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France & Morgan, general brassfounders and Ad-
mii-alty contractors, Whitefield Brassworks, Car-
michael st., Govan.
France, William, house, Kintore, Rowanroad, Bella-
France, William G., C.A. (of Alexander & France,
C.A.), ho. 8 Hanover terrace, Kelvinside.
FRANCIS, W. W., agent, 111 Union street; ho.
303 Sauchiehall St.
Francis, Madame, dressmakers, 26 Berkeley terrace.
FRANK & Bryce, Ltd., Mercantile Chambers, 63
Bothwell street.
Frank, Harvey, boot and shoe maker, 7 Eton pi.,
Frank, L., commission agent, 83 Jamaica street,
FRANKENBURG, Alec. J., 57 Cecil st., Hillhead.
Frankfort Marine Insurance Co.; agents, Gellatly,
Hankey, & Co., 33 Gordon st.
Frankan, A., & Co., Ltd., B.B.B. pipe
manufacturers, Sole agents for Flor de
Dindigul cigars and Lockyer's cigarettes,
5 St. Vincent pi. Manager, A. E. Towoshend.
FRANKLIN, A. B., H.M. Inspector of Factories, 74
York St.
Franklin, David T. (at Pinkslon Foundry), 37 Cran-
ston St., Gianstonhill.
Franklin, Foster, Clerk (H.M. Customs, Custom
House), 1 Aiholc gardens, Uddingston.
Franklin, H. A., tea agent, 49 Jamaica st. ;
ho. 16 Battlefield av., Langside.
FRANZ, A, mantle warehouse, 166 New City
road; bo. 71 Shamrock st , W.
FRASER, Alex., commercial traveller (Stephen
Mitchell & Son, branch of the Imperial Tobacco
Co. of Great Britain aud Ireland, Ltd.), house, 32
Leven st. , Pollokshields.
Eraser, Alex., agent. Bank of Scotland, Hutcheson-
town branch; ho. 11 Falkland st., Hyndland.
Fraser, Alex., chandler, 256 High street; ho. 53
Meadovvpark street.
Fraser, Alex., messenger British Linen Co. Bank,
Queen st. ; house, 143 Norfolk street.
Fraser, Alex., managing director. And. Strang & Co.,
Ltd., Blair Foundry, Hurlford, Ayrshire; house, 3
Grange Knowe, Irvine road, Kilmarnock.
Fraser, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 110 Broomie-
law ; ho. Murnich, Dane's drive, Scotstoun.
Fraser, Alex, (at R. A. Whytlaw, Son & Co.), 9
Beuview st.
Fraser, Alex., commercial traveller, 24 Broompark dr.
Fraser, Alex., scale, beam, and weighing machine
maker, 69 Green St., Calton.
Fraser, Alex. (Rojal Infirmary Office, 135 Buchanan
St.), 90 Forth St., Pollokshields.
Fraser, Alex., spirit merchant, 102-104 Shamrock
St., W. ; ho. Murnich, Danes drive, Scotstoun.
Fraser, Alex., butcher, 360a Dake st. ; house, 14
Bluevale street.
Fraser, Amanda, confectioner, 706 New City rd,; ho.
7 East Park terr., Mary hill
Fraser, Andre'w, safe and iron door manufacturer,
56 Blackfaulds place; house, 14 Circus drive. —
See Advl. in Appendix.
Fraser, Andrew, captain (at G. & J. Burns'), ho. 410
St. Vincent street.
Fraser, Andrew, curtain friller and tassler, 12
Spoutmouth ; ho. 664 Alexandra parade.
Fraser, Angus, general draper, 39 Scott street, Gar-
Fraser, Archibald, & Son, wine importers and
merchants, 31 St. Vincent place.
Fraser, Archd., secretary and general manager, Pum-
pherstonOn Co. (Lim.), 135 Buchanan street ; ho.
Wanlock, 8 N. Albert drive.
Fraser, A. D. (of James Fraser & Co.), house,
2 1 Highbnrgh road, Dowanhill.
Fraser, A. R., stockbroker, 81 St. Vincent st. ; ho.
Balfunning, Balfron.
Fraser, A., tailor and clothier, 136 Vincent street;
ho. "Arda," Quadrant road, Newlands.
Fraser, A., tailor, 92 Abbotsford pi.
Fraser, Archibald (at D. & W. Henderson & Co.,
Ltd., Partijk); house, 10 Dudley drive.
Fraser Bros., manufacturers of tarpaulins and
waterproof covers, horse quarter covers, aprons,
rugs, etc., 104 West Campbell st., and on Wed-
neodays at 11 Graham sq.. Cattle Market.
Fraser Bros., tanners, curriers, leather merchants,
manufacturers of leather link belting, single and
double belting, hose piping, laces, mechanical
leathers, &o., 104 West Campbell street.
Fraser, B., tobacconist and newsagent, 900 Govan
road, Govan ; ho. 7 Park terrace, do.
Fraser, Chas. J., coal salesman, 142 St. Vincent st. ;
ho. 2 Beechwood drive, Tollcross.
Fraser, Colin Chisholm, hairdresser, 25 Raeberry
street ; house, 23 do.
Fraser & Co., timber merchants, packing and tin
case makers, wood for boxes and boards supplied
cut to customers' sizes, 89 Smith st, Paisley rd.
Fraser & Co., chain makers, 53 Great Wellington st.
Fraser, D. B., chemist. Stores Dept, Cal. Ry., St.
RoUox ; ho. 263 Onslow drive.
Fraser, Donald, church officer, Free Gaelic Church, 87
West Campbell street.
Fraser, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 323 Dum-
barton road.
Fraser, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, Alexan-
der St., Clydebank.
Fraser, D. Speirs, wholesale wine merchant.
Southern Wine and Spii-it Stores, 15 Eghntoa
street. Retail branches — 93 Govan road, 2
Plantation st., 64 Paisley rd., west, 14 Rut-
land cres., 333 Paisley road and 2 and 2^ Pollok
St., 307 Eglinton st. and 62 and 64 Cavendish St.,
278 Cumberland street, 3 Camden street, and 13
Eglinton street; telephone Nos., Nat., 391 Gorbals ;
Corp., 2376; telegraphic address, "Canteen,
Glasgow;" ho. Hopemount, 2 Whiitinghame gdns.,
W. ; Corp. telephone, W537.
Fraser, E., dairy, 116 Kirkland street; ho. 5 Hampden
Fraser & Fergusson, chartered accountants, 232 West
George street.
Fraser, Geo., cashier. College Station, G. & S. W.
Ry. Co.; ho. 6 Grosvenor terrace, Craigie, Ayr.
Fraser, G. L., timber importer, 12 Waterloo st; ho.
136 Hyndland rd. W.
Fraser, George, 7 Hampden ter., Blount Florida.
Fraser, Gordon, & Co., sugar brokers and provision
and flour brokers, 54, 56 Miller street.
Frazer & Green, Ltd., chemists to Her Late Majesty
Queen Victoria, and manufacturers of aerated waters,
127 Buchanan street ; branch establishments. Char-
ing cross, comer of St George's road, 1 Belmont pi. ,
Hillhead, and 281 Great Western road, corner of
Blythswood drive (J. W. Sutherland, phanna-
ceutical chemist, managing director).

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