion, Robert
Kirkland, Arch.
178 HeatherhiU, James, & Co.
176 Dick, Stevenson, & Muir
Brit. Law Fire Ins. Co., Ltd.
Craig & Risk, writers
174 Anderson, Wm., & Son
172 Summerlee and Mossend Iron
and Steel Company, Ltd.
Bishop, Milne Boyd & Russell
168 Baird,W.&Co. Ld. ironmasters
• Hope street intersects
160 Mitchells, Johnston, & Co.
154 Walker & Orr, writers
Strain & Robertson, C.E.
Donaldson, Peter & Co.
152 Aitchison, John, & Co., Ltd.
150 Scottish Union and National
Insurance Co.
146, 144 New Club
142 Borland, King, & Shaw
140 London Assur. Corporation
Smellie, Stewart, & Co.
Star Life Assur. Society
Lanarkshire Steel Co. Ltd.
M'Ewan & Scott
Hannay & Watson
140 Watson, R. F. & Co.
Elder, Charles, LM.
Carmont, James H , writer
Cameron, Nicol & Son
Clydebank Steamship Co.Ltd.
Robertson, Mackie & Co.
Regent Fire Insurance Co. Ld.
Anderson & Allan
Taylor, Wm. J.
The Engineering Supply Co.
of Australia, Ltd.
Alexander & France
138 Coltness Iron Co. Ltd.
Dalinellington Iron Co. Ltd.
138a PubKc-House Trust (Glasgow
District), Limited
136 Tharsis Sulphur & Copper Co.
Ltd.; David B arias, secy.
134ALamont & Leitch
134 Clydesdale Bank (Ltd.)
Renfield street intersects
114 Scottish Widows' Fund Life
Assurance Society
110 Rock Life Assurance Co.
llOAWiochester, Hector
108 Eeid & Bannerman
Young, Wm.
Medical and Dental Defence
Union of Scotland, Ltd.
Jeffrav, Geo.
Allan,' Wm. & Co.
Duguid, Robert
106 Flint's Tea Rooms
104 Burns & Lindeman
Downie, R. M. & Co.
Young, T. S. & Co.
Moffat, John
Ballingall & Co.
Church & Greig
West of Scotland Sanitary
Morton, George, stockbrokej'
Whitson & Co.
Donald & Co.
Mitchell, Colin G.
Equitable Life Assm-ance So-
ciety of the United States
Oxford Univ. Press Depot
Frowde, Henry
Heggie & Muoro
Smith, Smith & Co.
Wood, George
Frame & M'Donald
Macphee & Macindoe
Macnee, R. Russell
White, Adam, & Co.
Dunlop & M'Quisten
Melville, T. & Co.
Orme, John
Smith, David Wright
Shields & Brown
Selincourt & Sons
Straiten, D.
Brown, A. K.
Laing, F.
Kennedy, Wm.
Robinson, H. W.
M'Kechnie, A. B.
Thomson, John & Co.
104 Austin, Alex. J.
100, 102 Wright, C. L.
98 M'Call, James, & Son
Murray, C, Hope
M'Morland, J. & A.
Mutter, Jas., Ottoman, Portu-
guese and Brazilian Consul
Hannay, Maxwell, & Co.
92 Westminster Fire Office
West Nile street intersects
68 Procurators' HaU
62 Procurators' Library
60 Glasgow Athenseura (Limd.)
Buchanan street intersects
48 Mitchell, Wm. J. M.A, B.L.
Dykes, John, jun.
Rowat, C. W.
Service, A. Graham
Midland Railway Office
Hannaa, Alex.
46 Ewing,John Orr, & Co.
United Turkey Red Co. Ltd.
44 Cowan, George
Fulton, T. C.
Campbell, John A., architect
Gibson & Anderson
M'Lean, R. A.
Wallace, Hamilton
Beveridge, S. M.
Hogg, Charles N. & Co.
36-38 Smith & Simons
34 Conoal & Co.
Baird, Gilbert T.
Richardson, Findlay & Co.
Dixon Bros, stockbrokers
Brown, A. R.
M'Farlane & Co.
Spie.s, J. G. stockbroker
Finlay & Clapperton
Tongue, Alfred, & Co.
M'Kinnon, Wm., C.A.
Martin, Wm.
Royal Nat. Life Boat Inst.
Hainault Gd. Mines Co. Ltd.
Thomson & Gray
WilsDu, Wm.
Eraser, Malcolm
Grahame, Crum, & Connal
Kerr, Newton, & Co.
Crauford & Co.
Dundas street here
14 North British Railway Co.
10 North British Rail. par. office
4 N. British Steam Packet Co.
West Graham Street.
East of Scott St., 16 ; west of
do., 15.
7 Milton U.F. Church
9, 11, 13, Sick Children's Hospi-
tal Dispensary
Dalhousie street intersects
35 Smith, Mrs. A.
37 Galloway, Robert
Kerr, James A.
M'Gregor, John
39 Duncan, J.
45 Russell, Miss
Miller, James

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