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M'Pherson, J. S., prov. merchant, 132 London rd. I
M'Pherson, John, traveller (at W. L. Aim & Co.'s),
ho., 45 Montgoraerie St., N. Kelvinside.
M'Pherson, John (of Stewart & M'Pherson), ho. 3
Victoria gardens, Springboig, Shettleston.
Macpherson & Johnston, umbrella and waterproof
manufacturers and warehousemen, 5 Union St.
Macpherson, Jones & Co., Ltd., waterp'oof,
rainproof and mantle manufacturers, Gorbals
Rubber Works, 29 Main street, Gorbals ; also at
London, Dublin and Paris.
Macpherson, Lachlan, clergyman (chaplain). Western
Infirmary; ho. 39 Park road.
Macpherson, Lachlan, wine and spirit merchant, 224
Castle St.; ho. 131 N. Frederick st.
M'Pherson, Malcohn, carting contractor, 18
Elderslie street.
Macpherson & M'Laren, Limited, timber mer-
chants, Forth Sawmills, Grangemouth, importers
of timber, sawing, flooring, lining, and moulding
mills ; telephone No. 16 ; telegrams " Macpher-
son," Grangemouth.
Macpherson, M., Scotch whisky merchant, blender
and exporter, 387 Argyle st. ; ho. 8 Granby ten,
Hillhead, W.
Macpherson, Rev. Norman, Trinity U. F. Church,
Charlotte st. ; ho. 44 Circus drive.
M'Pherson, Thos. R., butcher, 4 Kensington terrace,
Ibrox ; ho. 4 Edmiston terrace.
M'Pherson, Wm. (of M'Pherson Brothers, iron-
mongers), house, Glenardoch, St. Andrew's drive.
Macpherson, Wm., manaijing director, Globe Express
Ltd. ; residence. Moorlands, Helensburgh.
M'Pherson, William, wright, &c., 8 North Claremont
st. ; ho. 11 do.
Macpherson, W. G., M.B. and CM., physician and
surgeon, Barrogill, Bothwell.
Macpherson, Mrs. G., Governess Institution and
Sutherland Servants' Registry, 1 Walmer cres.
M'Pherson, Mrs., dairy, 425 Alexandra parade.
M'Pherson, Miss A., hardware mercht, 570 Alex-
an Ira parade.
M'Pherson, Miss Marion, chandler, 108 Houston st.
M'Pherson, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Steven street.
M'Pherson, Catherine, restaurant, 177 North st.
M'Pherson, Catherine, hardware, 8 Myrtle st.
M'PHILIPS, C. J., & Co , wholesale and retailgrocers
and provision merchants, 52 Kidston st.
M'Phillips, John, butler and egg merchant, 125
Stobcross St. ; ho. 28 Scott st., Bridgeton.
M'Phillips, P. J., pa vnbroking manager, 173 Cow-
caddens ; ho. 154 Crown st.
M'PBUN, D. E., secretary (D. Stewart &Ct).(1902),
Ltd.;, res. Myrtle Cottage, Shettleston.
M'Phun, J. P., & Co , timber importers, saw millers,
and wood turners, 38, 40 Mill street, Bridgeton.
M'Phun, Robt. (of J. P. M'Phun & Co.), 38 Mill
M'Phun, Jane, fruiterer, 151 Gloucester st.; ho. 87
Ardgowan st.
M-QUAKER, Jas. W. (of Cochrane & M'Quaker) ;
ho. 41 Himilton dr., Pollokshields, W.
Macquaker, Thos,, writer (of Martin Mackay, &
Macquaker), ho. Ajdshalloch, Hamilton drive,
Pollokshields, W.
M'Quaker, WilUam, hatter, 134 Trongate ; house, 10
Seton ter., Dennistoun.
M'QUARRIE, A., wine and spirit merchant, 204-206
Gt. Eastera road.
M'Quarrie, Alexander, baker, 334 Gallowgate ; ho.
332 do.
M'Quarrie, Archibald (of John M'Quarrie, plasterer),
ho. 14 Dunearn st.
Masquarie, Chas., tea merchant and grocer (Post-
office), 186 Battlefield rd. ; ho., 4 Marchmont ter.
M'Quarrie, Charles, cashier (at Mechan & Sons), ho.
12 Gleneagles cottages, Scotstoun.
Macquarie, Chas , Jr. (at Scot. Amic. Life Assurance
Soc), ho. 4 Marchmont ter. , Langside.
MacQuarrie, Daniel, cashier (at H. W. Madden's), ho.
6 Bogton avenue, Cathcart.
Macquan-ie, James, cart, hame, chain, and saddle
tree maker, 5 Eglinton lane ; ho. 182 Crown st.
M'Quan-ie, John, plasterer, 107 North Hanover st.
and 309 Bath lane; ho. 14 Dunearn at.
M'Quan-ie, John (of M'Quan-ie & Whiteside), ho. 85
Braehead street.
M'Quarrie, Neil (at Brown & Co., 73-85 M'Alpine
St.), ho. 14 Blythswood drive..
M'Quarrie, R. W., butcher, 198 Gt. Eastern rd.
M'Quarrie & Whiteside, Clyde Brush Factory,
409 Mathieson st.
M'QUAT, Miss, dressmaker, 95 North Hanover st
M QUEEN, Adam M., teacher; ho. 18 Broompark
dr , Dennistoun.
MQueen, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 289 Cum-
berland St., S.S.; ho. 295 do.
M'Queen, Alex. D. (Ayr Steam Shipping Co. Ltd,),
ho. Montgomery villa, Uplawmoor.
M'Queen, Andw., grocer, 77 W. Graham st.
M'Queen, Andrew (at Wm. Anderson & Co., Ltd.),
ho. 39 Kilmarnock rd.
Macqueen, Andreiir S. , M.R.C.V.S., veterinary
surgeon and canine specialist, Old Cathcart ; ho. 23
Castle st , Old Cathcart; Nat. telephone, No. 10
Macqueen, Arch, (of Wm. M'Laren, Sons & Co., Ltd.),
ho. Ardmore, Lenzie.
M'Queen, Revd. David, minister of St. Vincent St.
U.F. Church ; ho. 296 St. Vincent st.
M'Queen, E. K., china merchant, 223 Garscube road.
M'Queen, George, house factor and insurance agent,
78 North St. Mungo St.; house, 6 Circus orive,
M'Queen, J., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 24 Ren-
frew St.
M'Queen, J. B., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 9
Eglinton lane ; ho. 6 Cumberland street, s.s. ; Corp.
telephone, 4554.
M'Queen, J. & W., wholesale bookbinders, 8 Cad-
zow street.
M'Queen, James, Office of Public Works ; house, 11
Regent Moray street.
M'Queen, Jas. (of J. & W. M'Queen), house, 3 Bolton
dr.. Mount Florida.
M'Queen, Jas., warehouseman, 12 Gordon st: ho.
Clyde house, near Uddingston.
Macqueen, John, cooper and cask merchant, 39 Brown
street, Anderston ; ho. Woodbine Park gardens S.,
Macqueeo, John, seed merchant, 39-79 Brown street,
Anderston; ho. Woodbine, Park Gardens South,
M'Queen, John (at Smith & M'Lean's, Ltd.), house,
13 Kensington ter., Ibrox.
M'Queen, John, & Co., Plantation Oil and Colour
Works, 100 Clarence St., s.s. ; ho. 11 Kildonan
terrace, Ibrox.

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